I Want To Break Free | The New Bosch Unlimited Cordless Vacuum

When I was first asked if I’d review the new Bosch Unlimited Cordless vacuum cleaner, my first thought was — I already have a cordless vacuum cleaner — what makes this one any different from the one I’ve got?

Then I read the brief; the New Bosch Unlimited Cordless Vacuum is SO different from the others — and I’ll tell you why.

Imagine this scenario…

You’re cleaning with a cordless vacuum — for around 20 minutes — then it runs out of power.


Plug it in and wait for it to charge.

Three and a half hours later (rolls eyes) it’s fully charged and you can carry on.

Or an hour — in my case — as I’ve never been very patient and can’t be bothered to wait for it to charge fully.

I *thought* a cordless vacuum would be really handy for taking to festivals in our caravan but — when you’re not able to charge it up (if you have no electrical hook-up) — a cordless vacuum with just 20 minutes charge is pretty pointless.

Enter my new favourite caravan accessory.

The New Bosch Unlimited Cordless Vacuum

Where to start?

Firstly — in Bertie’s words;

‘It looks like a Storm Trooper.’

And I know that looks aren’t everything but hey? We’re huge Star Wars fans so that’s an impressive accolade.

But, in all seriousness (Storm Trooper-esque looks aside) the New Bosch Unlimited Cordless Vacuum is one good looking beast.

There are three models in the range; Basic (black — Darth Vadar perhaps?), Standard (silver —Captain Phasma) and the Premium version (white — OK, I’ll stop now).

We have the Premium model.

It comes with a variety of accessories, which means you don’t need different machines for different jobs — ie — a cordless for the stairs or ceilings then a regular vacuum for the bulk of the house.

The New Bosch Unlimited Cordless Vacuum can do it all.

It can clean everything from hard floors — tiles, wood, laminate —to carpets, sofas and cushions to ceilings. PLUS it’s brilliant for cars — and even better for caravans.

I love how Bosch always manages to combine uncompromising quality with technical perfection.

Beneath the compact and light-weight exterior of the Unlimited Cordless vacuum, there beats a heart borne of the very latest technology; a high performing DigitalSpin Motor.

With perfectly calibrated aerodynamic blades — that rotate faster than a Formula One motor  — this is one mean, clean-machine.

Sebastian Vettel would be proud.

When Unlimited Means Unlimited

It’s USP is that it has continuous run time; thanks to two interchangeable batteries and a super-fast charger. Basically, the batteries charge up quicker than you can use them.

And — best of all — it uses the same batteries as the rest of the Bosch ‘Power For ALL’ system.

Which is brilliant, as the power-packs are interchangeable with a lot of Mr D’s power tools.

He was most excited about this fact.

Although, if he thinks he’s getting his hands on my batteries* he’s got another thing coming.

*Not a euphemism

You can whizz round and clean the downstairs —emulating Freddie in the ‘I Want To Break Free’ video — with one battery on charge. Then when you’re out of power, swap the battery packs over.

Oh so simple.

And, for us, the answer to a really annoying problem.

Now, we can whizz off to a festival or campsite — that doesn’t have an electrical hook-up — and maintain a really decent level of cleanliness in the van.

(No carpet of grass on Dolly’s floor — and no irritating layer of glitter on every surface.)

Safe in the knowledge that we’re unlikely to run out of charge, as we have two batteries to power it.

It has two speeds; one for normal everyday cleaning and warp speed (AKA turbo) for when things need a bit of extra suction.

The Premium model has a flexible crevice nozzle — which I’ve found invaluable for getting in between the cushions of the sofa — both at home and in Dolly.

And for such a powerful machine, it’s quiet too — almost reminds me of my nan’s old carpet sweeper — so it’s pretty impressive to see how quickly it picks up dust and debris.

It’s super-simple to empty and I love how easily you can remove the attachments — and also the integral brush in the ‘AllFloor HighPower Brush’.

To say I’m a little bit excited about my new little ‘friend’ would be an understatement.

Not only is the the New Bosch Unlimited Cordless Vacuum a brilliant addition to our caravan equipment — it’s also captivated my two little sons with it’s Storm Trooper style good looks; so I now have a queue of willing helpers, offering to help me clean.

Both at home and in the van.

It does have a hefty price-tag — the Premium version currently retails at £499.99 — but the fact that it offers a continuous runtime makes it worth every penny.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, unquestionably.

This little vacuum cleaner has certainly earned it’s stripes. We love it so much, it will be joining us on family holidays in the caravan, from here-on-in.

You can buy the new Bosch Unlimited vacuum at www.bosch-home.co.uk— pop and have a look at their website to see all of the other products in the Bosch Home and Garden cordless range.

Although this is a collaborative post with Bosch, all thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own.

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