My twin pregnancy — 35 weeks pregnant {& deciding on the best buggy for twins}

Dear Twinkles,

I had hoped that this week I would be full of news about your beautiful nursery; how it is totally finished and ready for your impending arrival… fat chance!!

To be fair, it’s nearly there.

It doesn’t actually contain any nursery furniture yet but it is devoid of any of my office paraphernalia.

It’s been painted (except the skirting boards) and has lovely wallpaper but the carpet is filthy and needs VAXing (at least twice) before we can begin to put your cot-beds up.

So you see — we’re almost there! ;)

I’ve also asked some other twins mums which is the best double pram for newborn twins and keep getting the same answer again and again — which is great!

I did some research on Google, searching things like ‘What is the ‘Which is the best double buggy for toddler and newborn?’ but it’s brilliant to speak to actual people who are all in agreement.

And Our Award for the Best Buggy for Twins goes to…?

The the best buggy for twins (in our opinion) is the Baby Jogger City Select Tandem.

It is pretty amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing the Twinkles in it!! It’s got lots of different positions so they should be quite comfy!

The best buggy for twins — the Baby Jogger City Select pushchair has 16 unique combinations

It’s so exciting that we’ve finally managed to buy it.

At the rate we were going, it wouldn’t have been surprising if they’d been born and we were ordering from the hospital!! So glad that that’s not the case! I am feeling a lot happier knowing that we’re a little more prepared for their arrival.

Unlike a lot of tandem buggies, there seems to be plenty of room for both children and it also folds totally flat in my boot!! We have to pop the wheels off, to do this, but to be honest they are so easy to get on and off that it doesn’t seem like too much of a hardship.

It has an amazing fold action too, so it’s really easy to put up and collapse. The one negative is that it feels a little heavy — and obviously when you’ve got two children in it, it will feel even heavier — but this is one con in a long list of pros.

Initially we will use it with the car seats — we bought Maxi Cosi ones — and they literally just clip to the frame. Seems that this will make life easier because if the babies are sleeping, we won’t have to wake them to transfer them in and out of the car.


Bob’s your uncle!!

We also bought the carrycots/bassinets, just in case we’re going to be out of the house for a while. Apparently, a baby is only allowed to sleep in a car seat for up to 2 hours. SO much stuff to take in… no wonder there isn’t a ‘parenting’ manual. It would be ENORMOUS!!!

There is so much information to retain and, due to new technology, it’s changing all the time.

I can’t believe that another week has passed and we’re now at 35 weeks. That’s pretty good going, even for a single pregnancy!! Only 5 weeks away from a full 40 week gestation and as twins are considered ‘full term’ at 38 weeks, we have done amazingly well. I just pray that they’ve got enough liquid, air and space in their bubble to last for another couple of weeks.

Two weeks on Friday.

I cannot believe that my pregnancy is nearly over — but this time I’ve managed to hold on to my precious cargo. I feel so blessed. Keeping my fingers crossed for all the ladies I know (and the ones I don’t) who are struggling to conceive — either naturally or via IVF — and the ones who are also struggling to hold on to their babies once they’ve managed to fall pregnant.

It’s so hard… I had all but given up hope. I sometimes feel as though I’m dreaming. The whole pregnancy has been a joy.

I am one very, very lucky girl.

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