Homemade Mini Milk Ice Lollies {Featuring Arla Organic Milk}

There is not a great deal nicer in life than an ice lolly on a hot day is there?

When I was a child my mum would occasionally treat me to one from the ice-cream van, that stopped on the corner by our house; it’s tinny tune alerting all the boys and girls, in the neighbourhood, that it was there.

It was always the same order — a Orange Maid ice lolly for my dad, a Strawberry Mivvi for my mum — and a Mini Milk each for my sister and me.

Not the pink or brown variety but the plain, white one.

My favourite.

I remember wishing that they were a little bit bigger; looking at my mum and dad’s lollies and wondering why they weren’t the same size as that.

And, as an adult, I sometimes catch myself wondering the same thing. Milk ice lollies are still a firm favourite — but they’re too small!

I remembered the other day that my mum had some Tupperware ice lolly molds — and she’d make orange squash — or blackcurrant — ice lollies.

I recall sucking the juice, so hard, until there was nothing but ice left on the stick.

And with these thoughts of childhood, flooding back, I decided to buy some lolly molds of my own in a bid to give my boys the same kind of memories.

But instead of orange or blackcurrant, I decided to make some homemade milk ice lollies.

Only not the mini variety — but proper full size ones!

Easier said than done though.

After Googling ‘homemade ice lollies recipes’ — and being bombarded with differing ideas on how to make milk ice pops — I set out to recreate the perfect mini milk ice lolly; only bigger.

I tried various recipes I found online but none of them were quite right; some with yoghurt, others with cream or custard.

I finally found one that used condensed milk that sounded promising but the ratios were all wrong for my palate.

It was so sweet it made my ears itch.

But — after a little bit of trial and error — here is my own perfect recipe for homemade mini milk ice lollies.

Homemade Mini Milk Ice Lolly Recipe

For 6 Lollies

You will need:
100ml sweetened condensed milk
400ml fresh Arla Free Range semi skimmed milk


1. Whisk the sweetened condensed milk together with the semi-skimmed milk.

2. Pour into lolly molds.

100ml of sweetened condensed milk in a jug
Measure 100ml of sweetened condensed milk into a jug

Pour in 400ml of fresh milk, then whisk together

Pour the milky liquid into lolly molds

3. Freeze for around 6 hours — I tend to leave mine overnight.

They’re sometimes a bit tricky to remove from the metal molds but I’ve found the quickest and — and easiest — way is to pass a chef’s blow-torch flame over each one.

Don’t try this method of you have plastic lolly-molds! I’d suggest running them under a warm tap!

Recipe for Homemade Milk Ice Lollies

Recipe for Homemade Milk Ice Lollies

Recipe for Homemade Milk Ice Lollies

Recipe for Homemade Milk Ice Lollies
The most simple ice lolly recipe and just LOOK!!

4. Et voila. Enjoy!

Sweet and creamy milk ice lollies, with such a lovely texture and just the right amount of sweetness.

The perfect pick-me-up on a hot summer’s day.

Homemade Milk Ice Lollies
The BEST Homemade Milk Ice Lollies

In Celebration of The White Stuff

I guess you could use any milk for this recipe but I’ve found that the Arla Organic Free Range milk is so creamy and fresh tasting; and given it makes up the bulk of this recipe, it’s worth using the best you can buy.

I’ve always been an advocate of free range chickens and eggs but Arla’s Organic milk is sourced from 89 British farms, where all the cows are free range too! They’re grazed outside on 100% organically farmed land — whenever possible — which means no artificial fertilisers or herbicides are used on the grass they eat.

Organic farmers don’t believe in intervention with nature; they strive for higher animal welfare standards and sustainable farming.

It’s so nice to know that the lion’s share of the ingredients that goes into our homemade mini milk ice lollies, is as nature intended.

We have Arla Organic Free Range milk on our cereal in a morning — if we’re not eating pancakes! —  and I take it in tea during the day. But it definitely comes into it’s own in the guise of a lolly. 

According to The Dairy Council, a 200ml glass of semi-skimmed milk provides:

  • 31% of our recommended daily calcium (for maintenance of normal bones and teeth, supporting muscle and nerve function, normal blood clotting)
  • 74% of our recommended daily Vitamin B12 (helps us feel less tired, benefits our immune system, contributes to the release of energy from food)
  • 41% of our recommended daily iodine (contributes to the production of thyroid hormones and thyroid function)
  • 35% of our recommended daily Riboflavin (helps us make the most of the energy we get from our food, is also good for our skin)
  • 23% of our recommended daily Vitamin B5 (contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue)
  • 28% of our recommended daily phosphorus (contributes to maintenance of normal bones and teeth)
  • 14% of our recommended daily protein (contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and muscle and growth in muscle mass)

So, with that in mind, these homemade mini milk ice lollies go a little way in contributing to my sons’ daily nutrition.

The boys get all the benefits that milk offers — in the form of a treat!

Many thanks to Arla for working with me on this campaign.

Whether you prefer creamy whole or delicious semi-skimmed, you can be sure that by choosing Arla Organic milk, as all the profits go straight back into the farmer’s pockets — who put their care into making this nutritious and delicious milk — you’re also supporting the farmers that own the Arla business. 

Arla Organic Milk is available in all good supermarkets, as whole milk or semi-skimmed in 2L bottles: RRP £1.75

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How to make Homemade Mini Milk Ice Lollies by The Twinkle Diaries

This is a collaborative post but all thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own.

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  1. Lovely recipe but please investigate Arla a bit more. Not nearly as kind and natural as you thought unfortunately. Look up genuinely kinder dairies on Ethicalconsumer.org.

    1. Hi Lucy! They are so good!! There was definitely a bit of trial and error to begin with — initially they were quite sweet but I think this ratio is pretty spot on!! I got the moulds from Amazon :)

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