134 weeks | The magic garden {and some pink flamingoes}

We’ve been treated to some beautiful autumnal weather recently haven’t we? And making the most of it, whilst we can, is something that we should all do every so often. I find sitting in front of a computer screen — day in-day out — is just not good for the soul, so occasionally it’s lovely to get outside, breathe some fresh air and fill our senses with something gorgeous. So on Friday, last week, a good friend (and fellow villager) and I decided to down tools and spend the afternoon in arguably one of the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever set foot in. Coton Manor is one of the most beautiful houses that I’ve ever seen too. And the best thing of all is, it’s just a stone’s throw from where we live. We saw pink flamingoes (yes really, we did), walked through an ancient woodland and feasted our eyes on the most glorious mix of plants and flowers. The Twinkles were in their element too. They were totally and utterly enchanted by the gardens and ran about exploring and shrieking (as only 2 years olds can). Although some of the other visitors were not *quite* so enamoured by my two little companions. You see, as well as being a haven for birds… Read More

Our Happy Home | A Bedroom makeover & wallpapering a ceiling

wallpapering a ceiling

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that we live in a wonky old house. It was built in the 17th century — is Grade 2 listed — has warm stone walls and a tin roof. There is thatch underneath the tin but, in the war, the thatch was covered in a layer of corrugated metal, in order to stop the incendiary devices setting fire to it. Consequently it’s now part of the listing and weirdly, it’s one of the things I like best. I love our little house with it’s quirks and character but sometimes ‘character’ comes with it’s own set of problems too. Restricted head height in some areas and steeply pitched ceilings are just a couple of the issues that we face but, I guess, that’s the trade off for living in a period property. One of the rooms that has a really sloped ceiling is one of the guest bedrooms on the 2nd floor of the house. Although the room sees lots of visitors — as we regularly have friends and family coming to stay — we’d never really done much to it since we moved in. Sporting plain white walls and accessories that were donkey’s years old, it was comfortable but ‘tired’ I think it would be… Read More

113 weeks | Home {and what it means to me}

Home. A little tiny word with enormous meaning. What feelings and emotions does the word ‘home’ evoke? What does it mean to you? I’ve been thinking about this long and hard and I can’t think of a single straight answer. Home means so many different things to me. I can’t narrow it down to just one thing. So here are the first things that spring to mind. Home is feeling safe and secure. It’s pulling up outside the house and feeling relief and excitement wash over me, that I’m back in the place I feel the happiest. It’s hearing my boy’s key turn in the lock — then hearing him whistle. Something he’s done ever since we’ve been together. That two-tone whistle is synonymous with home. Home is our funny, beautiful cottage with it’s wonky walls and tin roof. And no, I’m not joking. It really does have a tin roof ;) It’s sitting around the kitchen table, listening to the radio, with the warmth of the AGA enveloping us. Home is snuggling in our giant bed, strewn with books and magazines — on a Saturday morning — with my three lovely boys (tiny boys and big, man-shaped boy). Home is bimbling about in the garden, safely enclosed by… Read More