The world at my feet | #floorselfies

Since I’ve been blogging or — more particularly — since I’ve been Instagramming, (pop and have a look at my account and please do follow if you like what you see!) I’ve been much more aware of my surroundings. When you’re in London you’re always told to ‘look up’ as there’s so many amazing architectural features up high. Fabulous stonemasonry — gargoyles and ornate coving — or intricate windows and chimney stacks. Those Victorians and Georgians really knew how to build beautiful structures didn’t they? But since I’ve been blogging, as well as looking up, I also have more of a tendency to look down too. There is beauty in so many things {interesting textures, leaves, gravel, paving, patterned flooring} but also taking photographs from above, looking down, gives just  as much of a visual record of what I’ve been doing — and where I’ve been — as any other kind of angle. The hashtags #floorselfies or #Ihavethisthingwithfloors are huge on Instagram and I’m definitely guilty of stopping in my tracks occasionally and taking sneaky pics of my footwear in various locations. I was scrolling through my phone recently and found so many odd little shots of my feet in numerous different settings so I thought I’d put together a little collection from the last few weeks.… Read More

139 weeks and 6 days | A Caravan Makeover with Carpetright

A few week’s ago I wrote about Dolly — our caravan — and how we had performed a caravan makeover, on quite a grand scale. We’d bought her over the summer to replace our original van (also named Dolly, due to the fact that it was impossible to convince our babies that a caravan could possibly have another name). When we bought Dolly home, she was in a sorry state. Ugly, brown wooden cabinetry, beige walls but the worst offender — in my mind anyway — was the flooring. I’m not sure whether it was original but the van floor was swathed in the most revolting red carpet. The kind of carpet that, no matter how may times you vacuum — or VAX it — still looks dirty. A petri-dish for heaven’s knows what — and I’d really rather not dwell on this — the only solution was to replace it. As caravans are often parked up in festival fields or on grassy campsites, it made no sense to me to replace it with more carpet. The best solution to muddy boots and grass is hard-flooring, something that can easily be mopped down and wiped clean at the end of the day. And as an electric hook-up… Read More