Colour Your World | #29 Pantone Terrarium Moss

Terrarium Moss.

Whilst it’s an odd name for a colour — without even seeing it — you can imagine exactly what shade it is from those two words.

I was given a lovely terrarium a few years ago. I’d intended to fill it with tiny plants — succulents or cacti — but I ended up cramming it with fairy lights and that’s, sadly, where the story ended.

This post has reminded me that I must resurrect it and carry out my initial plan. The thought of a tiny, indoor greenhouse, containing miniature plants, is very pleasing.

And whilst I do love fairy lights (all year round), a little bit of extra greenery — to see me through the greyness of winter — might be just what the doctor ordered.

I’ve covered various shades of green on this series already; Lucite Green, Treetop, Woodbine, Lime Punch — and the very imaginatively titled ‘Greenery‘.

They almost cover the whole spectrum of greens; from yellow-tinged acid to deepest forest and everything in between.

You’d think I’d struggle to find products that reflect such specific hues but, amazingly, there are always so many variants of the colour green available — especially for the home.

I think we humans like to feel at one with nature; and despite living in towns and cities we can still fill our spaces with verdant toned goodness.

Here are my current favourite picks in Pantone Terrarium Moss.

Colour Your World in Terrarium Moss

1. Woven Kilim Cushion — Marks and Spencer
2. Green Fern Poster — Desenio
3. Slim Jim Armchair in Good Green Clever Deep Velvet — Loaf
4. Green Herbs Scented Candle — Zara Home
5. Pom Pom Blanket — H&M
6. Brookland 12 Piece Dinnerware Set — Habitat
7. Large Tropicana Vase by Parlane — Trouva
8. Around Coffee Table — Muuto

The Green, Green Grass of Home

I love this gentle green, it reminds me of being on the Chase where I grew up. There are a myriad of greens there and this shade seems to reflect all of them so beautifully.

I took this pic of the boys there last year.

I can see Pantone Terrarium Moss reflected all around, in this image.

To see more pictures — and read about our adventures there — have a read of this post from November last year.

Springing Forward

I meant to say, when I began this post, that this is one of the colours from Pantone’s 2019 colour predictions.

As we’re so very nearly at an end of 2018, with just two more months until we greet the new year, I thought I’d look forward to the spring and drum up a bit of excitement for the new colours that we can expect to see on the catwalk and high-street next year.

So many hot bright colours! And some lovely earthy neutrals too. I can’t wait!

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

26 thoughts on “Colour Your World | #29 Pantone Terrarium Moss

  1. Oh, i like greens but – please don’t shoot me – I am not a big fan of this one. Not sure why but it just doesn’t sit well with me. It feels a little muted. I’ll take the candle from your product choices, but will have to leave the rest. Looking forward to the next colour though!

    1. Aaah don’t apologise! I’m sure Pantone won’t be at all offended — they’ve got a whole host of greens that you might like :)
      Weirdly, I like it because it’s muted. I think it almost works like a neutral; it can be paired with some really punchy brights, hot pink or yellow and it works so well! xx

  2. I am totally obsessed with green and this is just a delicious shade! The blanket and chair are my favs! Also I’d love to see coral as next year’s colour!

  3. Beautiful picks here! I am very curious about this Zara Candle. This colour reminds me of one of my favourite hobbies: going for a walk in the park. So I associate it with positivity and simple life pleasures. Interesting idea to bring it in the home.

  4. I really like this green colour. The furniture and the accessories that you have chosen are really lovely too. Although Greenery was 2017 colour of the Year I think these muted tones are more likely to make their way into our homes.

  5. I am a huge fan of the armchair and plates you’ve selected! This green can be quite an intimidating colour to work with but your selection make it much easier to adopt!

    1. Thanks Claire! I think, sometimes, people can get a bit overwhelmed with strong colours and can shy away from them as a result. I hope this post demonstrates that you can add current colours to the home in small doses, but still get a lovely impact :)

  6. As a total monochrome lover I would be really happy to add this gorgeous colour into my home decor and wardrobe for that matter!

  7. It’s a lovely colour and very ‘live-able’ with, I can see it being very popular. I love terrariums too – with plants in or with lights in.

  8. I’m obsessed with green at the moment – determined to get it in somewhere as it’s not a colour I’ve ever considered using before until recently. Love the items you’ve picked out too – that armchair!!

  9. I absolutely adore this green. I have almost this exact shade of paint on my living room walls from Dulux and it’s called moss blanket. I find it so serene and so relaxing. I can’t imagine ever changing it as it makes me feel all kinds of lovely. So this post is awesome for me as you’ve found me some perfect new accessories. Great work!

    1. Moss Blanket is such a lovely name too — you can absolutely imagine what colour it is, just from the name. I keep looking round the house and wondering where I can shoehorn it in!! Thinking our ensuite needs a revamp.

      Again. ;)

  10. Love this post hun! It’s funny, a few of us were CERTAIN colour of the year would be this mossy colour when they announced Greenery, so I think it’s time is here. It’s a classic in my eyes because it’s so interlinked with nature with never goes out of style. Particularly love that it in that armchair. Gorgeous!

    1. I think you might be right! I’ve looked at the other colours in the palette for next year and I don’t think any are as strong as this one. Having said that, Pantone generally don’t seem to stick with a majority vote! This year’s Ultra Violet was a bit of a shocker, as was Marsala in 2015. Sometimes they go with something totally unexpected! I’d love it to be Terrarium Moss though :)

  11. I’m a big fan of green in all its hues, although some are easier to live with than others. Terrarium Moss is such a pleaseing earthy shade of green and has quite a scandi feel somehow. Can’t wait to see Mango Mojito as it looks quite a deep mustard tone – delish.

    1. Me too! There’s definitely something to be said for getting back to nature isn’t there? Even the smallest addition of green makes an interior space feel so much fresher and calmer. I love it.

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