Flower Magic | Faux florals by Jane Packer


Faux florals by Jane Packer are not words that naturally sit together but last Tuesday I visited the London shop of the world renowned florist, to have a look at the new range of faux florals that she’s created exclusively for Sainsbury’s Home.

Now I’ve spoken about my love for faux florals before but these were something else entirely. The studio was FULL of the most extraordinarily beautiful blooms but it was so hard to tell what was real and what wasn’t.

Waxy leaves and velvety petals, tight buds and blowsy flowers; if I hadn’t been told which had been created by Mother Nature and which were manmade variety, I’d have had a real job to tell them apart.

The range features peonies, garden roses, hydrangea heads and orchids in delicious pastel hues.

Faux florals by Jane Packer

Faux florals by Jane Packer

Faux florals by Jane Packer

Faux florals by Jane Packer

‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose.


By any other name would smell as sweet.’


William Shakespeare

Faux florals by Jane Packer

Faux florals by Jane Packer

Faux florals by Jane Packer

Faux florals by Jane Packer
Faux florals by Jane Packer from £16 to £32

Gorgeous aren’t they?

Styled in simple glass or ceramic pots and vases these lovely everlasting plants and flowers will bring a real sense of the luxury of the Jane Packer brand to our homes without the hefty price-tag that you associate with fresh florals.

Prices for the faux flowers and plants range from just £16 to £32

As well as the faux botanicals, the team have been busily creating a range of home fragrances too; reed diffusers, candles and room sprays. And these were amazing!!

I WISH that I was able to convey, with words, just how exquisite these smell. I literally couldn’t put them down. Scent is so evocative isn’t it? And these lovely fragrances had me transported back to hazy summers in beautiful English gardens.

There are to be three aromas in the collection — Tuberose and Amber, Paperwhite and Jasmine, and finally, Violet and Peony — and they are all absolutely gorgeous. 

Faux florals by Jane Packer

Faux florals by Jane Packer

Jane Packer home fragrances prices from just £6

Whilst I was there I was also treated to a floral masterclass with the amazing Charlotte Slade, who taught me — and a handful of other lucky journalists — to create the perfect hand-tied spring bouquet.

We mixed white tulips, jasmine and eucalyptus with Japanese aralia, paperwhites and hyacinths — to name a few — to make the sweetest smelling bouquet I’ve ever come across.

Faux florals by Jane Packer
The Jane Packer flower studio

Faux florals by Jane Packer

Faux florals by Jane Packer
Our fab teacher — Charlotte Slade

Faux florals by Jane Packer

Faux florals by Jane Packer
Me — pretending to look like I know what I’m doing!

Faux florals by Jane Packer

Faux florals by Jane Packer

I wish I could say that mine was as amazing as Charlotte’s but I’d be lying!

But whilst my bouquet was a little bit rough around the edges — and lacked the finesse of the perfect example made by our teacher — it was SO lovely to be guided by a professional florist.

I learnt tips and tricks that I will use at home and will definitely feel more confident buying and arranging flowers now.

Having said that, there may not be much call for fresh flowers, once I’ve invested in a couple of faux florals by Jane Packer ;)

Faux florals by Jane Packer

The Jane Packer Collection by Sainsbury’s will be available in stores from 20th May 2016


Everlasting blooms (the best artificial flowers ever!)

the best artificial flowers

Flowers. I love them.

In all their guises, I’m a girl who loves nothing more than a vase of blooms in the house.

Goldfish bowls brimming with tulips, glass cylindrical vases full of lilies, or sweet little forget-me-nots or hellebores in tiny bud vases.

Flowers are the perfect way of injecting a bit of seasonal colour into a room and freshening up the look of a place cheaply and easily.

No fuss and for very little expense.

So imagine my excitement when I popped to HomeSense last weekend and saw they had an enormous INDOOR flower market! Bucketfuls of the most gorgeous blooms which weren’t in season.

One of my very favourite flowers are green hydrangea. But these beauties are generally summer fare and it’s rare to see them in the winter. So to be presented with so many of them — in full bloom — was a very welcome sight indeed.

So how was that then?

Well, they were all fake! The lot of them.

100% genuine faux florals — the best the best artificial flowers that I had seen in ages!

Guaranteed not wilt, droop or shed their petals. And perfect for giving all-year-round colour in the home.

the best artificial flowers
the best artificial flowers that I’ve seen in ages!





The best thing is, if you pop them in a vase along with a few stems of real blooms, you have the scent of genuine flowers and it’s really, really difficult at first glance to see which are real and which are fake.

I’m a real fan of keeping things real but when things look as good as good as this, I’m all for faking it :)

This post was written in collaboration with HomeSense but all thoughts, words and images, as ever, are my own.