Our Encounter with Owls at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest

When we celebrated my mum and dad’s golden wedding anniversary in Sherwood Forest, our Encounter with Owls at Center Parcs experience was definitely one of the most memorable parts of the weekend.

I can’t actually put into words just how brilliant and worthwhile this was.

If you’re looking for an experience for the whole family, that will appeal to all generations, this is perfect.

Perfect For All The Family

Our group ranged in age from 3 to 73 and it was a winner all round.

Even the littlest members of our family loved meeting the birds.

The handlers were really knowledgeable and friendly and we learned so much about the creatures in their care.


An Amazing Experience

There were three other families who had booked the experience at the same time as us.

Altogether, we were probably around 15 people.

We all got a chance to meet the owls and get up close and personal with the feathered residents of Center Parcs Sherwood Forest.


Favourite experience — for all of us — was when we split into two groups, and stood facing each other with our eyes closed.

The owl handler flew down the beautiful barn owl down the centre of the group and we had to say when we thought she’d flown.

Needless to say, no one got it right!

She was like a little ghost. So silent — we didn’t hear a thing.


On the flip-side, whilst the barn owl was quiet as a proverbial mouse, we were lucky enough to meet a very special — very noisy — resident.

His name was Cookie — and he’s a Kookaburra. If you roll your Rs at him, he starts to laugh… I have never EVER seen or heard anything like it.

He was an absolute superstar!


Our Encounter with Owls at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest

We had such a memorable weekend at Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest, but our encounter with owls really was one of the highlights, that we all remember the most.

For bird fanatics or Harry Potter fans alike, the Encounter with Owls experience is a must-do, if you’re visiting Centre Parcs.

PS — watch our video to see everything else we got up to on our weekend away. And look out for Cookie — and hear his extraordinary laugh!!

Many thanks to Andy, Alice and Dualtagh for a brilliant afternoon — we’ll never forget it.

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