The Art of Spin Painting at Camp Bestival

Disclosure: I was an official Camp Bestival blogger for 2016. My family and I were given tickets in return for our coverage and honest opinions of the festival. As ever, all thoughts, words and pictures are my own.

A few weeks ago we braved the six jour car journey down to Lulworth Castle, in Dorset, for Camp Bestival.

A must for any fun loving family, this friendly little festival was an absolute treat for my boy and me and our little sons loved it too.

So many things to see and do — the whole weekend was full of fun and loveliness (have a look at our little movie in case you missed it) — but one of my very favourite things, that I wanted to share with you, began with a little sign that simply said:

‘Make Your Own Spin Painting £20’

Attached to the walls of the modest little ‘Colour Makes People Happy’ tent was a washing line hung with the most fabulous pieces of art.

So many colours — each artwork slightly different to the last — blowing gently in the breeze. Such a sight for sore eyes.

Spin Painting
Make your own spin painting for £20? Yes please!

The Art of Spin Painting

I studied art at university so anything vaguely creative always floats my boat and this was no exception — plus I’ve seen spin paintings before.

I went to a Damien Hirst  exhibition years ago and that was the first time I’d come across this method of creating art. Seeing spin paintings being made right in front of my eyes is something I’ve never seen before though and I was totally and utterly transfixed.

Paper is laid on a turntable which begins to rotate. Once it’s reached the correct speed, paint can be poured onto the paper. It’s absolutely mesmerising to watch.

It sounds simple but the results are fabulous. Unique and intricate patterns — in a glorious mix of colour — that you’d struggle to replicate.

I’ve created a little film, so you can see for yourself.

Well worth twenty quid for a fabulous, one off piece of art, I think. Particularly when it would serve to act as a lasting memory of such a fabulous weekend.

Colour Makes People Happy

Colour Makes People Happy is the brainchild of Simon March.

He has a fabulous paint store in Dulwich — allegedly the longest shop in South London — which offers not just paint but a cornucopia of other lovely things, including coffee and waffles (just in case you were feeling a bit peckish).

The best thing is, he holds painting parties — just in case you can’t wait until next year’s Camp Bestival!!

That said, I hope he will be there at next year’s Camp Bestival — I’ll be first in the queue :)

Spin Painting
A fabulous ‘spin painting’ at Camp Bestival 2015

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Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

128 thoughts on “The Art of Spin Painting at Camp Bestival

  1. Wow this looks amazing and so much fun! Your picture is brilliant, I would def like to try this with my kids! Didn’t even know it existed so thank you for sharing. And thanks for hosting #TwinklyTuesday, so impressive that you reply to all comments xx

  2. These are amazing. I want one for my lounge. I am definitely going to his shop in Dulwich. Thanks for the recommendation. #TwinklyTuesday

  3. Wow that looks like so much fun! It was actually therapeutic watching too – I could watch those paintings being created all day :) Mim x #twinklytuesday

  4. I love that idea of painting! The video great! That last picture is gorgeous – is that the one you made? x #twinklytuesday

  5. Wow, such a beautiful piece of art! I love having pieces of art around our home that we have created… I’d love to try thais! Thankyou for hosting #twinklytuesday

  6. Woweee! Spin painting looks so much fun! I’d love to try this. Where did you hang the picture? It looks fab #TwinklyTuesday

  7. How didn’t I see this, looks fab! I love your spin painting, I can imagine it taking centre stage in a dining room.
    Thanks so much for hosting #TwinklyTuesday

  8. Wow – I would see a tent like that and think it would be a con but that painting is amazing! Looks like you ha d a great time at Bestival – looking forward to taking Little B when he’s a bit older :)

  9. What a beautiful piece of art! So simple and colourful! I love it. Thanks for hosting #TwinkleyTuesday

  10. That is so pretty and different looking! I think that I will have to try to do my own version of fin painting (although, mine will probably end disastrously!). #TwinklyTuesday

  11. This is such a cool activity! We love doing little art projects but have never tried this. I wonder if i go on Pinterest, whether I may a way to do this with my daughter at home? I bet I can. Visiting from #twinklyTuesdays

    Angela from daysinbed xx

  12. What a wonderful idea! And I agree – utterly mesmerizing. I can’t wait to see how you mount it and add your new artwork to your beautiful home. Thanks for another great #TwinklyTuesday week!

  13. Wow – looks fabulous! I have never heard of Spin Painting but I can see how colourful and appealing it is. I agree with you that it would be a great memory of an occasion. Interesting concept that colour makes people happy but it’s probably true! Thanks for sharing and hosting #TwinklyTuesday

  14. I love it! I would absolutely love to watch those paintings being made..I must check and see if we have any similar festivals in Ireland. #twinklytuesdays

  15. Love this, I use to have a miniature version of this was I was little.

    I think these would go down a storm these days in markets / fetes etc. Kids would love them. *scratches head* Now where can I get a massive turntable from?

    Nice post xx #TwinklyTuesday

  16. That looks like such a fab way to make art, what kid doesn’t love messy play? The final product looks so bright and eyecatching too it’s no surprise that they had so many people wanting to have a go. Thanks for hosting Twinkly Tuesdays.

  17. This looks so cool!! I’ve never heard of spin painting before. It’s really creative and well worth the price for such a beautiful handmade piece! x

  18. What a brilliant unique piece of art, well worth £20. I had a little spinning contraption when I was little where you could make pictures like that on a much smaller scale, the effect is awesome!

  19. Watching that made my eyes go a bit funny. What a beautiful picture you came out with and unique for you too. I didn’t know of art like this I’d love to have something like that in our home, our son would definitely enjoy it! #twinklytuesday

    1. Haha!! It DOES make your eyes go funny, doesn’t it?!!! My eyes were really diddly after I’d been editing the film!! Sadly the pics wasn’t mine — I’ll be first in the queue next year though! :)

  20. Wow that is amazing, I made a canvas a couple of years ago it was like a squiggly circle if that makes sense, I made it with the boys and loved it but then changed the lounge and got rid of it. I so with I had kept it now, we might need to make another one x

    1. Fab isn’t it?! Aah I know exactly what you mean about getting rid of things you’ve made too. I made an Aboriginal tile picture at college (made the tiles by hand; glazed them and fired them in a kiln) but we got bored of carting it around and I left it in the shed of our first house. SO annoyed with myself. Wish I had it now.

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