98 weeks and 2 days | First Snow Day

So —1 year, 10 months and 17 days after they first arrived — my babies have their first snow day. They have properly seen snow for the first time!!

I’m not sure who was more excited, to be honest — probably me — as they seemed pretty unsure about it. As well you might, if you were experiencing the white stuff for the first time.

The First Snow Day

What a totally weird concept.

One day, your garden and the surrounding area looks exactly as you would expect it to.

Life is good.

You go for a little nap — sleep for no longer than 2 hours — and wake up to find that your world has changed beyond all recognition. 

Your little piece of earth has been transformed  by a thick blanket of cold, white, sparkly oddness.

I’d Love To See Inside Their Heads!

What must they think?

They seemed to be happier looking at it from the safety of the house. They were  extremely reticent to touch it with their hands and when they did, obviously couldn’t compute just how cold it was.

These little people haven’t even tried ice-cream — or an ice lolly — yet!

The coldest thing that they’ve come into contact with, so far, is something out of the fridge. ‘Frozen’ isn’t something they’ve experienced up to this point.

So there we have it. Another first in the lives of my tiny man-cubs.

Their very first snow day.

twins first snow day
twins first snow day
twins first snow day
twins first snow day
twins first snow day
twins first snow day
twins first snow day
twins first snow day
twins first snow day
twins first snow day
twins first snow day
twins first snow day

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

19 thoughts on “98 weeks and 2 days | First Snow Day

  1. How cute do they look in their little fleece suits? My boys always loved the idea of snow but then hated it the second they got outside and realised it was cold. They aren’t likely to see much of it now we’re just moved to Australia, so we’ll have to try to take a trip to the Snowy Mountains in winter so we can see some. E hasn’t really seen any before as we used to live on the south coast in the UK where it very rarely snowed so I can’t wait to introduce her to it. You’ve taken some lovely photos of them. x

    1. Aaah thanks Karen! Those fleece suits have done us proud — they’re really useful!! I think the babies were more interested in how the snow looked from inside — similar to your boys — they were not so sure about it once they got outside!! I hope you’re all settling in well in your new home on the other side of the world! I’ll be over to your blog to check out your adventures! X

  2. Aww, some lovely pictures here, I can’t quite figure out what they think about the snow though! They seem happy enough but not quite sure what it is or why it’s there lol
    Thanks for linking up with #MultipleMadness x

  3. I love how you still call your twins, babies. So do I. I never call them ‘the twins’. I am so jealous of your snow pictures. Mine have seen a flurry from the window, but that’s it. They look like they are having great fun #multiple madness

    1. Aaah they’ve always been ‘the babies’ — in fact they’re 23 months on Friday so not really ‘babies’ any longer but I can’t help it!! We’ve never called them ‘the twins’. As they’re getting bigger, I’ve started to call them ‘the boys’ but ultimately, no matter how old they are, they will always be my babies!! X

  4. My 3YO triplets have seen a couple snows now, from a couple light dustings up to like a foot of snow. Its always magical for them, though the first couple times they were more hesitant then excited. As you say, its pretty amazing to wake up and see the world changed, but I imagine it can be a little upsetting as well (especially for kids upset when their playdoh isn’t in the right place.). Sadly, one kid really, really doesn’t like the cold and just has no interest in going out. It breaks my heart, but it is what it is.

    Thanks for posting.


    1. It is magical — even for me as a grown up!! :)

      Until it turns to slush and you’re fed up of being cooped up inside!! But when you wake up and look out at a fresh blanket of snow…! That makes me feel excited even now!

  5. What a fab experience for them, it’s always exciting watching your kids experience snow for the first time seeing their reactions to the cold and then the fun that follows. They look encapsulated by the magic that snow brings, although I can see the wariness in their eyes. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  6. I am so jealous you have had snow – we haven’t had a single flake and my girls are so disappointed.
    Love those gorgeous photos!
    Thanks for joining in with #SundayStars

    1. Aaah I feel for you!!! I would have been gutted not to have any. I so wanted the boys to experience it whilst they’re still fairly small.

      Even though it wasn’t too deep and only stayed for a couple of days, it was enough for them to get a taste of it! Literally!!

    1. Thanks Paul :) It was fairly mixed — they didn’t love it but they didn’t hate it either — the jury’s out to be honest! I’m looking forward to having another snowfall so we can test the theory again!

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