The British Airways i360 Experience in Brighton

As I’m typing this, the rain is hammering down on the roof of my office and the skies are an ominous gunmetal grey.

It’s a far cry from last Friday, when we were visiting the British Airways i360 experience in Brighton.

We had the bluest, clearest, skies last Friday; which was perfect for a little afternoon excursion up the  i360 tower.

A cross between the Shard (which we visited a couple of years go), the London Eye and a giant glass elevator; the British Airways i360 is a futuristic looking viewing platform, that takes you from street level to a knee-wobbling 450ft above the city.

The British Airways i360 Experience in Brighton

The British Airways i360 Experience in Brighton

The huge deckchair outside the British Airways i360 Experience in Brighton

The big deckchair by the British Airways i360 Experience in Brighton
My tiny boys in a giant deckchair!
Little loves

The Lowdown

You get ushered though security into a giant glass pod, which begins a slow and steady descent up a futuristic pole; giving unrivalled views of Brighton.

It’s a pretty epic experience; you can see miles over the city, over the rooftops to the Sussex downs beyond.

The British Airways i360 Experience in Brighton

The British Airways i360 Experience in Brighton

Looking to the stars

What did we think of the British Airways i360 Experience?

We loved it; the boys particularly — they really enjoyed seeing the windmills out at sea and pointing out all sorts of things that ordinarily we’d never see from the ground.

Especially the fantastic graffiti on some of the rooftops.

Thankfully, as we happened to go on a beautiful, clear day, we could see for miles.

Loving the graffiti on some of the rooftops!

My hero

It cost just under £50  for the four of us and — in my opinion — was well worth the money; although, I daresay, it may not have been *quite* as spectacular if it had been raining or had poor visibility.

There is a bar up there though (if you fancy a cheeky gin — or a glass of fizz). That would be a great distraction if the weather wasn’t playing ball.

Maybe not for the kids though…

And If You Don’t Have a Head For Heights?

We went with some of our best friends (one of whom does not have a good head for heights at all) and we were all in agreement that it was such a lovely afternoon out. Even for someone who suffers quite badly with acrophobia!

The boys and their lovely guideparents

Our friend managed to overcome his fear and whilst he was wary about standing right at the edges of the glass pod, he was fine sitting in the middle and observing the view from the safely of his seat; or standing with his back to the view.

The West Pier, taken from the British Airways i360 Experience in Brighton
The West Pier — so sad! This used to be the most beautiful building.

British Airways i360 Experience in Brighton

Our team photo!

It’s a really great place to go with friends — and with children too.

It gives unparalleled views of the city and is such a great talking point. If you’re visiting Brighton, I’d highly recommend it.

Perfect for bright, clear days or nights.

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4 thoughts on “The British Airways i360 Experience in Brighton

  1. Yes, teething problems when it first started three years ago (plus we were only a few cms off the ground). It’s been running very smoothly since then and I agree it is brilliant, especially on a clear day like yours and mine!

  2. My friend got married on this on a really sunny day – the pictures were similar to yours. It was ace! Also took son on it when it had just opened and we got stuck but that’s another story…

    1. You got STUCK??!! Ohmygoodness!! I’m glad I didn’t know that before we went up there Emily!! ;)
      I all seriousness, what a brilliant thing to do — we loved it!! So amazing seeing Brighton from that perspective :)

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