Just So Festival {the best family festival for first timers}

A question that I’m often asked is;  ‘Of all the festivals you’ve been to, which is the best family festival for first timers?’ It’s a tricky question to answer; depending on the kind of thing that would suit you. Are you seasoned campers — happy in large crowds — or would you prefer something on a smaller scale. Would you be keen to experience something eclectic and left-field or do you prefer something a little more mainstream? After going to Just So festival, last month, I’d probably say that it’s definitely one that covers most bases and (in my humble opinion) of all the festivals we’ve been to, it would scoop our award for the best family festival for first timers. Just So is one of the smaller UK family festivals — with a capacity of just 5000 — which makes it a great first festival to cut your teeth on. If you compare it to Camp Bestival for example — which has a capacity of 30,000 and is a much bigger beast — it’s positively tiny. But good things come in small packages and even though it’s diminutive in size, Just So has got a lot going for it. The… Read More

Reasons to be cheerful | Camp Bestival 2016

Festival season is well underway already! And — even though I’m missing Glastonbury this year — I’m already getting ridiculously excited for the other festivals we’re going to. Last year, we were lucky enough to be official bloggers for Camp Bestival. For a festival lover like me (who’s been going to one festival or another for the last 20 years) — it is a dream job, to be honest. So to hear that we’d been lucky enough to be trusted with the title for a second year was out of this world. Apt, given that the theme for Camp Bestival 2016 is Outer Space! CB is spin off of it’s bigger, noisier, more hectic sister — Bestival — which is held on the Isle of Wight ever year. And (I may be wrong but) in my mind Camp Bestival was originally created to cater for ex-ravers and hedonistic festival go-ers; who now have children, so they too can still indulge in a bit of festival loveliness. Only with their families in tow. But because it’s such a fantastic weekend for everyone — not just die-hard festival lovers — it’s reputation has enticed thousands of families to come and sample the delights on offer, year upon year. It caters for literally every age group,… Read More

Colour Your World | #13 Pantone Treetop

It feels like an age — 2 months in fact — since the last Pantone post in this series. I’d hoped  to have the full series finished by now but the year has been rolling on and life has been so busy, I just haven’t had a chance. We have just 5 colours left in the Pantone spring/summer palette for 2015. The next in the series is Pantone Treetop. As it’s name suggests it’s a leafy green — fairly dark in tone — and reminds me of the glossy green leaves in the hot house at Kew Gardens. As the last post was interiors, I thought it would be nice to concentrate on a bit of fashion and — as we’re off to Camp Bestival in a week’s time — I thought that a little nod to festival fashion might be in order. The term ‘festival fashion’ is an odd one actually. It never ceases to amaze me what people wear. Basically you can wear anything — in any combination — and you’ll fit in just fine. The ‘oddest’ attire I’ve ever seen was at Glastonbury last year. In amongst all the sequins, denim, clashing patterns and mud — oceans of MUD — we spotted a man, striding towards… Read More

115 Weeks | Family Friendly Festivals

As a seasoned festival goer the ‘child friendly’ aspect of a festival really wasn’t on my radar before we had the boys. But nowadays, with my two little tinies in tow, family friendly festivals are something that I’ve been looking into more and more. Especially as festivals are so much a part of our summer — and our lives — that they’re definitely something that we will continue to do, as the boys grow up. Aged 1 and a bit, they went to their first 3 day festival last year (read all about that here) and we’ll be taking them to their 2nd this year. I thought it would be nice to compile a little list of great family friendly festivals and give a few insights, as to why I think they’re a good option for both big — grown up kids — and little kids alike.   Here are my top 5 family friendly festivals for 2015. Just So Festival This is one of the (not so) best  kept secrets in the festival calendar! This little family friendly festival is in it’s 7th year now. Held over a long weekend, it’s set in the grounds of the beautiful estate of Rode Hall in Cheshire. Just So is supported by the Arts Council… Read More

109 weeks and 5 days | 50 things that make me happy

A little meme has been doing the rounds recently called ’50 things that makes me happy’. The clue is in the name; what makes you happy? I have been tagged by my lovely friend Aby, who blogs over at YouBabyMeMummy, to give my answers. So here goes… 1. My three boys — tiny boys and big man-shaped boy. 2. Pottering about at home. 3. A new, unread, interiors magazine. 4. Blue skies. 5. Family get-togethers (especially our big summer barbecue). 6. The smell of freshly cut grass. 7. Picking my babies up from nursery and seeing their faces light up when they see me. 8. Holidays; in the UK, abroad, even bank holidays. I love them all. 9. Festivals. A weekend of joyful revelry. 10. Dancing in a field in my wellies. 11. Glitter. 12. My lovely friends. 13. Collecting the eggs from our hen-house. 14. Dolly — our beautiful little caravan. 15. Seeing Dolly pull up outside the house = adventures :) 16. A cup of freshly brewed tea. 17. My cats (AKA furry faced children). 18. Beautiful stationery. 19. Designing new things and feeling excited about sharing them. 20. Blogging. 21. Baking. 22. A busy, noisy house full of our nearest and dearest. 23. Fresh flowers… Read More

101 weeks and 1 day | My captured moments {26.07.2014}

These captured moments were taken last year. It was July and we’d taken Dolly (our caravan) to a farm nearby our home,  for a camping weekend with a couple of other families. It was a baking hot weekend and our friends were due to arrive,  from London,  later on in the day. We’d finished setting up camp and I’d wandered off with the camera. Haselbech is such a beautiful place. The view from the hill is magical — there are not many places, in the UK,  that still have views of unbroken countryside. These days, the skyline is littered with pylons, telephone lines and windmills. A little slice of heaven… This is a rare place indeed and we’re lucky enough that the farm is owned by the parents of some really good friends and,  as a result,  we’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time there. There’s been festivals and parties held there and,  since having the Twinkles,  there’s nothing we like better than to head off on a spur of the moment camping trip. Taking the littles camping is something I LOVE. Particularly when it’s to a non-commercial campsite! Being able to kick of your shoes and run about freely — and safely — is a gorgeous… Read More

76 weeks and 4 days | Me and Mine {August}

This months ‘Me and Mine photos will certainly be some of the most memorable in years to come. This August — having been to SO many festivals as a couple — we took our children for the very first time. Many would balk at the idea of taking two tiny people to a 4 day festival but this is something we’d dreamt about for so long and it didn’t disappoint!! It was more tiring than usual, as we were constantly having to watch our little charges. Unbelievable — you truly need eyes in the back — and sides — of your head!! There was SO much for them to see and do. As an adult, a festival is an assault on the senses; a feast for the eyes. So much colour and so many interesting things to look at. But for a tiny little person — who’s only been on the earth for just 17 months — it must be nothing short of magical. They ran about — as free as little birds (or sea-horses actually) — taking in all of the sights, sounds and smells. Laughing at their mama and daddy, who spent most of one day dressed as jellyfish. Bertie would walk about 10-15 feet… Read More