Colour Your World | #28 Pantone Almost Mauve

I often wonder what the Pantone Institute were thinking when they named some of their shades.

Some have such obscure names; think Serenity and Lucite Green.

Whilst others are really obvious; Tangerine and Custard, for example.

I wonder if the big-wigs at Pantone ever argue? Disagree on what something should be called?

One thing’s for sure, I bet that they had little trouble naming the next colour in my Colour Your World series.

I look at this shade and immediately think ‘pale blush’ or ‘softest petal’.

‘Vintage pink’ maybe?

But, on reflection, whilst it’s most definitely more blush pink than anything else — it is almost mauve.

I bet, at some point, one of the colour gurus at Pantone said:

‘It’s almost mauve.’

and one of the others replied:

‘Perfect — let’s just call it that and have done with it.’

Pantone Almost Mauve is such a gentle shade — almost a neutral.

And lends itself beautifully to be paired with charcoal grey, copper and black, as can be seen in the little collection below.

Colour Your World in Pantone Almost Mauve

Pantone Almost Mauve

1. Large Pink Cuddly Cloud — Donna Wilson
2. Porto Chair in Walnut by De La Espada — Heals
3. Pillowcase with Crochet Detail — Zara Home
4. Hambly Block Printed Bedspread — Habitat
5. Scrabble Love Poster — Desenio
6. Acrylic Salad Servers — Laura Ashley
7. Woven Basket — H&M
8. Blush Petite Travel Jewellery Box — Stackers

I love how this colour elevates these fairly ordinary products and give them a really luxe feel.

Touches of it, in an interior, add a little old school glamour; and can give quite masculine looking products a feminine twist.

Pantone say:

‘With its gentle petal like touch, delicate and ephemeral Pantone Almost Mauve adds a sense of nostalgia to the spring 2018 palette.’

And I absolutely agree.

This gorgeous pinky toned, palest purple is — without question — Pantone Almost Mauve, and gives anything it touches, a kiss of vintage femininity.

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

14 thoughts on “Colour Your World | #28 Pantone Almost Mauve

  1. I love tis colour, it is a shade which can go with everything. That chair, oh I want it in my life xx

  2. Love your edit, Caro. It’s such a dreamy collection. Think I’d go for the chair from Heals. Gorgeous #HomeEtc

  3. I love this colour very much, it is so smoothing to eyes.
    I especially love the salad servers, they are looking very cute :)

  4. I adore this pale blush (almost mauve!) colour, I have hints of pale pink throughout my home and they make me so happy! I love it pared with black and white, like in that gorgeous Habitat bedspread ?

    1. You’re right — it is so calming! I love the fact that you can bring touches of it into a room without it feeling overly ‘girly’ too. I’ve managed to sneak a few pieces in without Dickie or the boys noticing!!

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