What Type Of Mum Are You?

I did a little quiz the other day entitled ‘What Type Of Mum Are You?’.

It was one of those online things — answer the questions — and they give a brief synopsis at the end.

It made me think back to when I was pregnant.

My boy and I had such a tough run in the lead up to becoming parents; years of heartache and upset. The road to motherhood was not a straightforward one for me and it had been fraught with anxiety.

As a result, I was utterly convinced that I’d be the ‘helicopter’ parent. The mother who wrapped her children up in cotton wool.

The neurotic mother.

In the run-up to the twins’ birth, I had been Googling all sorts of things (and scaring myself half to death in the process). I had grand plans to buy the most expensive monitor; that detected even the slightest movement.

I had also decided that our newborns would sleep in our room for the first year.

We’d have stair-gates and cupboard locks… I’d buy baby reins…

Then our little sons arrived.

All Change

We didn’t buy a movement monitor.

In-fact, we didn’t buy any baby monitor. It seems that the acoustics in our little cottage were perfectly suited to transmitting every little cry and whimper of two tiny man-cubs.

In fact, the only monitor we used were our ears.

They slept in our room for the grand total of one night.

Nobody tells you how noisy newborns are, do they?

When I wasn’t feeding — and my little angels were soundly sleeping — I lay awake listening to them grunting and snuffling. And not in a gentle, cute way. It sounded like a couple of warthogs had decided to bed down in our room for the night.

Mr D and I got up the next morning, sleep deprived, with eyes on stalks.

And he said, ‘Right, they’re going in their own room tonight. I can’t cope with another night of that’.

So they did.

And we magically all managed to get some sleep the following night. Again on the next.

And the next.

We didn’t bother with stair-gates, cupboard locks or baby reins either.

I taught the boys how to go up and down the stairs (backwards like a couple of tiny mountaineers initially). And felt relieved and happy that, instead of preventing them from going on the stairs, they knew how to use them safely.

So, after all my worrying, it turns out that I am not the neurotic mother I thought I’d be.

I took to motherhood like the proverbial duck.

What Type Of Mum Are You?

What Type Of Mum Are You?

What Type Of Mum Am I?

I’m calmer and less anxious than I’d anticipated, that’s for sure. I have relished every second.

I managed to navigate the baby years with much less drama than I ever expected.

Granted, things have been challenging; endless bouts of illness in the early days, temper tantrums as the twins got a little older.

But, those days are finite and, quick as a flash, my two babies are going to turn 5 next week.

Literally the fastest years of my entire life — it feels like life is going at double speed.

We’ve steered our way through babyhood — and the toddler years — and my gorgeous boys are evolving into the loveliest little men.

Kind and thoughtful; full of spirit and joy. I’m so proud to call myself their mama.

But — I digress — back to the online quiz.  

I answered all the questions and was given the results at the end.

It made me smile when I read it.

It turns out I am an ‘Organic Mum’. 

What Type Of Mum Are You?

12 thoughts on “What Type Of Mum Are You?”

    • Thanks so much lovely. It’s weird isn’t it, I’ve spoken to friends who were convinced they’d be laid-back mothers but as soon as their children arrived they went the other way. I was opposite — I was so sure I’d be wrapping the boys up in cotton wool — and feeling anxious — but it couldn’t have been further from the truth. I guess you just don’t know until it happens. Glad I proved myself wrong though!!

  1. Your boys are absolutely beautiful! I’m heading into week 19 of my pregnancy. And I really understand about the anxiety and things. Before I fell pregnant I was probably what most would label “hypochondriac” but in clinical terms I suffered with “Health anxiety, severe depression etc” Since falling pregnant though, it’s like I’m a completely different person. Even down to not biting my nails having done it for pretty much my whole life!

    I thought, I’m going to be ringing the doctor every day. In the first 16 weeks, it did feel like that but I was suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum and unfortunately I had to call my doctors because I was so dehydrated! Admitted to hospital 3 times, over a stone lost the first time, 12lbs then 11lbs the third time. I thought ‘that’s it! that’s set me up for a whole 5 months of anxiety and pre-natal depression’. But surprisingly, I’m more calm than I’ve ever been, except for a few hormonal outbursts (normal apparently)

    It’s amazing how it can change your complete outlook on everything. Touch wood, this has been my cure!

    I love your blog! Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Sophie, Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I’m sorry my reply is so delayed — your message had been caught in the spam folder and I’ve only just spotted it! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! Exciting times ahead for you :)


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