105 weeks and 1 day | Technology {captured moments 6.02.2015}

These captured moments are only from last month.

As my dad had been in hospital over Christmas, I hadn’t given the boys their presents from my parents as I thought it would be nice to wait — until both my mum and dad could see their grandsons open the gifts they’d chosen for them.

So in February, we had a mini second Christmas! Sadly my daddy was still too ill to  come over and see us in person, so I set up a Facetime on the iPad and the boys unwrapped their presents with my mum and  dad watching!

It’s times like this I’m so grateful that we have this kind of amazing technology at our fingertips!

To be able to chat to my parents and have them in the room — virtually — when their little grandsons were opening the gifts they’d bought, was magical.

If you’d have gone back in time — even 10 years — this kind of technology in the home would have been considered space-age.

We’re so incredibly lucky to live in an era — and a country — where this kind of innovation is almost considered commonplace.

Technology is a beautiful thing, that’s for sure.

Captured Moments