32 weeks and 2 days | Teeth, Crawling and Babyproofing

Well, it’s Friday again.

It’s an odd phenomenon but, even though I’m not working at the moment, Friday’s still hold the same excitement as before. That delicious anticipation of a weekend; even though my life, currently, is like one BIG weekend.  I’m not sure why I feel so excited every time we reach the end of the working week but I do. I properly heart Fridays.

I had one of my lovely, mummy friends visit today. She brought her little son with her, who was born on the day the Twinkles should have arrived (had they not been early). So he is 9 days younger — in real time — but a month older in terms of development, as the Twinkles were born at 36 weeks.

He has two little teeth on the bottom jaw and is crawling!! The teeth were not such a surprising addition — as I can see that Cosmo’s teeth with be making an appearance fairly soon, judging by the rock hard little bumps on his gum — but the CRAWLING!! Oh my word, it was quite an eye opener to see this tiny little scrap — who just a couple of weeks ago was lying on his back — hurtling about on all fours!! It made me suddenly realise how different things are going to be once my babies start moving.

Quite a sobering thought.

I may have to start crawling around myself and assess our house from ground level. From the eyes of a baby. And start thinking about babyproofing our home.

I’m pretty sure there are lots of things that will need moving or packing away until they’re a little older… our beautiful, curved glass fire-screen for one! One little nudge from a balding, perfectly formed little head and I can see it toppling to it’s doom.

Bye bye fire-screen. Bye bye floor standing candlesticks. Bye bye carefully styled, magazine inspired home and hello baby safe, minimalistic, pared back living.

For a while anyway…

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