Work With Me

When I began writing The Twinkle Diaries, in 2012, it was simply to chart my twin pregnancy followed by our experiences once the babies finally arrived.

The focus was simply to record our little family milestones and this blog was the perfect place to store all of those memories.

But in January 2015, I decided (as the blog was now a permanent fixture in our lives) that I wanted to add other things that I loved too.

Homes and interiors — which I’ve always been passionate about — plus a sprinkling of fashion, lifestyle, food, crafts, festivals travel and days out.

So over the last 7 years, I have had the pleasure of working with brands such as:

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working with brands
working with The Twinkle Diaries

…to name a few!

I work very, very hard on each and every post that I publish on this blog. I pride myself on creating the very best content I can; using engaging copy, lovely images and sometimes even video.

Ultimately this blog is a representation of my family, so I never, ever represent brands that don’t fit with our lifestyle or interests.

I turn down many approaches but, as a result, the brands I do collaborate with know that they’re in good company and can expect their products — or services — to be promoted in a creative and very personal way.

Ambassador Roles

I’m incredibly proud to be an ambassador for:

Mark Warner Holidays
Camp Bestival
Great Little Trading Co

I have an ongoing relationship with all of these brands; and am delighted to work with them, showcasing their products and services.

Work with us

If you would like to work with my family and me then I would love to hear from you! Featured posts will always be disclosed and items for review will be marked as such.

Working with brands is something my family and I take very seriously. We’re as passionate at showing your product or services in the best possible light — as you are.

As I’m a designer and art director by trade and can promise a creative spin on things. I’ll try my very best to bring something new and interesting to the table.

As well as featured posts, I am happy to advertise brands that are a good fit for my family; and our lifestyle.

If you’d like to collaborate — or have a suggestion for how we may be able to work together — please get in touch by any of my social media channels or simply email:

Caro xx