The Dinky Duvalay | A caravan must have for kids

It’s that time of year folks! Spring is finally here which means it’s time to dust Dolly down and get her out of her winter hiding place. Hurrah — adventure awaits. I think we can safely say that I love my caravan; and since we bought our first van —  Dolly 1 — I’m always on the look out for a clever gadget or caravan accessory. Last year I found the number one essential item — the Duvalay — literally the best thing I’ve ever come across for camping in a caravan. I wrote a whole post about it; singing it’s praises. Then at the end of last year Duvalay launched a mini version for kids; ‘The Dinky Duvalay‘. It sounds a bit over the top but this simple bit of kit has literally revolutionised our lives. Just like the original Duvalay, it’s Dinky counterpart is essentially a posh sleeping bag. It comprises of a memory foam mattress, bottom sheet and duvet combined; but unlike it’s plainer big brother, the Dinky Duvalay comes in a bright, unisex animal-print. It provides a comfy, portable layer, that you place on top of a caravan bed to give the best night’s sleep. And neatly rolls up in it’s own bag. Since we traded Dolly in for a bigger version a… Read More

Have bed will travel… GLTC Bed in a Bag Review

I’ve mentioned (a couple of times) that, this year, the boys and I are proud ambassadors for the Great Little Trading Company. They’re a company that I love and we’re very lucky to be on their testing team for 2016, which basically means we get to try out and road test all sorts of amazing things. So far we’ve tested the fabulous star book ledges ; now a firm favourite with the boys as it means they have somewhere to store their sippy cups and books at bedtime. And even more of a favourite with their daddy and me, as it means the floor by the side of the cots is free from books which — I can tell you from bitter experience — are very slippy and treacherous to walk on (particularly in socks and at night, when checking on your children). I was also lucky enough to be sent a fantastic peg-board. Although ‘peg-board’ doesn’t really do it justice. This nifty bit of kit is a pen-holder, chalkboard, keeper of notes and life in general. We were asked to style it — in any way we saw fit — so I turned mine into a little dressing table assistant. The perfect place for all my jewellery and… Read More

Our Bluestone Adventure | Part 2 {Getting Around}

The Bluestone National Park Resort is set over 500 acres of amazing Pembrokeshire countryside with some breathtaking views and gorgeous fresh Welsh country air. Needless to say the site is pretty big! As Bluestone is mostly traffic free, on the first day you drive down to your lodge to unpack and then you’re asked to take your car back up to the car park — where it will stay for the duration of your stay. Obviously you have access to it whenever you want and you can drive off the site,  at any time, but you aren’t able to drive back into the site, to your lodge, until the day you leave. So to get around at Bluestone it’s recommended that you hire the golf buggies or bikes that are available. You can also use your legs but it can be a long walk, some of it quite hilly too. The site As the road system is one-way, although our lodge looked pretty close to the car park —on the map — because of the road layout it was as far away as it could possibly be! We had chosen to hire bikes, which on a sunny day is by far the best way to… Read More