178 weeks and 1 day| {Siblings July} (even later – oops!)

Gosh, what a month for my little pair of siblings! Lots of ‘firsts’ for them in July. First proper family holiday, the first time on a plane, first time abroad… I could go on and on. There have been a LOT of first experiences; sailing, kayaking, windsurfing. An awful lot of lovely for my two little man-cubs. I’m so, so happy that their very first holiday was so memorable. I have memories from as young 18 months of age so I KNOW that they will remember some of the amazing things that we did during our time with Mark Warner in Sardinia. The other huge thing to mention is that Bertie has finally started his potty training. Wooo-hooo! After still not really showing any clear signs of being ‘ready’, I decided to take the bull by the horns and — with the invaluable help and advice from the boys’ pre-school — we made a start the week before we went on holiday. It was a much easier process than I’d anticipated, to be honest, and he was really, really quick to get to grips with it. OK, he had some accidents — some big some small — but now (almost four weeks on) he’s totally got it. At Camp… Read More

171 weeks | {Siblings June}

171 weeks. Or three years and three months. I’ve noticed another huge change, literally, in the last week or so. The toddlers have gone. The toddlers have left the building. The boys were getting ready for bed a couple of nights ago — running around in their nighttime pull-ups — and they looked like GIANT babies. But not babies. Children. It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Like this transition has passed me by and I haven’t realised — until now — that the babies I brought home from hospital have grown up! I remember when they lost their newborn looks and turned into chunky, apple-cheeked, babies. Then again, when that phase ended and they turned into stocky, tottering little toddlers. And now they’ve morphed into little boys. We are living, cheek by jowel, with them every day but we don’t notice these changes until they’ve happened. Then all of a sudden, it’s like we’re seeing them with new eyes. One minute they leave the room, and the next, they come in looking like a different person. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this post to be honest. Albeit that I’m feeling a bit tired and emotional. There have been so many changes over the last… Read More

162 weeks and 1 day | At the allotment {Siblings April}

So we’re mid through April and what a busy, busy month we’ve all had already. From the 1st of the month, my tiny boys moved up from the ‘two’s room’ — to pre-school —  and started doing 4 long mornings a week, instead of 2. But this week one of our cars has been at the mechanic’s (having some major work done — yawn) so the boys have done three full days — from 9am until 5.45pm. It’s a long old week for two little tots who are used to being at home every afternoon. They don’t tend to have a nap every day anymore but they do go down for a couple of hours every other day — or when they look like they need it — so a full day at nursery has been a bit of a shock to the system. I’m grateful that it’s just a temporary thing, to be honest. We’re so fortunate that I work from home. It’s been a busy month for us too; I mentioned in my styling the seasons post that my in-laws have just moved out of their home of 25 years, so we’ve been backwards and forwards — for various reasons — and even left the boys with their nana and papa for a weekend. Which… Read More

155 and 1 day | Siblings in February

In less than a month’s time our boys will be turning three. In 17 days time, to be precise. No longer babies, in the literal sense, my two tiny man-cubs are now little boys. Their daddy and I have been privileged to watch these two humans be born into the world — two ruby-red scraps of bone and skin — weighing less than 6lb each. We’ve seen them grow and change, day by day. Marvelling at how the sanguine, bird-like bird limbs have transformed into chubby, strong little arms and legs. Applauding every milestone, every new achievement. We’ve been frightened for their health; particularly when Bertie wouldn’t wake up to feed, in the very early days, and nearly had to go back into hospital to be tube fed. No-one tells you how hard it can be to rouse a lethargic, premature baby, who desperately needs milk in order to stay alive. Or the terror when I realised he was allergic to egg; which resulted in a trip in the back of an ambulance; blue lights flashing. Ditto when Cosmo almost choked on a small piece of tinfoil. It’s extraordinary how quickly the protective parental instinct kicks in, once you have children. A fierce lioness, inside me, that I never… Read More

