111 weeks and 3 days | Our Village Park

A couple of weeks ago, the boys and I went up to our village park for the afternoon. So very different from the park where we used to live in Marlow. Whatever time of day — or year — we went to Higginson park, it was always heaving. A Mecca for families, it boasts 23 acres of beautiful parkland. It has a huge childrens’ play area and a wide River Thames frontage; which means you can feed the ducks and swans or take a boat down the river. It even has it’s own Costa Coffee. As parks go, it’s definitely up there with the best. Our little village park is poles apart. It’s tiny. It has a picnic bench and some play equipment for the children but it’s nowhere near the scale of the park in Marlow. That said, it’s always fairly quiet and, as a result, the littlies always get to play without the fear of being knocked over by larger children; or have to wait an age to use the play equipment. Which, as village parks go, is fairly extensive! There are swings, see-saws and a roundabout; they’ve even installed a new wooden ‘pirate ship’ with tunnels and a climbing frame with a slide. So our village park may not boast the impressive features of… Read More

109 weeks and 5 days | 50 things that make me happy

A little meme has been doing the rounds recently called ’50 things that makes me happy’. The clue is in the name; what makes you happy? I have been tagged by my lovely friend Aby, who blogs over at YouBabyMeMummy, to give my answers. So here goes… 1. My three boys — tiny boys and big man-shaped boy. 2. Pottering about at home. 3. A new, unread, interiors magazine. 4. Blue skies. 5. Family get-togethers (especially our big summer barbecue). 6. The smell of freshly cut grass. 7. Picking my babies up from nursery and seeing their faces light up when they see me. 8. Holidays; in the UK, abroad, even bank holidays. I love them all. 9. Festivals. A weekend of joyful revelry. 10. Dancing in a field in my wellies. 11. Glitter. 12. My lovely friends. 13. Collecting the eggs from our hen-house. 14. Dolly — our beautiful little caravan. 15. Seeing Dolly pull up outside the house = adventures :) 16. A cup of freshly brewed tea. 17. My cats (AKA furry faced children). 18. Beautiful stationery. 19. Designing new things and feeling excited about sharing them. 20. Blogging. 21. Baking. 22. A busy, noisy house full of our nearest and dearest. 23. Fresh flowers… Read More

105 weeks and 3 days | Dolce, Gabanna and ‘synthetic’ IVF babies

It’s not often — on my blog — that I comment on something that has happened outside of my own little world. My blog is personal. It’s written with love and passion ; mostly about my three boys, sometimes about things I’ve done or things that interest me.  Generally speaking, I don’t want outside events to be spoken about here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really interested in current affairs;  I watch the news, I have an opinion — and am not frightened to voice it — but there’s a time and a place for that and my little blog is not it. There are occasional exceptions though. I once wrote a response to an article I’d read by a TV doctor. She had said that motherhood at 40 was basically a nightmare. Given the fact my experiences were poles apart from hers — and I felt deeply unhappy that if any pregnant 40 year old was reading her article they’d have been scared witless — I wanted to redress the balance. Writing a response on my blog felt like the right thing to do. Plus it got any anger I felt out of my system and I felt immeasurably better afterwards. And this week has presented another exception to the rule. The… Read More

Our Happy Home | The Twins Nursery Tour

When I was pregnant with twins, we chose not to find out the sex of the babies. Quite a lot of people do these days but it was our choice not to. At the end of the day, I was so thrilled to be pregnant, I couldn’t have cared less what sex they were and didn’t need to know until the day I met them. Ultimately, it was two babies. And that’s all that mattered. The knock on effect of this was that we had to be a little more creative with how we decorated the twins nursery. We were careful to choose a scheme that suited both sexes; even if it was one of each! Had I known we were expecting boys, perhaps there would have been a little more blue in the mix? Or if my little passengers had been girls, potentially I would have gone a little crazy with pink. Who knows? I’m so glad we didn’t know. Because as well as a lovely surprise at the end of my pregnancy, we also ended up with a lovely, fresh, unisex room which is perfect for the two little people that now reside in it. The Twins Nursery… Read More

