A little home makeover for Christmas? | Wallpaper Direct Giveaway!

The Christmas countdown has well and truly started. The John Lewis advert has aired already (provoking tears from some and derisive comments from others). The TV and shops are full of festive food and Christmassy gifts. Regent Street has it’s lights up, once more, and countless people up and down the country are in growing state of panic as they make plans for the most wonderful time of the year. What plans do you have? Have you got an army of guests coming to stay or are you having a quieter, more intimate, gathering ? We tend to offer an open house policy over the Christmas period. My boy is usually off for a full two weeks (bliss) and our friends are always welcome to pop over for a cuppa (or something stronger) and a mince pie. This year we’re having Christmas day at home, just the four of us, then we have family to stay on Boxing Day and beyond. Preparing for Christmas is lovely but fraught in equal measures. Particularly when you have guests coming. The thought of Auntie Mabel staying in the baby’s old room — still decorated in Winnie The Pooh wallpaper — can put the most ‘together’ woman on a bit of a downer. Christmas is such an expensive time of year,… Read More

136 weeks and 6 days | A Caravan Makeover with Wallpaper Direct

Last month, I mentioned that we’d traded our beloved caravan — Dolly — in for a ‘new’, larger model. I use the term ‘new’ very loosely. The new van may have preceded her chronologically but certainly not in any other areas. If Dolly needed a bit of updating when we first bought her, this new van needed an entire facelift. Pretty she aint. A caravan makeover was definitely in order! **grim interiors warning — the following shots are not for the faint hearted** I have got LOTS more ‘before’ photographs that I could show you but I’ve always tried to maintain my blog as a happy place — a collection of beautiful things — and the pre-makeover photographs set my teeth on edge (and make me feel a little bit queasy) so  I think I’ll leave it there. Little by little over the summer months — with the help of Wallpaper Direct — my boy and I transformed the very ugly little tin box, you see in the snaps above, into something rather lovely. No mean feat when you have twin toddlers in tow, I can tell you ;) We wanted something a little different from our first van; which was a vision in Cath Kidston. For her successor, we wanted something bright and fresh and… Read More