White Shirts, Diamonds and Ironing
{Breville DiamondXpress Review}

The classic white shirt; a perennial favourite; worn by men and women up and down the country. A quintessential, fashion basic that never seems to date or go out of style.

Beautifully simple for everyday office-wear. But pair it with diamonds — and a red lip —and voila — you’re channelling Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.

But whilst a crisp, cotton shirt is a lovely thing to wear, this wardrobe staple requires substantial maintenance to keep it looking good.

i.e — Ironing*



*This word should be accompanied by the music to Hitchcock’s Psycho

Now, anyone who knows me will tell you that ironing is just not my bag.

I am rubbish at it.

Breville DiamondXpress Steam Iron Review — crumpled shirt

Oh dear. This calls for the big guns.

Handy, then, that my husband is an ironing wizard.

He and I naturally fell into our household chores fairly early on in our relationship. And — given the fact we’ve been together for 22 years next May — that’s a substantial amount of time to perfect our techniques.

I’ve always done the cleaning; he has always been on food and beverage detail.

I do like to make cakes and sweet things but I am not wholly keen on cooking savoury food. Lucky for me that Mr D is an amazing chef and finds cooking a relaxant (rather than a chore).

He makes it, I eat it.

A perfect partnership.

Talking of which, I have always done the washing; Mr D does the ironing.

And it’s something he’s really, really good at. He has even taught friends and family how to iron.

There’s a definite art to it and, quite frankly, I am hopeless at it and invariably end up with more creases, than when started.

I — as my ironing board jauntily states — do not iron.

Breville DiamondXpress review

Perfectly put.

Although, recently, I’ve found myself glancing appreciatively at his new steam iron.

Not a euphemism.

But let me tell you the reasons why the Breville DiamondXpress has captured both our hearts.

Introducing the Breville DiamondXpress

He loves it because of it’s impressive 200g steam shot — which can be aimed exactly where he wants it; both horizontally or vertically.

It also has a super-wide, multi-directional ceramic soleplate — with a precision tip — made with actual crushed diamonds.

This means more speed and glidability (is that even a word?) when he’s pressing a big pile of work shirts.

Or my favourite white shirt, in readiness for the season’s upcoming parties *winks*.

Breville DiamondXpress Steam Iron Review — rose-gold

The Breville DiamondXpress Steam Iron has crushed diamonds in the rose-gold ceramic soleplate.

Breville DiamondXpress Steam Iron Review — vertical steam facility

Amazing vertical steam facility.

Breville DiamondXpress Steam Iron Review — steam

The Breville DiamondXpress offers 70g constant steam and a 200g steam shot

The heel of the iron has an improved design for greater stability; which means it’s nice and solid and doesn’t topple over easily. A valuable asset when you have two tiny tearaways, cannoning round the house.

Plus it has an ergonomic, soft-grip handle; which illuminates when the DiamondXpress has reached the desired temperature.

So no more spitting on the sole-plate, like my nan used to do with hers. Yuk.

Breville DiamondXpress Steam Iron Review

Comfortable soft-grip handle.

Breville DiamondXpress Steam Iron Review

The master at work.

It also has clever features like a ‘safe-store heat indicator’, which let’s him know when the iron is cool enough to be put away.

And an auto shut-off function (so no more stressing that we’ve left the iron on; then having to come home to check — just in case*).

*true story

And if that wasn’t enough, the Breville DiamondXpress has anti-scale, anti-drip technology, which protects against limescale build up.

Brilliant in hard-water areas, like ours, as it means it increases the life of the iron.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

But whilst my husband loves the Breville Diamond Xpress for it’s functionality and ease of use, I don’t mind admitting that I love it for wholly shallow reasons.

For a start, it has a high gloss white finish — accented with rose gold embellishments — with a glittering diamond print detail.

Plus the temperature control dial is also inlaid with crystals. I mean, seriously, this is no regular iron.

Breville DiamondXpress Steam Iron Review

Rose gold accents and diamond print detail — this definitely isn’t ‘any old iron’.

Breville DiamondXpress Steam Iron Review

Crystals set into the temperature control dial.

Breville DiamondXpress Steam Iron Review

Large 400ml water tank with easy-fill water inlet.

Anything that makes the ironing a more glamorous experience is good in my book.

Plus, I’m a little bit keen on rose gold and diamonds.

Although, I’m also keen on pairing my rose gold and sparkles with a nicely pressed white shirt.

Breville DiamondXpress Steam Iron Review

Sparkles and rose gold.

Breville DiamondXpress Steam Iron Review

Rose gold and sparkles.

Breville DiamondXpress Steam Iron Review

In the immortal words of Marilyn — ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ — and the Breville Diamond Xpress is certainly a case in point.

Another ‘girl’s best friend’ is a generous husband who does her ironing for her. And this — combined with the sparkling good looks and superior functionality of the Diamond Xpress — is a match made in heaven.

Cinderella shall go to the ball.

With a well ironed shirt.

Pop and have a look at the Breville website for more details of the DiamondXpress and to see the other irons in the PressXpress family.

 Although this is a collaborative post with Breville, all thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own.

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