Colour Your World | #21 Pantone Buttercup

I think anyone who knows me — or reads my blog — will have a good idea what my favourite colour is. It hasn’t always been that colour though. It’s changed throughout my life. In my teens it was purple. I wore purple dungarees and lavender suede desert boots — with purple ribbons for laces — I had violet streaks in my hair and was generally (as you can be in your teenage years) a little bit compulsive about it. I even wrote a diary post listing all of the synonyms of the colour purple. As you do when you’re 16. Weirdo. Anyway, moving swiftly on. In my twenties and early thirties, it was blue. Baby blue, navy blue, teal and turquoise. Lots of variants of the same colour, in a myriad of different shades. I was definitely less obsessed by it —but subconsciously used to gravitate towards things in that colour, for sure. But for the last decade, my eyes and heart are drawn to the colour yellow. It’s such a happy-making colour — endlessly cheerful — particularly when the weather is grey. It’s the colour of sunshine and positivity. And the colour of my latest Pantone post. The next in the palette for 2016 is Pantone… Read More

The perfect spring jacket | Featuring Joules

What do you need from the perfect spring jacket? Something waterproof, stylish and lightweight with a hood — particularly if you live in the UK — to keep your barnet dry during the frequent April showers ;) There are a few things — fashion-wise — that I absolutely love. Stripes, florals and the colour yellow. Not necessarily in that order plus it’s really, really rare to have all of them together in one garment. So imagine my excitement when — on a mission to track down the perfect spring jacket the other week — I came across this little beauty from Joules. In Celebration of the perfect spring jacket I *may* have squealed (just a little bit) when I clapped eyes on it and — even though they had a cornucopia of other gorgeous raincoats — I didn’t need to look any further. The Coastprint waterproof hooded jacket has a lovely boxy shape — in a shorter, hip-skimming style — with front pockets and taped seams to ensure I’ll stay cosy and dry.  Plus a toggled hood for when the wind picks up. Favourite features are the sleeves that can be rolled back, to show a cheeky glimpse of the sunny, yellow lining plus the monochrome floral pattern in the hood. All in… Read More

139 weeks and 6 days | A Caravan Makeover with Carpetright

A few week’s ago I wrote about Dolly — our caravan — and how we had performed a caravan makeover, on quite a grand scale. We’d bought her over the summer to replace our original van (also named Dolly, due to the fact that it was impossible to convince our babies that a caravan could possibly have another name). When we bought Dolly home, she was in a sorry state. Ugly, brown wooden cabinetry, beige walls but the worst offender — in my mind anyway — was the flooring. I’m not sure whether it was original but the van floor was swathed in the most revolting red carpet. The kind of carpet that, no matter how may times you vacuum — or VAX it — still looks dirty. A petri-dish for heaven’s knows what — and I’d really rather not dwell on this — the only solution was to replace it. As caravans are often parked up in festival fields or on grassy campsites, it made no sense to me to replace it with more carpet. The best solution to muddy boots and grass is hard-flooring, something that can easily be mopped down and wiped clean at the end of the day. And as an electric hook-up… Read More

136 weeks and 6 days | A Caravan Makeover with Wallpaper Direct

Last month, I mentioned that we’d traded our beloved caravan — Dolly — in for a ‘new’, larger model. I use the term ‘new’ very loosely. The new van may have preceded her chronologically but certainly not in any other areas. If Dolly needed a bit of updating when we first bought her, this new van needed an entire facelift. Pretty she aint. A caravan makeover was definitely in order! **grim interiors warning — the following shots are not for the faint hearted** I have got LOTS more ‘before’ photographs that I could show you but I’ve always tried to maintain my blog as a happy place — a collection of beautiful things — and the pre-makeover photographs set my teeth on edge (and make me feel a little bit queasy) so  I think I’ll leave it there. Little by little over the summer months — with the help of Wallpaper Direct — my boy and I transformed the very ugly little tin box, you see in the snaps above, into something rather lovely. No mean feat when you have twin toddlers in tow, I can tell you ;) We wanted something a little different from our first van; which was a vision in Cath Kidston. For her successor, we wanted something bright and fresh and… Read More

Colour Your World | #9 Pantone Custard

I was really torn with this colour post! Usually I pick a collection of either fashion or homes pieces but I absolutely LOVE yellow!! I have found it so difficult to choose, so as a result, this Pantone Colour Post will showcase both. The 8th colour in the Pantone Spring palette for 2015 is ‘Custard’ — a bright, sunny yellow shade. In my mind it’s the perfect colour for spring and summer, as it’s so lovely and cheerful. It’s funny – it was not on my top list of colours a few years ago but as I get older I can’t seem to get enough of it! You may have noticed from my blog that I’m a little bit partial to yellow, so most likely I’ll be wearing it all year round! The Twinkles’ naming day had a lovely fresh yellow theme and we have lots of yellow accents around our home; our snug and sitting room both have lots of yellow cushions, in various patterns. Plus I have quite a lot bit of yellow in my wardrobe too; my favourite bag for one! I’m so glad I decided against doing a home or a fashion story and went with both. It’s given me the chance to pick all of… Read More