‘Twas The Night Before Christmas
{And why Lapland UK is better with friends}

‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house,
Every creature was stirring,
As they’d all been kept awake by two very excited little twin boys.

OK — I know that the old rhyme didn’t go *quite* like that but that is definitely what’s been happening in our home this evening.

I’ve always loved Christmas — and have had a childlike fascination for all the myth and legend surrounding it.

Everything from the birth of Jesus to Father Christmas.

I love it all.

But the festive season kind of takes on a different slant when you have children. And since we’ve had the twins, we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy Christmas through their eyes too.

For me, the whole of December means a glorious excuse to spend time with friends and family. The lead up to Christmas presents golden opportunities to do fun things.

Weekends are (very well) spent, getting into the festive spirit.

Fetching the tree is always a highlight; and something that I’ve loved since I was a small child. But since my boy and I have been together, it’s even more of a tradition. I’d go as far as to say that it’s my favourite day of the whole year.

There are parties to go to; Carol concerts to attend.

And — since we’ve been parents — there is also ‘The Annual Trip To see Father Christmas’.

And although we’ve taken this pretty seriously for the last couple of years (and picked our Santa’s grotto wisely) this year we figured that — as the boys were a little older and more switched on — we’d take them somewhere really special.

Pictures from Lapland UK
Narnia? Almost.
Pictures from Lapland UK
Bertie looking through the keyhole
Pictures from Lapland UK
A wintery wonderland.
Pictures from Lapland UK
Doors especially for small folk.

Pictures from Lapland UK

Pictures from Lapland UK

Pictures from Lapland UK
A place to get you into the Christmas sprit.

A visit to Lapland UK

We were lucky enough to be invited along to Lapland UK  which — as it’s name might suggest — IS in actual Lapland. Just accessed through a magical doorway in the UK.

And, to my mind, as any kind of event is best enjoyed with friends and family, we invited along some of our faves so we could enjoy the experience with them and their children.

Going to meet Father Christmas is fun —for both  adults and children alike — but even more so when a group of you go together.

And Lapland UK is truly amazing. I could wax lyrical all day about why I think it’s worth the hefty price-tag.

There are certainly too many things to fit in one post.

But here’s a few reasons why I loved it.

Pictures from Lapland UK

Pictures from Lapland UK
Eeko the elf; sprinkling everyone with a little bit of magic.

I love the fact that you feel as though you’ve been immersed in a fabulous, well rehearsed, West-End show.

The attention to detail.

Every surface has been given a sprinkle of Lapland magic; it’s on a par with Disney in terms of the beautiful propping and set designs.

Pictures from Lapland UK — The Post Office in the Elven Village
The Post Office in the Elven Village
Pictures from Lapland UK | The Postmaster Elf
The Postmaster Elf
Pictures from Lapland UK
Letters to Santa, from children all over the world

There was so much to do; and I think this was the thing that surprised me the most.

The children made toys — ‘Build-A-Bear’ stylee.

And decorated gingerbread biscuits.

Pictures from Lapland UK | Gingerbread houses
Amazing attention to detail.
Pictures from Lapland UK | Decorating gingerbread
Bertie decorating his gingerbread tree.
Pictures from Lapland UK
My niece Imogen; sampling the treats!
Pictures from Lapland UK
OK — I couldn’t help myself.
Pictures from Lapland UK
Cosmo-Bear — full concentration mode

They watched the elves perform their duties — which was akin to the very best pantomine.

They went ice-skating — and met reindeer and huskies.

Pictures from Lapland UK
Lapland UK is nestled in an enchanted woodland setting.
Pictures from Lapland UK | The ice rink
The ice-rink.
Pictures from Lapland UK | Ice skating
Uncle Sam — keeping Cosmo and Imogen upright!

And all of those things were included in the cost.

So whilst the ticket price might initially seem a little costly — in comparison to other Santa experiences —it’s much, much more than ‘just’ meeting Father Christmas.

I don’t think I’d quite appreciated that initially, when I’d looked at their website.

Pictures from Lapland UK | Santa's sleigh
The Sleigh (the actual, proper, genuine sleigh).
Pictures from Lapland UK
Two little elves Me and my boy.
Pictures from Lapland UK
My tiny boys and me.
Pictures from Lapland UK
Bertie perfecting his elf wave.
Pictures from Lapland UK
Our family.
Pictures from Lapland UK
Cousins — thick as thieves
Pictures from Lapland UK | Pixie Mixie
Imogen and Bertie meeting their sweet pin-up — Pixie Mixie
Pictures from Lapland UK

Time Well Spent

When we first arrived, there was so much going on and our attention was totally captivated; by everything we saw and the tasks that the elves had in store for us.

But midway through the experience (and that really is the best word for it — it is an experience) we had a fabulous opportunity to spend a couple of hours relaxing and catching up with our friends and family.

It was much needed after the initial whirlwind.

We spent time in the Elven Village; eating lunch, drinking boozy hot-chocolate (the big folk — not the small folk), having a much needed catch up and enjoying the company of people we’d not seen for ages.

Pictures from Lapland UK

Pictures from Lapland UK
So nice to have a proper catch up with our friends.

It was such a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Only made better by the looks on our children’s’ faces when they met the big man in red.

And that, was priceless.

Pictures from Lapland UK | meeting father Christmas
The highlight of the day.
Pictures from Lapland UK
The star of the show.
Pictures from Lapland UK
Happy faces.

Lapland UK is such a gift. There are some things in life that are costly to buy but, to be honest, nothing is more precious that spending time with dear friends and family. And seeing the joy on your child’s face when they realise that — it’s true — Santa really is real.

I’ve made a little film to go with this post. It gives much more of a flavour of our day.

Pop and have a look if you’ve a few extra minutes to spare

And finally, I wish you a very, merry Christmas! xx

We were invited along to Lapland UK for the purposes of this film and blog post.

Many, many thanks to Emma for sprinkling a little bit of Christmas magic our way — and to all of the wonderful ‘elves’ who made our day so memorable.

And finally thanks to Father Christmas for making our tiny boys’ dreams come true.

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{And why Lapland UK is better with friends}

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