102 weeks and 1 day | My captured moments {15.02.2014}

So back to last year,  once again,  for these captured moments. Just over a year to the day, in fact. The babies were a month off their first birthday… and they were on the move. Crawling and cruising round the furniture, at a rate of knots, and giving me a headache as they were into everything! When you’ve been so used to your little charges staying exactly where you put them, it’s easy to get complacent, when you’re a new mama of twins. People warned me that it would get tougher, when they started moving, but I didn’t realise quite how much!! When you have two little rockets — shooting off in different directions — one in the back of the TV, pulling all the wires, and one in a pot plant, eating the soil, you suddenly realise that your nice, calm life is just about to be turned on it’s head! These captured moments… These photographs were taken at my in-laws and it was the first time we’d taken the boys when they were able to move independently. They absolutely loved exploring their grandparent’s house! These pics were taken in the hallway; it’s a huge space — bigger than some of the… Read More

100 weeks and 1 day | My captured moment {28.07.2013}

These pictures make me want to cry. The babies were just 4 months old and I was really just getting into the swing of being a mama of twins. These photos were secretly taken by my lovely boy — I didn’t know I was under observation — and I absolutely love that he’s perfectly captured a really intimate, special moment with our two tiny sons. I always think that the best photos of me are the candid shots — the ones that are taken unawares — the natural, uncontrived ones. And these are exactly that. A proper captured moment. My littlies are 23 months old tomorrow. Their chubby, baby baldness has been replaced with mop headed gorgeousness — two little dynamos that can run, climb and talk. When these photos were taken, I simply couldn’t have imagined the little boys they they are today. It just gets better and better. By The Twinkle Diaries | Filed under Family, Life | Tags: #mycapturedmoment, 23 months, a moment in time, babies, candid photos, captured moment, pictures from the past, the babies at 4 months

97 weeks and 2 days | word of the week

So this week has been full of surprises. Our rescue cat, Marlowe, broke out of the cat flap on Sunday night. I was mortified to learn that he’d escaped and was missing the next morning. Especially as we’d lost our beautiful boy Widget, last year. Widge didn’t come home the next morning either, as he’d been hit by a car. We found him a couple of days later — alive — but sadly it was too late to save him. To say we were devastated is an understatement. So thank heavens Marlowe reappeared on Monday morning. I’m not sure ‘surprise’ is quite the right word when he turned up — it was probably more ‘relief’ — but gosh, was I happy to see him! The Twinkles went to nursery on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and we were given their very first ‘report’! Gold stars all round — their key workers say they’ve been settling in amazingly well. We were given a detailed four page document for each of them, recording their progress. Also included, were photographs of the boys — eating their lunch and using the cutlery, building the train track, dressing up, doing messy play — I was amazed! I had no idea that we would be given such a detailed report. So surprised to be given it… Read More

73 weeks and 3 days | Goodbye, I love you {the loss of a pet}

Darling Widger, I’m lying here with Kiri, thinking of you. We are all going to miss you so, so much. Words cannot express how sad I feel, at your loss. To see you today — after you’d been missing for 24 hours — was magical. Until I saw your poor feet and legs. I have never seen an animal alive, but so mangled. I couldn’t believe that you were in such good spirits when you saw me. Your face said it all; if an animal could talk, you’d have said: ‘I’m so glad to see you – thank fuck you’re here’. We thought hoped we’d managed to get to you in time. We thought hoped you were going to be OK. So now, as I lie thinking of you and wishing, with my whole being, that you were still here, I cannot believe that you’ve gone. And we’re never going to see you again. Our beautiful furry faced child. My rock, when things were fraught and scary. You’ve seen me through the worst of times and the best of times. Through devastating losses, when I held on to you, as my heart was breaking. Then after the arrival of our… Read More