25 weeks old today | 6 month routine

My beautiful Twinkles — where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that we were being taken down to the delivery suite, to welcome you to the world and now you are very nearly 6 months old! Half a year has almost passed!! I know they say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ but this is ridiculous! I feel as though my life is suddenly on fast forward!

So much has been happening…I —finally!—changed the routine again and got rid of the 4 o’clock feed! We’ve been doing the new routine for about 4 weeks now. They took to it really quickly and are happy with their ‘6 month routine’ schedule :)

The new timings are:

The Twinkles 6 Month Routine

7am — wake and feed

8.30am — back to bed

10am — wake

11.00am — feed

12.00am — back to bed

2.00pm — wake

2.30pm — feed

4pm — back to bed

5pm — wake (play or a bath a couple of times a week)

6.00pm — feed

7pm — bed

Until 10.30 for the last feed….

I’m annoyed with myself that I tried to change their routine on the advice of a book/health visitor/website, when the babies — or I — weren’t ready. Ultimately, I guess you’ve got to try things out to find out whether they’ll work, or not, but my gut feeling was that it was too early when I tried to change it before.

I think the moral of that story is to always go with your instinct.

Books etc are helpful, but I think we sometimes forget that babies do not go by the book. They are individual little humans and one size does not fit all in a lot of cases! Also, there’s a lot to be said for maternal instinct. I now feel confident enough to listen to my gut feeling — initially I was convinced that the books/health visitors/websites knew best, but now I’m pretty sure that I know what’s best for them :)

The one thing I’ve noticed more and more though is that they are less and less accommodating about going for a nap during the day! Half of me thinks that they don’t need it but the other half knows that they do need their daytime sleep and on the odd occasion that they’ve missed out on it, they have not coped well at all. I would rather deal with a baby who is protesting about going to sleep — for all of 10 minutes — than deal with one who is massively overtired.

Over-tiredness is one of the causes for the Twinkles to have a major meltdown! If we happen to miss the slot to get them to bed — at the right time — there is hell to pay!!! It’s so difficult trying to explain to a 5 month old baby that the only way they will feel better is to let go and fall asleep…

When they are overtired, they just can’t seem to switch off and are often so overstimulated they find it impossible to just close their eyes and nod off. They fight it, and get crosser and more agitated until the crying reaches fever pitch and they go to sleep. Not a great way to get them to go for a nap! Much better to catch it before this point and put them down as soon as you see the first signs of tiredness.

The Twinkles are hilarious — it’s as though they’ve both read a book of sleep signals. They rub their eyes in a cartoon-like fashion and start yawning in an exaggerated fashion! We don’t let them get past the second yawn either. As soon as we see these signs, we whisk them off to their cots. Since they were born, we’ve never waited for them to be ‘almost asleep’ to put them down for a nap. We put them down when they are still wide awake and they settle themselves… no rocking, no singing, no cuddling. Might seem a bit harsh but, much as I love them, I do not want to be rocking them to sleep every time they go for a nap!

It works for us anyway and that’s all that matters :)

I think I am going to start them on some solid food in the next week or so.

They’ve been very interested in watching us eat for the last couple of weeks and I remember a health visitor saying that we could begin to start weaning when this happened. Part of me feels a little nervous. The milk is so easy!!! No thought required there at all!! Weaning involves activating my brain and trying to get out of this baby induced fug that I’ve been in for the last year! People aren’t joking when they use the term ‘baby brain’!! It started when I was about 5 months pregnant and is still hampering my head even now! I have forgotten half of the vocabulary that I’ve learnt over the years!! My head often feels as though it’s full of porridge.

Which is what I’ll give to the babies when we start weaning! Baby rice or porridge. Think that will be a good introduction to solid food!

Until next time x

The Twinkles getting into the swing of their 6 month routine!

6 month routine



19 weeks and 6 days | Dear Zoo

The Twinkles are growing SO quickly — my baby boys are absolutely blooming!

Looking at them now, you’d never know how little they were when they were born.

At one point, Bertie went down to 4lb 9oz. We so nearly had to back to the hospital for him to be tube fed; we were literally one feed away from it.

As a new parent, you know that you need to feed your baby regularly and everyone tells you this, but what people don’t tell you is just how hard it can be to feed a new baby. Especially one that it underweight… Bertie’s blood sugar levels would drop and he’d be so lethargic, it would be almost impossible to wake him up to feed. Catch 22, because the less he ate, the lower his blood sugar dropped and the more sleepy be became. So awful to see our little newborn all limp and floppy. A tiny little human without enough energy to eat. We tried all the tricks in the book… tapping on their feet, tickling their cheeks, even resorted to taking their clothes off and standing in the cold conservatory. Amazing to remember this after I’ve just fed him and watched him gobble down the last bottle!

At the last weigh-in — 3 weeks ago — Cosmo weighed 12lb 7.5oz and Bert was 12lb 2.5oz. That 5oz gap still between them, even though Bertie often eats more than his brother. They are so beautiful, I still can’t quite believe they’re here.

This week, Cosmo’s new thing is his tongue.

Since Saturday he has realised that his tongue is attached to him and at every opportune moment, pops it out to show you! So sweet. Very charming to see these tiny milestones as they happen. Such an inconsequential thing — being able to stick your tongue out — but for a baby this is a new and exciting development! It’s hilarious to watch him!!

Bertie’s favourite thing is his books. We have one called ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell; such a simple story but he LOVES it. This is, by far, the favourite of the moment… not just this week, but for the last 5 at least! I’ve been looking online and you can get Dear Zoo toys, Dear Zoo printables, Dear Zoo activities. Look’s like this is a favourite book for lots of little children, not just my two!

I have been reading to them since they were 12 weeks old. I sit them together on my lap and have the book in front, so they can see the words and the pictures on the pages, then tell them the stories… this is something that I have looked forward to for such a long time!

Reading stories to my own children is priceless.

Dear Zoo…

dear_zoo3 dear_zoo2 dear_zoo