41 weeks and 6 days | The First Christmas {Me and Mine December}

Our second me ‘Me and Mine’ portrait and the First Christmas. This month (me and mine December 2014) is so very special.

These photo’s commemorate lots of things but the main ones are these…

It’s the first Christmas in nearly 18 years that my boy and I have spent Christmas, not as ‘a couple’ but, as a ‘family of four’.

The first Christmas that we have been joined by children — and our own children at that! — at the dinner table on Christmas day.

The first Christmas that we have had to choose and buy presents for babies that do not belong to someone else.

This Christmas has been so very magical; I hope these pictures show a glimpse of that.

So in true ‘Me and Mine’ tradition, this month:

The Twinkles Mama is loving…

• Being a mama at Christmas time
• The Twinkles Daddy
• Baileys
• All the lovely Christmas food
• Eating what I want until ‘The Diet’ starts in earnest next year!

The Twinkles Daddy is loving…

• Being a daddy. This job is for life — not just for Christmas :)
• Wearing his Christmas jumper
• Watching sport on TV
• Reading his new ‘Thesaurus of Food’
• Being at home for 2 weeks and not having to go to work

Bertie-Bean is loving…

• Bunny
• His new leggings (with a fox on the bum)
• Having mama & daddy home together for 2 weeks
• The stacking cups
• Climbing on/over/under his twin

Cosmo-Bear is loving…

• Dogly
• Holding onto the sofa and standing up
• Having mama & daddy home together for 2 weeks
• His new FisherPrice train
• Stealing the remote control or his mama’s nail file

Next month brings a brand new year.

I am so looking forward to charting the boy’s growth, and posting a new ‘Me and Mine‘ picture every month.

It will give me the impetus I need to get us all together and take a photo.

Even if it’s a hurried snap, taken on a phone; it will be a lasting image of that moment in time — the four of us together — and it will be a gorgeous thing to look back on as the years roll out in front of us…

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  1. Thank you so much :) I’m really glad the pics show a little of how happy we are! Have been bouncing off the walls over Christmas! It’s been magical to finally have the babies we’ve been dreaming of xxxx

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