Colour Your World | #16 Pantone Titanium

The next in my Colour Your World series is Pantone Titanium. Granted it’s not as zingy as Woodbine or restful as the gorgeous Dusk Blue — that I featured back in May — but it’s edgy, cool and works in any setting.


A glorious dark, graphite grey. Team it with acid yellows, soft pinks or fiery oranges and you’ve got a contemporary classic or tone it down with white, softer greys, beige and taupes for a traditional feel.

However you want to style it, Titanium will work in any setting.

It’s no surprise then that Farrow and Ball’s ‘Downpipe’ is one of their best-sellers. I went to a F&B talk, earlier in the year, and apparently there’s even a fan-club dedicated to it.

This colour features heavily in my own home. I love how it can be mixed and matched with everything. Much softer and more elegant than black but edgier than brown or blue. It’s the perfect foil for any other colour and, up ’til now, I still haven’t found anything it doesn’t go with.

I love it.

So back to homeware for these picks. I could have gone for fashion again like the last post but really wanted to see what lovely homeware I could find, to drool over. And there was LOADS. I certainly wasn’t disappointed! In fact there was so much to choose from, it was really hard to curate just 8 pieces.

But here they are:

Colour Your World in Pantone Titanium


1. Grey Wire Mesh Memo Board — Rose & Grey
2. Felt Weave Shade — Next
3. Grey Metal Lantern — Zara Home
4. Jacqard Weave Cushion Cover — H&M
5. Archie Dining Chair — Blue Sun Tree
6. Marcell Media Unit — Made.Com
7. Balthazar Table Lamp — Loaf
8. Knitted Throw — Marks & Spencer

This is the second grey shade to feature in this year’s palette.

The first was Glacier Grey; much, much cooler and, personally, I’d find it a little tricky to live with.

Pantone Titanium — on the other hand — is a lovely warm shade — lots of red in the mix — and feels cosy yet cool, in an interior setting, in equal measures.

The next shade is the last in this series. But don’t panic — given the fact that there are over 2000 solid colours in the Pantone system — this feature can run for quite a while yet :)


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Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

30 thoughts on “Colour Your World | #16 Pantone Titanium

  1. What gorgeous colour; very classy. I so look forward to us having our own house one day, where I can more adequately explore my inner interior decorator amateur skills. I’d love a room designed in this colour. :-) #CommentLuv

  2. I love this colour, Caro. It features a lot in my wardrobe, too. I’m hanging fire on any decorating until both the boys are in full time school and I get a moment to think about what I’d really like to do to the house as a whole (probably, move). I’m sure this colour will feature.

  3. Love grey scale decor scheme! Incidentally we also have a bit of that going on :) I’ve heard of that farrow and ball paint before too, it is very well known :) we might have get some for our house front door. Thanks for hosting #homeetc :)

    1. Farrow & Ball is HUGE!!! And one of my very favourites for my home. The pigment is fantastic! They have some wonderful shades — with names like ‘Elephant’s Breath’ Mouse’s Back’ — I bet you could find a beautiful one for your front door!

  4. Oooooooh yes me too – LOVE this shade and everything you have picked. Definitely a huge colour for this year and into next I imagine :) Thanks for co-hosting lovely lady xx


    1. It’s lush isn’t it?! We’ve a lot of this in our home and I never tire of it. I keep wondering *when* the next neutral will take over but it’s not happened as yet!! I think we’ve got a few more years of life left in this :)

  5. Lovely choices, and your cushion has reminded me to go look at H&M Home. Looking forward to Lavender Herb post too :) #HomeEtc

    1. Thanks lovely :) Aaah H&M home is one of my absolute favourites!! Their ranges are fantastic — and so cheap too. Delivery can be hit and miss though — I’ve waited up to 6 weeks for some mugs before!! ;)

  6. A great colour. As you say, it works so well with so many other colours and from homewares to clothing to paper napkins, there are so many great examples of it. I am not a huge fan of yellow (sorry!) but it does work really well with this shade of grey.
    Fionnuala from
    P.S. I saw a lovely little wooden picture frame the other day just like the Home part of the HomeEtc logo, just without the roof. The O is a picture frame and it is all painted white. Just lovely.

    1. Shame on you!!! Not a fan of yellow??!! ;) You *may* have notice that I’m a bit partial to a little bit of sunshine yellow :) But agree — this shade works with everything! Love the sound of that little frame — great minds eh?! :)

  7. I’m all over this shade of grey (oooer!) It’s sneaking into every room in the house. Your mood board has given me a few more ideas now too. #homeect

  8. This is such a gorgeous colour. I can imagine this in the front room with yellows or dusky pinks thrown in. I cannot wait until we are in a position to decorate. I’ll be scrolling through your Pantone posts when the time comes! Thanks for hosting #HomeEtc

  9. Oh Caro I love, love, love we are currently doing our lounge in these colours. I love the throw and cushion they are so stylish. I have paired mine with a ducked blue, we are not finished yet but I am loving it x

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