117 weeks and 5 days | Childish Things

childish things

I ran a little giveaway on my blog recently, for some beautiful adult colouring books. The response was really fantastic and there was much interest in them plus it sparked a common theme, which ran throughout most of the comments I received. Namely, how everyone really enjoyed colouring in but hadn’t done it for years. One comment in particular really resonated with me and got me thinking. My reader, Natalia, had said; I was thinking of colouring as of something that kids would do but who cares what age we are? If we enjoy it, we should do it more often! And it made me think. When is it we stop doing childish things in favour of being more ‘adult’? And why? Why do we stop doing lovely, simple, enjoyable things? As I said to Natalia, ‘I totally agree. And actually — how many stressed kids do we see?! Perhaps if more adults took up colouring, the world would be a less stressy, nicer place’ It made me think of a passage I’d once heard. When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. I… Read More

109 weeks and 5 days | 50 things that make me happy

A little meme has been doing the rounds recently called ’50 things that makes me happy’. The clue is in the name; what makes you happy? I have been tagged by my lovely friend Aby, who blogs over at YouBabyMeMummy, to give my answers. So here goes… 1. My three boys — tiny boys and big man-shaped boy. 2. Pottering about at home. 3. A new, unread, interiors magazine. 4. Blue skies. 5. Family get-togethers (especially our big summer barbecue). 6. The smell of freshly cut grass. 7. Picking my babies up from nursery and seeing their faces light up when they see me. 8. Holidays; in the UK, abroad, even bank holidays. I love them all. 9. Festivals. A weekend of joyful revelry. 10. Dancing in a field in my wellies. 11. Glitter. 12. My lovely friends. 13. Collecting the eggs from our hen-house. 14. Dolly — our beautiful little caravan. 15. Seeing Dolly pull up outside the house = adventures :) 16. A cup of freshly brewed tea. 17. My cats (AKA furry faced children). 18. Beautiful stationery. 19. Designing new things and feeling excited about sharing them. 20. Blogging. 21. Baking. 22. A busy, noisy house full of our nearest and dearest. 23. Fresh flowers… Read More

44 weeks and 2 days | Wave hello, wave goodbye…

Another new milestone in the life of my tiny boys! In the last week, Cosmo has learnt to wave!! Initially it was probably just a fluke but, following my prolific praise, he quickly realised that there was a link between him, waving his little arm around and having his mama nearly prolapse with excitement and pride. We shout ‘waving!’ at him and he pumps his little arm up and down; it is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. Only equalled by his brother’s first wave yesterday afternoon! I pulled up at a friend’s house and she came to help me unload the boot of all of their kit (travelling light is not an option these days and it often looks as though I’m going away for a whole weekend, rather than an afternoon out). Upon opening the hatch, both babies could see us — as they’re still rear-facing — and she waved ‘hello’ at them. This prompted a furious arm-waving from The Cosmonaut, followed by the same from Bertie! We both fell about at how sweet they both looked and I told her that this was the first time I’d ever seen Bert wave back at anyone. My friend —… Read More

43 weeks and 5 days | 10 months today — Siblings {January}

I have been taking a photo of the babies on the 13th of each month, since they arrived. Unbelievably, that was 10 months ago today!!

10 months ago, my boy and I were in the hospital and our precious sons had been with us for just a matter of hours.

I was lying on a gurney, with a baby on each breast and my beautiful boy at my side. After such a long wait, our family was finally complete.

I have taken so many snaps of the Twinkles, as they’ve been growing, but the most important pic — each month — for me, is the one taken on the anniversary of their birth.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had intended to have a collection of 12 photos, at the end of the first year, that captured each stage of their lives so far. And that’s what I’ve been doing! Although our days are busy and there just don’t seem to be enough hours to cram everything in, our ‘birthday’ photo is the one thing I do remember to do every month. Without fail.

This month is slightly different though… this month I have taken my pic of the boys, as usual, but am delighted to post it on my little blog and also link up with the 10 lovely girls who have launched their ‘Siblings’ project.

They will be spending the next year capturing their own children, in a monthly photo, which they will share on their blogs. I am so happy to join in and  will be linking up at the Siblings project with the lovely Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy.

I have taken a stack of pics today.

Sadly only  couple are really in focus — the rest are soft. Difficult to capture two little dynamos as they rocket about; even though they were contained in one cotbed! But actually, I like the fact that they’re not quite perfect. They are a true representation of this morning’s antics; it wasn’t still or quiet. It was busy and noisy and hectic.

Exactly how I like it :)

Happy, happy 10 month-birthday my beautiful, beautiful Twinkles! I love you to the moon and back X

The twins at 10 months
10 months | Siblings
The twins at 10 months
Siblings at 10 months
The twins at 10 months
The twins at 10 months

42 weeks and 4 days | Goodbye Christmas, it’s been a blast…

Well, that’s it. Christmas 2013 —and all it’s associated festivities— is finally over. Our beautiful tree has been stripped of it’s baubles, lights and glitter and is now waiting, in all it’s naked glory, to be whisked away by the recycling men, tomorrow morning. Each garland, bauble and sparkly adornment has been carefully packed away again and normality has resumed at Seymour House. I feel very deflated. Christmas is my very favourite time of year. I love the tradition, the sparkle, the food, the gluttony, the long, long days spent with friends and/or family, the crap TV, the great TV, the relentless Christmas songs, the carols, the board games, the nostalgia, the excitement… I love it all. And this Christmas, in particular, has been one of the best. Our tiny boys have added another facet to my love of the festive season and I have been in my element; watching their reactions to things their little eyes have never seen before. Without question, it will be one of the most memorable years ever, for me and my boy. But, for now, all the glitter has gone and we have the greyness of January and February to keep us company until… Read More

41 weeks and 5 days | Looking back and looking forward

There is just a day and a half more of 2013 left. A few more more hours of the best year of my life (so far). And there have been some really, really excellent years… a few of which are stored away, in a special part of my brain, marked ‘THE BEST’. 1981 was memorable. My 8th birthday party was a-MAY-zing. My mom and dad did a ‘Wise Owl’s Disco’; a cardboard Wise Owl (from The Little Grey Rabbit Storybook), behind the decks, with flashing orange lightbulb eyes. And a birthday cake (chocolate) in the shape of a figure 8. To an eight year old girl, that party was — and still is — one of the best things that EVER happened. 1996 was the most amazing year; I got together with my beautiful boy. He had been my ‘best friend’ for the ten months before we hooked up as a proper couple. I had been happily hanging out with him and just didn’t realise how much I loved him until he got a girlfriend. I suddenly found myself insanely jealous and unable to speak to — or look at — the man that I’d been chatting on the phone… Read More

41 weeks and 2 days | How to make a papercut picture

I have mentioned in a previous post that, when I first joined Twitter, I didn’t really understand what it was all about. Following the exploits of various, vacuous celebs isn’t really of much interest to me (which is what I thought it was for). Initially, I didn’t realise what a fabulous resource — or what an amazing community — Twitter is. Since joining I have met lots of lovely, like-minded, people. Lots of other mamas whose tweets and blogs are a huge inspiration, plus various other bods who all have lots of interesting or amusing things to say. There are fantastic industry people tweeting about ‘women in business’ — useful as I have been running my own company for the last 5 years — and some amazingly kind folk who have been so generous with their time, and really helped me to better understand — and cope with — a child with a serious allergy; which was a godsend when we found out about Bertie’s intolerance to eggs. All of these things, plus a handful of celebs thrown in (Kirstie Allsopp, Caitlin Moran, Jo Whiley to name a few…) for good measure, makes Twitter a very fun place to be. But one of my… Read More