202 weeks and 1 day | {Siblings January}

I’ve written before about the gentle transformation of my tiny man-cubs; from sweet babies to defiant, angsty threenagers. Last month, things had calmed down ever so slightly (probably with the threat of no Father Christmas if they didn’t toe the line) but January has brought more defiance, more anger. It’s tiring. For them as well as us. And I say ‘them’ but, if I’m being truthful, it’s really only one of them but I think it’s unfair to say which. It’s bolstering, when I see on social media, that some of my friends are experiencing similar issues. It’s not a happy feeling but it makes me feel better that I’m not the only one. Particularly when their children are the same age — or older. I think that people — my mother for one — think that children are prescriptive. And as ‘terrible twos’ has always been a ‘thing’, the boys should not be acting up at nearly four years of age. Particularly when — as I was apparently vile at two — it stands to reason that my sons should follow suit then, right? Wrong. I never experienced ‘terrible twos’ with either of them. Two wasn’t terrible. Two was ace. Two little siblings learning to talk and… Read More

The GLTC Fix It Workbench | {Siblings November}

Recently, as part of their Great Little Trading Testing Team duties (literally the BEST job ever!) my little man-cubs were asked to try out the GLTC Fix It Workbench. A cool bit of kit for handy little boys and girls; especially ones like mine who regularly see their daddy using a big grown up version. The workbench is made of chunky wooden pieces, that easily fix together. It took around 20 minutes to assemble. You don’t need to be a structural engineer — or have a degree in joinery — to put it together either. Nice and simple! That said, if you’re buying it as a gift, I’d suggest constructing it the night before, so your budding Handy Andy/Andrea doesn’t have to wait whilst it’s constructed. It’s much more impactful for little people to see the item, made up and ready to use. Apologies in advance for the rubbish quality of my pictures. I decided to take photos on the darkest November day and no amount of brightening would take the grain out of them unfortunately. The GLTC Fix It Workbench It took all of 2 seconds for the boys to get stuck in and start emulating what they’ve seen their daddy do. Over the last… Read More

Rise of the Threenagers | {Siblings October}

Since the boys were born, I’ve been fully aware that my monthly updates are a little bit schmaltzy. Full of sentiment, more often than not, and singing the praises of my two little charges. And whilst I can’t help myself on this front — they’re my children after all; humans that I yearned for and dreamt of for years before they finally joined the party — sometimes I’m mindful that my updates are a little one-sided and rarely show a fully balanced reflection of motherhood. I tend not to dwell on the negatives — instead I’d rather celebrate the positives — but whilst I don’t often share the warts and all aspects of parenting on my blog, it doesn’t mean that I sail through life and don’t have bad days. I don’t think that there’s a parent on earth who doesn’t struggle occasionally. There will always be days when you’ll feel as though you’ve failed — have let your temper get the better of you — not been ‘adult’ enough. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a tough few weeks. I’ve heard the term ‘threenagers’ bandied about a lot on social media — terrible twos, threenagers, ferocious fours — but, as we seemed to navigate through the twins’ second year… Read More

184 weeks and 1 day | {Siblings September}

At last. A siblings update that’s on time!! A sure sign that life is beginning to settle back down into it’s groove, once again, now that the summer holidays are over for another year. It’s been a bit of a weird time too. Some of my tiny boys’ very favourite friends from nursery have left (to go to primary school) and instead of being the littlest in the pre-school room, my Twinkles are on the home straight for the next intake of children starting school next year. Gulp. We had a couple of letters, just a few days ago in fact, ominously declaring that: ‘It has been noted that there is a child nearing school age, living in your property’ Weird that it wasn’t one letter. But hey. I guess they’re individuals, after all. It made me get a lump in my throat. I know it’s a whole year away but it suddenly feels very real — and very close — when you receive a letter to say that you need to select the school — SCHOOL!!! — for your little person (or in our case, people) to attend. It’s too soon!!!! They’re so little!!! But then, speaking to parents who’s children have just started in reception class over the last couple of weeks,… Read More

178 weeks and 1 day| {Siblings July} (even later – oops!)

Gosh, what a month for my little pair of siblings! Lots of ‘firsts’ for them in July. First proper family holiday, the first time on a plane, first time abroad… I could go on and on. There have been a LOT of first experiences; sailing, kayaking, windsurfing. An awful lot of lovely for my two little man-cubs. I’m so, so happy that their very first holiday was so memorable. I have memories from as young 18 months of age so I KNOW that they will remember some of the amazing things that we did during our time with Mark Warner in Sardinia. The other huge thing to mention is that Bertie has finally started his potty training. Wooo-hooo! After still not really showing any clear signs of being ‘ready’, I decided to take the bull by the horns and — with the invaluable help and advice from the boys’ pre-school — we made a start the week before we went on holiday. It was a much easier process than I’d anticipated, to be honest, and he was really, really quick to get to grips with it. OK, he had some accidents — some big some small — but now (almost four weeks on) he’s totally got it. At Camp… Read More

171 weeks | {Siblings June}

171 weeks. Or three years and three months. I’ve noticed another huge change, literally, in the last week or so. The toddlers have gone. The toddlers have left the building. The boys were getting ready for bed a couple of nights ago — running around in their nighttime pull-ups — and they looked like GIANT babies. But not babies. Children. It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Like this transition has passed me by and I haven’t realised — until now — that the babies I brought home from hospital have grown up! I remember when they lost their newborn looks and turned into chunky, apple-cheeked, babies. Then again, when that phase ended and they turned into stocky, tottering little toddlers. And now they’ve morphed into little boys. We are living, cheek by jowel, with them every day but we don’t notice these changes until they’ve happened. Then all of a sudden, it’s like we’re seeing them with new eyes. One minute they leave the room, and the next, they come in looking like a different person. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this post to be honest. Albeit that I’m feeling a bit tired and emotional. There have been so many changes over the last… Read More

162 weeks and 1 day | At the allotment {Siblings April}

So we’re mid through April and what a busy, busy month we’ve all had already. From the 1st of the month, my tiny boys moved up from the ‘two’s room’ — to pre-school —  and started doing 4 long mornings a week, instead of 2. But this week one of our cars has been at the mechanic’s (having some major work done — yawn) so the boys have done three full days — from 9am until 5.45pm. It’s a long old week for two little tots who are used to being at home every afternoon. They don’t tend to have a nap every day anymore but they do go down for a couple of hours every other day — or when they look like they need it — so a full day at nursery has been a bit of a shock to the system. I’m grateful that it’s just a temporary thing, to be honest. We’re so fortunate that I work from home. It’s been a busy month for us too; I mentioned in my styling the seasons post that my in-laws have just moved out of their home of 25 years, so we’ve been backwards and forwards — for various reasons — and even left the boys with their nana and papa for a weekend. Which… Read More