Tips for decorating a caravan | Painting and wallpapering the interior

I regularly receive emails from fellow caravan enthusiasts with questions about Dolly 1 and, more recently, Dolly 2. Very often, they’ve stumbled across my blog posts — or Pinterest pins — and ask for tips on decorating a caravan. I’m asked what kind of paint we used on the walls and cupboards and what we used to hang the wallpaper. So finally, I’ve decided to make a little list of tips for decorating a caravan interior. It’s super simple and the look that can be achieved is fabulous. I’m going to split the content into various posts — painting and wallpapering the interior, then all the fiddly bits like sinks and fittings, the upholstery and, finally, revamping the exterior. There’s way too much content for one post — and there’s also a LOT of photos!! So here goes… Decorating a Caravan » Part 1 Painting Woodwork and veneer covered walls: In most older caravans — and even bright shiny new ones — the interior seems to be a sea of brown (or worse, orange) wood. In some cases it’s real. In a lot of cases it’s chipboard; covered in a plastic wooden-look coating. The doors in both our vans have been solid wood but the surrounds… Read More

Wallpaper #1 | How to make a circle fan decoration

When my sister and her husband sold their house recently they couldn’t find anywhere they wanted to buy and — as a stop gap —  they rented a house until one they liked came on the market. Funnily enough, we did exactly the same when we moved to our village and it reminded me how tricky landlords can be sometimes — and how annoying it is when you’re not allowed to change the wall colour or do very much to make the property really feel like home. So I’ve been having a little think about the things that we can do, to make a rented house feel homely and completely change the look and feel of a room with wallpaper. Without actually sticking it to the walls. This first little tutorial shows how to make a circle fan. I’ve always used shop bought versions of these — to style my products when I photograph them — but when I was looking at one recently, it struck me how easy they’d be to make and how cool they’d look in various patterns, rather than the block colours that they’re usually sold in. So here we go — super simple and they look a million dollars! How to make a circle fan You will… Read More

Home Etc #54

Morning all! Wednesday again which means it’s time for Home Etc. This week I’m flying solo as my lovely friend and co-host Jess — Mummy Of Boy and Girl Twins — is off on her holidays with Mark Warner! SO exciting. We were both lucky enough to have won a competition, earlier in the year to be Mark Warner Mums. Pop and have a look at my entry if you have a spare couple of minutes! :) Anyway, back to this week and Home Etc! Home Etc is a weekly link up for bloggers who have written a post that includes interiors (wish lists, room tours or DIY). Garden or allotment ideas plus crafting or up-cycling.   If you’re a home-bird and have a post that you’d like to share, Jess and I would be delighted for you to come and link up with us! Home Etc Favourites One of last week’s favourite posts came from Katy who blogs at Hot Pink Wellingtons.  I LOVED her bedroom makeover so much!!! The wallpaper, particularly, is absolutely gorgeous. Another favourite came from Gaby over at Life in Eight, who linked up a post featuring a fabulous new look for her spare room/office space. I loved the combination of white and wood with splashes of bold colour. How could you fail to be productive in such… Read More

#HomeEtc 23 — Home and Garden Inspired Blog Hop

I can’t believe that in a couple of months time we’ll be gearing up for Christmas! I’ll bet that the theme of our #HomeEtc posts will definitely start to take on more of a festive flavour over the next few weeks. Love it — or loathe it —it’s just around the corner! ;) Last week we had some decidedly autumnal posts — a Halloween inspired table from Lisa (Into The Glade) and some gorgeous homegrown produce from Sammy (Sieze Each Day But my favourite post came from Hayley who writes at the blog Hayley From Home. Not autumnal in the slightest but a gorgeous glimpse into her lovely home and family with her picture ledge refresh. Picture ledges have really taken off and I love seeing how other people style them. I’m also super chuffed that she’d printed my ‘Home’ print! So lovely to see it there — and it looks lovely sitting next to the other one. If you’d like your own, you can down load a high-res printable from here. Jess’ favourite came from Toni (Gym Bunny Mummy). We both agree that the transformation is fabulous! I’m a huge fan of wallpaper. I wrote about our caravan makeover just yesterday — a little bit… Read More

