Birthday Twinkle Jumper from Oliver Bonas

So last weekend was my birthday and my bestie bought me this amazing sequinned Twinkle Jumper from Oliver Bonas! 

Given the fact I was ill (a sick bug, generously given to me by The Twinkles)  it was a bit of a write off.

Not the best birthday ever.

Although I did have some gorgeous gifts! One of which was this lovely twinkle jumper. I love it — it’s (literally) got my name all over it.

Totally thrilled.

Me in my Twinkle Jumper from Oliver Bonas! 
It literally has my name all over it!

Oliver Bonas

The Twinkle jumper was from Oliver Bonas, somewhere that I used to LOVE popping into when I worked in London but, since moving away, had almost totally forgotten about.

Needless to say, with my memory well and truly jogged,  I had to go and have a look at their website, just to remind myself of all the loveliness that they used to — and, happily, still do — sell!

They’ve got such a great mix of stuff. Fashion, home-ware, jewellery, gifty items… aaah it’s a veritable trove of retail happiness.

It’s a great store for picking up unusual and quirky items. It’s my bestie’s ‘go-to’ store if she has a wedding to attend and needs a new dress to wear (although she won’t thank me for spilling her little trade secret on here!!) ;)

I’ve always loved their home-ware too (no surprises there!) and you can pick up some fabulous — and fairly inexpensive — bits and pieces.

Altogether a lovely mix. Have a look… see what you think.

A little Spotlight on…

Pictured above are:

1. Oliver Wood Side Table  £180 —
Quirky and practical; a lovely place to rest your cuppa.

2. Kerre Quartz Bangle £14 —
I love statement jewellery. Particularly the pieces that don’t do damage to your bank statement, those are the best kind.

3. Luella Slouch Tote £45 —
The turquoise on this bag is GORGEOUS. Clearly they’ve been taking notes from the Pantone Spring Colour forecast ;)

4. Dresses from £10 — All the above from Oliver Bonas.

Annoyingly, although I could find a model shot of this lovely dress, it didn’t seem to be for sale any longer. That said, all is forgiven, because I’ve linked up to the most divine floral dress instead. And best thing of all is, it’s been reduced from £59.50 and is now down to a tenner!

Better be quick before they’re gone!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Twinkle Jumper from Oliver Bonas”

  1. I love your jumper. A very thoughtful friend you have there. I love sequins and glitz . What a shame you were sick :( you’ll have to have another birthday this weekend instead.

  2. Aaah thanks so much Nicola! She is very thoughtful!! She’s been my bestie for nearly 20 years — I love her to bits! She and her family had come to stay for the weekend and we had to send them home, I was so ill!! Such awful timing! And you’re right! I shall celebrate this weekend! :) X

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