Twins at 21 months – Siblings December 2015

A post to celebrate the twins at 21 months!

Back in the summer, we went to a party and there were lots of families there with their children and quite a few of them had attended the same NCT group and all of their children were 21 months old.

It was early August and the Twinkles were 17 months old. I remember looking at these other children and thinking ‘they don’t look very much older than my boys’ and feeling almost bolstered by the thought that I still had a few months of them looking like big babies, rather than small children.

I just can’t believe how quickly its come round though!! My babies are now 21 months old!! And they are starting to look like small children.

The baby months are almost over.

And this has been a bit of a trying month, if I’m honest.

The Twins at 21 Months Old

One twin is in full ‘Terrible Two’ mode and whilst he can be sweet and loving one minute, this is tempered with violent rages. Screaming — literally at the top of his lungs — for seemingly no apparent reason. Hurling himself to the ground, lying rigid, thrashing about, biting if you try to restrain him.

Who knows what sets him off sometimes — it’s extraordinary.

Particularly when the other is so placid and measured.

To say my twins are like chalk and cheese is an understatement!

I have tried all sorts of tactics to diffuse the situation too.

Diversion —

Ooh look, Peppa Pig has just walked past the window! 

Ignoring him.
Walking out of the room.
Removing him from the situation
Screaming back…

Nothing works. He, literally, has to shake it off and get rid of whatever has possessed him before we can carry on as normal.

Some days are fine; most are dotted with these episodes.

I’ve spoken to lots of other mums. Some have no experience of tantrums at all, those who do have given me lots of tips — mostly that I have already tried — but the best advice is that it is a phase.

And, like all phases, it will pass.

To be honest, I’m pretty sure that it stems from the frustration of not being able to communicate fully. His vocabulary is limited and I think that once he is able to make himself understood, these episodes will become fewer and fewer.

That said, he has learnt 3 new words this week!

Dadda, Mo-Mo (Cosmo) and my personal favourite… MAMA!!

Mama. How can such a little word have so much impact on a person?

After years of waiting for someone to call me by this name — and after 100 weeks of meeting my beautiful boys for the first time — I have finally heard the word from both of them. So precious.

21 months old today — photo day!

So today, we were at our friend’s house, having a long lunch, when I suddenly remembered that it was their month-birthday! There wasn’t time to set up a shot and the light — as in last month’s pictures — was poor.

They were taken around 4pm and the lightsource in the room was side-lamps and the fire, as the bright and sunny afternoon had given way to dusk. This month’s photo was spur of the moment and the boys were a little giddy as they were with their favourite playmate.

But given the fact I’ve been taking these photos on the same day of every month, since they arrived, I wasn’t going to let any of these things put me off!

Ringing The Changes

One of the Twinkle’s godmums was with us and she asked how long I was going to keep it up for. I told her I’ll do it for as long as they’ll let me!

When I saw the complete set of last year’s photos I was so glad I’d persevered. You don’t really notice the changes, month by month, but when a year’s worth of photographs are laid out in front of you, the growth of a newborn to baby, baby to toddler is extraordinary. Such a lot of growth in such a short period of time. To have this visual record of my boys’ development is priceless.

And — like this blog — it’s a way for me to remember the minutiae of our lives. The trivia that in a week, month, year’s time, I will have forgotten.

And I so want to remember it all!! Every moment, every little detail…

My boy and I waited so long for this — for parenthood — that I want to savour it.

Even the tantrums are welcome!

Because this is life with children. The good, the bad and the ugly. No holes barred.

And this life is amazing.

The Twins at 21 months old

Twins at 21 months - Cos December 2015
Twins at 21 months - December 2015
Twins at 21 months - Bertie December 2015
Twins at 21 months - December 2015
Twins at 21 months - December 2015
Twins at 21 months - December 2015
Twins at 21 months - December 2015
Twins at 21 months - December 2015
Twins at 21 months - December 2015
My twins at 21 months

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