149 weeks | 2 years and 10 months old | Siblings January

2 years and 10 months old today. In just 2 months time we’ll be celebrating the BIG THREE! How did that happen?? It literally feels like only last weekend that I had them. How can my tiny newborn babies nearly be three years old? Crazy. So what’s been happening over the last month? Well, we’ve seen lots of new developments; some that are absolutely lovely, others not so much. My favourite new thing is seeing them practice imaginative play. There’s generally a lot of shrieking — and roaring — involved. Shouts of: ‘It’s a tiger! Quick mummy — let’s hide!! We need to hide from the tiger!!!’ followed by one of them (generally Bertie) crawling around on the floor, growling like a big cat. This is such a lovely thing to see. I love seeing how vast and colourful their imaginations are — already, at this young age — and it’s also really heartwarming to see them playing together in this way. Cosmo was playing with a little digger we’d bought him for Christmas, at the breakfast table the other day, using it to push a cereal box along. The whole time, he was chattering away in his little sing-song voice. Totally oblivious to anything apart from the… Read More

145 weeks and 2 days | Siblings in December

The last Siblings post of the year — and a little bit later than originally planned too. Our two little twin siblings in December — what have they been up to? As ever, this time of year is so ridiculously frantic. My mind has been all over the place; I’ve been designing new papercuts for my shop, finishing off orders for Not On The High Street, whilst trying to get organised for Christmas. The blog has had to join the queue, in order of priorities, so things have slid a little. Everything seems to be a priority at the moment — the deadline to get most things done is next Monday — there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day! As ever, these photos were taken on 13th. Even though I haven’t managed to put them in a blog post, I haven’t missed the monthly photo — taken on the same day each month — since they were born. That said, they’re very grainy! I almost forgot what day it was and only remembered at around ten-to-four, in the afternoon. The light was all but gone, so the quality is pretty awful but, as ever, quality aside, they do give a clear(ish) pictorial reference of… Read More

141 weeks | Siblings November

A little bit late with this month’s Siblings post! I managed to take the photographs and post them on my Facebook — which is something that I’ve done since the boys were first born — but this is the first opportunity I’ve had, to sit down and write a proper update on what’s been happening! This month has seen lots of changes. My boys are now 2 years and 8 months old — well over the half-way mark to the next big milestone — and we’ve started seeing some really interesting changes, since last month’s update. Bertie’s speech is really starting to come on. He’s still not as accomplished as his very chatty twin (in this department)  but he’s really beginning to make himself known and I’ve noticed that he’s beginning to form his words much better now. The other thing I’ve noticed — and have been absolutely tickled by — is the fact that Cosmo has started to role-play. This is a really new development. He and Bertie have always played together but over the last few weeks have been a lot of complicated games, involving hiding from tigers, getting on planes, hanging out in swimming pools — ‘I’m swimming in the water mummy!’ — whilst thrashing about on the floor. Not to mention… Read More

135 weeks and 6 days | 2 years and 7 months old | Siblings October

Sometimes I forget that I have ‘twins’. That may sound a bit odd — given the fact that I do — but most of the time my boys are so different I just see them as little individuals. From the moment they were born their personalities were so very defined. Bertie. Quiet and thoughtful. Watching — taking everything in. Wanting to see how things work — take things apart. Carrying armfuls of ‘treasure’ around. He’s a bit of a hoarder; we’ve always called him ‘Mr Trebus‘ after the old gentleman who appeared on that TV programme — Life Of Grime — whose house was literally being held up by newspapers. Cosmo. Vocal. Emotionally intelligent. Desperate to chat — to be involved with whatever we’re doing. Always a little ahead of his brother, in reaching the developmental milestones; he’s striding ahead with potty-training and is so quick to pick up new things. All in all they’ve been different — not only in looks — from the very first moment we clapped eyes on them. Then every so often, something will happen that will serve as a gentle reminder of their ‘twinness’. The angle of their heads as they play. Seeing them running around, they mirror each other sometimes. Not sure whether… Read More