Holiday Blues and Holiday Plans {Featuring Suffolk Secrets}

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It’s three weeks (to the day) since we got home from California.

I must admit that — after dealing with killer jet-lag and problems affecting the running of my blog (yawwwwn) — the first couple of weeks whizzed by in a bit of a blur.

But the last few days have really had me feeling the effects of holiday blues.

I’ve been going though the hundreds of images (and moving film) of our trip on my phone and camera and it’s been making me feel so nostalgic.

A proper case of California dreaming

Although the littles have been to Sardinia,  Corsica and France before — they’d not flown for longer than a couple of hours. I thought they’d struggle with the 11 hour and 15 minute flight from Heathrow to LAX, but they managed admirably.

A combination of excitement — for the adventure that awaited us — (plus the in-flight entertainment) certainly kept their spirits up!

But now we’re back to earth with a bump and to ease the sense of despondency, I’ve been making tentative plans for half term.

Suffolk Secrets…

Whilst my plans are no way near as extravagant as our ones at Easter, having a little project is definitely putting a smile on my face.

Question is, do we give Dolly her first airing of the year?

Or do we head to a holiday cottage?

I’ve been looking at a website called ‘Suffolk Secrets‘ and — as the name suggests —they’ve got some perfect little hidey-holes, to spend a week (or more) in.

Twosome Cottage from the Suffolk Secrets website
Twosome Cottage | Image courtesy of Suffolk Secrets
Gertrude from the Suffolk Secrets website
Gorgeous ‘Gertrude’ | Image courtesy of Suffolk Secrets

And even — and I got really excited about this — they have beach huts for rent!!

I’m almost tempted to book Dolly into a local campsite — so we can have the best of both worlds. Camping in Dolly at night, whilst hanging out in a cute beach hut by day!

What’s the Story, Morning Glory

I spotted one called ‘The Glory Hut’ and it’s so aptly named!

A glorious sea-side setting, it’s the most picture perfect hut you ever did see. Everything that is lovely about the British seaside.

I created a beach hut inspired bird-house a few years ago and this is exactly the kind of thing I had in mind when I made it.

Whitewashed walls with nautical touches, The Glory Hut would be the perfect base for a bucket-and-spade holiday; offering shade from hot sunshine (OK – work with me here) or  the perfect place to retreat from rain-showers (more likely).

The Glory Hut beach hut exterior from Suffolk Secrets
The Glory Hut beach hut from Suffolk Secrets
The Glory Hut beach hut from Suffolk Secrets
Inside — or outside — what a perfect view!
The Glory Hut beach hut from Suffolk Secrets
So cosy! I don’t think I’d want to leave!!

The Glory Hut beach hut from Suffolk Secrets
Room with a view | All images above courtesy of Suffolk Secrets

I think I’m in love.

All I can say is… Dolly better watch her back. She may get traded in for a little house by the sea!!

If you fancy a little break in a beach hut — or a self catering barn or cottage — Suffolk Secrets have got a fabulous range of properties on the Suffolk coast (and inland too). Pop and have a look at their website for more information.

This is a paid post but all thoughts and words — as ever — are entirely my own.

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