136 weeks and 6 days | A Caravan Makeover with Wallpaper Direct

Last month, I mentioned that we’d traded our beloved caravan — Dolly — in for a ‘new’, larger model. I use the term ‘new’ very loosely. The new van may have preceded her chronologically but certainly not in any other areas. If Dolly needed a bit of updating when we first bought her, this new van needed an entire facelift. Pretty she aint. A caravan makeover was definitely in order! **grim interiors warning — the following shots are not for the faint hearted** I have got LOTS more ‘before’ photographs that I could show you but I’ve always tried to maintain my blog as a happy place — a collection of beautiful things — and the pre-makeover photographs set my teeth on edge (and make me feel a little bit queasy) so  I think I’ll leave it there. Little by little over the summer months — with the help of Wallpaper Direct — my boy and I transformed the very ugly little tin box, you see in the snaps above, into something rather lovely. No mean feat when you have twin toddlers in tow, I can tell you ;) We wanted something a little different from our first van; which was a vision in Cath Kidston. For her successor, we wanted something bright and fresh and… Read More

#HomeEtc 22 — Home and Garden Inspired Blog Hop

Firstly, an apology. I’m so sorry I didn’t comment on any posts last week. I had fully intended to host Home Etc, as ever, with my lovely friend Jess — mummyofboygirltwins — but blog duties (well and truly) slipped, due to my little trip away in Portugal. Sometimes, instead of trying to juggle an impossible amount, it’s often just worth sticking up our hand to say we can’t cope. Which I did. So firstly an apology and secondly a HUGE thanks to Jess for covering my back and hosting single-handedly and a big fat thank you to everyone that linked up too. I promise to do better in future ;) In my absence, Jess picked two fab posts from last week’s linkers. First was Poppy from A Sunny Island with her home flashback. It’s so interesting to think how our homes have evolved over the years and, in this instance, we can actually see for ourselves! It’s so lovely to ring the changes! The dining room is my favourite transformation! Plus I love the pink tiles in the kitchen too :) Second fave post came from Beth, who writes over at Betty and the Bumps. Her fab blog shows how she’s updated her daughter Gwenn’s room using some… Read More

Home Etc #16 — Home and Garden Inspired Blog Hop

September is here, summer is ‘officially’ over (sobs) and very soon the little members of our tribes will be heading back to school and everything will get back to normal. For a couple of months anyway until the festive season gets underway ;) I feel sad to be waving goodbye to summer. I’ve only just got into the swing of things and it’s over already. Weirdly it feels as though it was shorter this year. I’ve no idea why. Happily, I have #HomeEtc to cheer me up! I absolutely love this little community of interiors obsessed bloggers! Reading through the posts that link up every week is a real treat— it’s so lovely to see everyone’s ideas :) Last week we had some lovely blogs linking in but my favourite post came from my very own co-host Jess, from the blog mummy of boy girl twins!! Her post on the wallpaper she’d chosen from Laura Ashley, for the twins’ rooms was so lovely. I love the designs she’s chosen — particularly the one for Harry’s room. My tractor-mad little sons would absolutely adore it! Jess’ favourite post was written by the lovely Sammy who blogs over at Seize Each Day. She wrote about her greenhouse —… Read More

Our Happy Home | A Bedroom makeover & wallpapering a ceiling

wallpapering a ceiling

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that we live in a wonky old house. It was built in the 17th century — is Grade 2 listed — has warm stone walls and a tin roof. There is thatch underneath the tin but, in the war, the thatch was covered in a layer of corrugated metal, in order to stop the incendiary devices setting fire to it. Consequently it’s now part of the listing and weirdly, it’s one of the things I like best. I love our little house with it’s quirks and character but sometimes ‘character’ comes with it’s own set of problems too. Restricted head height in some areas and steeply pitched ceilings are just a couple of the issues that we face but, I guess, that’s the trade off for living in a period property. One of the rooms that has a really sloped ceiling is one of the guest bedrooms on the 2nd floor of the house. Although the room sees lots of visitors — as we regularly have friends and family coming to stay — we’d never really done much to it since we moved in. Sporting plain white walls and accessories that were donkey’s years old, it was comfortable but ‘tired’ I think it would be… Read More