Looking as young as you feel | Sanctuary Spa Products Review

I’ve spoken before about my beauty regime and how it’s changed over time. Much as I still like acting like an overgrown child — cavorting around a festival field wearing a glitterball on my head — my body and skin (annoyingly) are definitely not still in the first flush of youth. These days, I need a little bit of help to keep them looking as young as I feel. Water intake definitely improves skin-tone and elasticity — there’s no doubt about that.  Good diet and exercise too. But what other things can you do? Once your twenties and (whispers) thirties are behind you, you need a little help to keep things looking their finest. Sadly, the days of slapping a bit of cheap moisturiser on and hoping for the best are long gone. So in my endless pursuit of a more youthful complexion, I’ve recently been testing out some products by Sanctuary Spa; and I’m so excited about them, I wanted to share my findings with you. Salt Scrub Now, I’ve been using their salt scrub for years. I think I may have first bought it when I was getting married — and that was in 2001 — and I’m faithful to… Read More

In Pursuit of My Youth | Boots Botanics #NatureInspired

When you reach a certain age *ahem* the beauty products that you used throughout your twenties and *coughs* (sorry — I seem to have something stuck in my throat) thirties, may not be be doing you any favours anymore. Don’t admit defeat. Don’t accept old age gracefully. Try a new regime. My skin is definitely getting thinner as I age; the plumpness that I used to take for granted now only seems to be there when I use moisturiser. I find drinking lots of water helps too but occasionally — I’m thinking festivals and family barbecues in particular — Adam’s ale is invariably replaced with alcoholic beverages and even though I’m still consuming liquid, the alcohol can play havoc with my skin and it can be really, really ageing. Disturbingly quickly too. So in search of a more youthful complexion I’ve been testing out some new beauty products by Boots Botanics — products inspired by nature that really work (according to their website). I thought I’d put them to the test and see how well they really do work on my 40 year young skin. I tested a range of their All Bright products; developed with Kew Botanic Gardens and all containing brightening Hibiscus The Purifying Face Scrub. After… Read More

Vlog Club | My Top Five Beauty Products

Some of my blogging buddies and I were chatting recently about the fact that we’d not vlogged for a while. When you’re not used to speaking in front of a camera, it can feel a little bit daunting and having a *reason* to vlog is definitely a better incentive than just speaking off-the-cuff — particularly if it’s something you don’t feel too confident doing! We all agreed that it was definitely something we enjoyed and would like to practice more and, as a result, we’ve decided to start a little vlogging club. Vlog Club is a new monthly link up where some of my friends and I all share a video of our Top Five. The theme changes every month and we’ll each send you off to look at another vlog. You can then go around in a circle, viewing all of the videos. This month’s theme is ‘Top Five Beauty Products’. Aaah beauty products. We all have our favourites don’t we? Even my boy gravitates towards the same kind of products each time. I used to be the the kind of girl who loved a shiny new ad campaign. Particularly one that reeled off a load of ‘must have’ new ingredients — retinol, phyto-complex’s, peptides, algae, pro V — and promised younger looking skin, see-your-face-in… Read More