109 weeks and 5 days | 50 things that make me happy

A little meme has been doing the rounds recently called ’50 things that makes me happy’. The clue is in the name; what makes you happy? I have been tagged by my lovely friend Aby, who blogs over at YouBabyMeMummy, to give my answers. So here goes… 1. My three boys — tiny boys and big man-shaped boy. 2. Pottering about at home. 3. A new, unread, interiors magazine. 4. Blue skies. 5. Family get-togethers (especially our big summer barbecue). 6. The smell of freshly cut grass. 7. Picking my babies up from nursery and seeing their faces light up when they see me. 8. Holidays; in the UK, abroad, even bank holidays. I love them all. 9. Festivals. A weekend of joyful revelry. 10. Dancing in a field in my wellies. 11. Glitter. 12. My lovely friends. 13. Collecting the eggs from our hen-house. 14. Dolly — our beautiful little caravan. 15. Seeing Dolly pull up outside the house = adventures :) 16. A cup of freshly brewed tea. 17. My cats (AKA furry faced children). 18. Beautiful stationery. 19. Designing new things and feeling excited about sharing them. 20. Blogging. 21. Baking. 22. A busy, noisy house full of our nearest and dearest. 23. Fresh flowers… Read More

97 weeks and 2 days | word of the week

So this week has been full of surprises. Our rescue cat, Marlowe, broke out of the cat flap on Sunday night. I was mortified to learn that he’d escaped and was missing the next morning. Especially as we’d lost our beautiful boy Widget, last year. Widge didn’t come home the next morning either, as he’d been hit by a car. We found him a couple of days later — alive — but sadly it was too late to save him. To say we were devastated is an understatement. So thank heavens Marlowe reappeared on Monday morning. I’m not sure ‘surprise’ is quite the right word when he turned up — it was probably more ‘relief’ — but gosh, was I happy to see him! The Twinkles went to nursery on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and we were given their very first ‘report’! Gold stars all round — their key workers say they’ve been settling in amazingly well. We were given a detailed four page document for each of them, recording their progress. Also included, were photographs of the boys — eating their lunch and using the cutlery, building the train track, dressing up, doing messy play — I was amazed! I had no idea that we would be given such a detailed report. So surprised to be given it… Read More

73 weeks and 3 days | Goodbye, I love you {the loss of a pet}

Darling Widger, I’m lying here with Kiri, thinking of you. We are all going to miss you so, so much. Words cannot express how sad I feel, at your loss. To see you today — after you’d been missing for 24 hours — was magical. Until I saw your poor feet and legs. I have never seen an animal alive, but so mangled. I couldn’t believe that you were in such good spirits when you saw me. Your face said it all; if an animal could talk, you’d have said: ‘I’m so glad to see you – thank fuck you’re here’. We thought hoped we’d managed to get to you in time. We thought hoped you were going to be OK. So now, as I lie thinking of you and wishing, with my whole being, that you were still here, I cannot believe that you’ve gone. And we’re never going to see you again. Our beautiful furry faced child. My rock, when things were fraught and scary. You’ve seen me through the worst of times and the best of times. Through devastating losses, when I held on to you, as my heart was breaking. Then after the arrival of our… Read More