31 weeks and 6 days | Things I have learned this week

Things I have learned this week.

1. Bertie may will probably be the child who’s school report contains the words ‘He has exceptional ability but doesn’t put it to good use. If he applied himself he would be a genius.’

Having mastered the art of rolling over weeks ago he has literally just lain on his back ever since. I almost began thinking that it was a fluke and/or he couldn’t remember how to do it again. But no.

Clearly he had mastered it but just couldn’t be bothered to do it again — until now. The boy is an absolute whizz at rolling over; a veritable dervish. If rolling over was a national sport, Bertie would be competing in the next Olympics.

2. As we live almost opposite the village school, I have noticed that there are a couple of the school-runners who drive — come rain or shine — even though they only live 10 minutes walk away from the school gates. They regularly sit in their cars for half an hour — or more — before the bell. Just sitting. Waiting.

Is this to get a little bit of peace and quiet — a dose of ‘me time’ — before their kids are released from school? Or are they just lazy and allergic to fresh air? I had thought that maybe they are working parents, picking up/dropping off en-route, to and from work, but having walked around the village with the buggy and seen their cars parked up at their homes, I know that this isn’t the case.

Jury is out on this one. Maybe, when the Twinkles are older, I will learn the answer to this question. Maybe you need to have school-age kids before you understand why sitting in a car, twiddling your thumbs, is better than having a walk on a beautiful day.

3. The Cosmonaut and his brother love yoghurt.

4. We have ‘cluster flies’ in the attic. YUK.

5. A lovely lady called Karen from The Twins Gift Company messaged me to say that she is organising an event for all things twin next year! This sounds fantastic :) As a new mom to two little people, since finding out I was pregnant, I have been fascinated with meeting other families of multiples. I know that there is a dedicated twin festival in Ireland every year call Twinfest, but I’m not aware of a similar event in the UK. Will keep you posted of the details when I find out more…

6. Real people — not just Victoria Beckham and suchlike — sometimes employ the services of a ‘night nanny’. This is something that has given me the biggest surprise to be honest.

I have seen the words ‘night-nanny’ in books but it isn’t something that I have first-hand experience of.

Dickie and I worked together to keep our babies fed — every 2-3 hours — when they were first born. This involved setting an alarm clock or sitting up — saucer eyed — for the next feed. It wasn’t hell on earth. It was tiring, granted, but not the nightmare that various people had warned us it might be. After all, we were ecstatic that our two little friends had finally joined the party. And that, tempered with the fact that we could put into practice all that we had been dreaming of for so long, made it bearable. And to be honest, not just bearable but necessary. I’m not sure how much ‘night-nannies’ cost, but the fact that they are with you during the ‘night’ would indicate that it’s not all that cheap. Especially not for 9 weeks — which is how long we were getting up at 3am for.

One of the ladies on a forum that I regularly read has just had twins.

All of the ladies on the thread waited with baited breath to hear the news of her two little arrivals.

So eventually the joyful news came. The babies were born with no complications. Both they — and their mother — had had a relatively easy birth (an elective cesarean, similar to my own) and all was well in her world, as she — and her husband — had employed the services of a ‘night-nanny’ to help with the after dark feeds. 9pm until 7am. EVERY NIGHT. WHAT?? She’s a normal person — not a celebrity — she and her husband have normal jobs. They are not lottery winners, nor are they wealthy trustafarians.

Do normal people normally hire a night nanny? And how long does one usually employ a ‘night-nanny’ for, generally speaking?

Is this something that people do for a couple of days… or until the baby can sleep thought the night? For me, having a third person to come and help with the night feeds would have been a false economy. It would have lulled me into a HUGE false sense of security and the minute my fairy-night-nanny packed up her things and left me to it, I would have been in a state of panic. Personally, I think the ‘baptism of fire’ approach is the way forward.

Unless you are Victoria Beckham and have pots of cash.

7. Another of the things I have learned this week is that baby poo takes on a totally different entity when ‘protein’ is added into the equation. And not in a good way.

8. The Jumperoo has magical powers. Cosmo has just been sent into a sleep induced coma, due to it’s mystical properties. Not sure how it works but every home should have one. In fact, I think they should invent an adult version. There would be a lot less depression, fatigue and all-round ‘malaise’ if we could just hop into the Jumperoo, have a bounce for half an hour, followed by a little nap.

That is all.

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