120 weeks and 2 days | The Twins First Pair of Shoes {Twins Trust Discount}

When you find out you’re expecting twins, so many thoughts run through your head. How will we cope? What happens when they cry at the same time? How will I feed two babies at once?

The questions are endless and as soon as you’ve discovered the answer to one, another swiftly replaces it.

But one thing that didn’t cross my mind — upon being told I was carrying two babies — was:

‘Crikey. Baby shoes are mighty expensive and we’re going to have to buy two pairs at a time!’

Nope. That thought came last year when they began walking! And funnily enough, that was quickly followed by:

‘Well at least they’re boys. Boy’s are not as interested in shoes as girls are they?’

Oh my. How wrong was I?

My littles absolutely LOVE shoes. My shoes, their daddy’s shoes, shoes in shops, shoes in pictures — they are just obsessed. Shoes are a wonderful source of interest for them.

Twins Trust Discount

We went to our local Clarks shoe shop to have the boys’ feet measured for the first time — again mucho excitement for this activity.

We chose a lovely chocolate and yellow pair for Cosmo and a cherry red pair of sandals for Bertie.

The Twins First Pair of Shoes {Twins Trust Discount}

The Twins First Pair of Shoes {Twins Trust Discount}

The Twins First Pair of Shoes {Twins Trust Discount}

The Twins First Pair of Shoes {Twins Trust Discount}

The Twins Trust Discount really came in handy — we’re able to have 10% off when we show the Twins Trust e-card, (either on a device or printed) at the till.

Needless to say, my boys were pretty happy when they opened the boxes.

I filmed them and it was so sweet to see their reaction! Shame about the black lines at the side of the film; in my haste to capture this moment for posterity I forgot to turn my phone to landscape — doh.

Live and learn…

The Twins First Pair of Shoes {Twins Trust Discount}

The Twins First Pair of Shoes {Twins Trust Discount}

The Twins First Pair of Shoes {Twins Trust Discount}

These shoes are going to have quite a lot of wear and tear as the summer rolls out.

Lots of adventures to be had.

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

30 thoughts on “120 weeks and 2 days | The Twins First Pair of Shoes {Twins Trust Discount}

  1. These are so cute. We are huge fans of clarks shoes for my two tots too. They last so long too if the kiddos don’t have a growth spurt. Lovely review. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    1. Aaah thanks so much darling. I suddenly realised — after I’d linked — that I’m not supposed to add reviews. That said, I so wanted to share my video clip of them!! Their reaction to the new shoes was SO sweet!!! Thanks so much for hosting x

  2. That is the cutest video ever! I love how excited your littles are to have their new shoes. Those shoes are really fab too. I especially like the red sandals. Lovely! Hugs Mrs H xxxx

    1. Aaah their reaction was priceless — thank goodness for smartphones! I was SO cross that I hadn’t held the phone the right way though — and ended up with the black lines either side!! Darn it. Live and learn hey? Thanks for dropping by lovely xxx

  3. I love little Clarks, we bought them for ages until recently. The brown ones are really similar to the ones we bought as his first shoes!

    1. Totally! Although we’ve been quite lucky so far!! The little shoes we bought foe the boys in November still fit!! They must have been at least two sizes too big!!! ;) xxx

    1. The little red sandals were pretty reasonable — just £18 per pair — but yes, it’s SO costly isn’t it? Particularly when your littles need their new shoes at the same time!!! :/ xx

  4. So cute, I had no idea that you could get Clarks shoes from Brantano! It’s so expensive getting shoes for twins, I’m will have to have a look in these. I love that they love their shoes too, Lucas couldn’t care less but our twins are really into their shoes. It’s a sorry state of affairs when I spend more on shoes for them than for me ;) xxx

    1. Ohmylife — I totally hear you. The sandals were relatively reasonable — just £18 a pair which I think is good value — but I’ve spent more on the boy’s shoes than on mine before!! Awful isn’t it — especially when you have two at a time to buy!! xx

    1. Aaaah NO! That’s such a shame! Although my boys have had shoes before now — just not Clarks shoes — I can’t believe they were two and a bit before I took them to get their feet measured!! Naughty mama ;)

  5. fab pairs of shoes. We’ve just got my daughter’s first pair – I’m excited but also sad she’s getting big and wlaking lol #sharewithme

  6. Super cute. I love Clarks shoes. As we live in Holland we usually wait for a UK trip to buy new shoes for our boys. My boys love their shoes too I think they picked that up from mummy! #sharewithme

  7. So so cute! I love both of them. Tyler is refusing to wear sandals, he only wears his beloved trainers from Next – if he can’t wear them, it’s tantrum hell. When did boys get so fussy about fashion?! I love Brantano, there’s one in Greenford we always go to, and I literally bought new Clarks sandals for myself there this weekend – very comfy :-)
    Sabrina xx

    1. So weird isn’t it??! I had NO idea that boys could be so fussy about their attire! Bertie and Cosmo are pleased as punch with their new shoes, we’ve bought Cosmo a pair of sandals too, but in blue. Love Brantano! Such a lot to choose from :)

  8. Caro, I love this post and the video is so cute!!! Did the boys pick their own shoes? If so , they have such different taste. Great shots and beautiful words, as always! I love your blog, it always makes me really smile. Is it wrong that I want to move in with you guys? Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars xx

    1. Aaah thanks SO much lovely! No — mama picked the shoes. We bought another couple of pairs too to they have the same :) SO chuffed with my movie — although cursing myself that the phone was the wrong way round!! You can tell that I’m new at all this, can’t you!! LOL! xx

  9. Such lovely shoes! I have always been a fan and love these styles. Their little feet are too cute :) Lovely film xxx

    1. Thanks pet :) I am determined to get my head around iMovie!! Considering I’ve been using a mac all my adult life I can’t understand why I find it so difficult!! STILL got my Bluestone vid to edit!! xxxx

    1. Aaah they do don’t they?! Tiny little, perfect feet — aaah baby feet are so sweet aren’t they? One day, those tiny little feet will be bigger than mine!!! I can’t imagine it! x

  10. Oh WOW! I love how much the boys LOVE shoes. Such a gorgeous film :-)
    This made me really, really happy!!!! xxx

    1. Aaah thanks lovely. i was going to just write a post but their reaction to the new shoes was SO sweet!! It wouldn’t have felt right not to include it. Even if I did have the phone the wrong way round!! DOH!! ;) xx

  11. Oh they are fabulous – I love the colour of Cosmo’s and I have to admit I’m rather looking forward to getting to choose shoes and not being always presented with lurid pink!

    1. Aaah thanks so much for stopping by Carie :) Choosing shoes for little boys is LOVELY :) Tiny little man-shoes and not a sparkle or dollop of pink in sight — I’ll save that for me ;) xx

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