Home Etc #94

Welcome to this week’s Home Etc! We’re on the countdown to the long Easter weekend and I’ve already started feeding my face with mini-eggs. Easter — along with Christmas — is one of the few times of the year when it’s perfectly acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast. It is isn’t it? Not just me? Anyway. Back to this week’s link-up. For those not in the know, Home Etc is a weekly blog-hop for bloggers who have written content that include interiors (wish lists, room tours or DIY), garden or allotment ideas, plus crafting or up-cycling. This week it’s hosted by myself and the lovely Kerry from Noah and The Girls. HOME ETC FAVOURITES The first Home Etc favourite from last week come from Steph who blogs over at Life at 139a, with a gorgeous allotment update. And the second comes from Fionnuala at Three Sons Later, with the second part of her kidney table upcycle. I’m always amazed at the things Fionnu manages to find in skips and flea markets. This little table is a gem and she’s really given it a fantastic lease of life. Do pop over and have a read of both of their posts if you missed them… Read More

170 Weeks | Me and Mine {May} (yes I know it’s June)

Well, we’ve just entered the second week of June and I am only just getting round to posting my Me and Mine post for May. This is getting to be a habit. To say life is ‘busy‘ at the moment would be a huge understatement. Literally every waking minute — if we’re not working our day jobs — we’re working on the shed-build. It. is. full. on. And I’m not really enjoying it either, if I’m being totally honest. Lack of time — and too many other pressures — is just making me want it to be finished. Like yesterday. In the past, I’ve relished having a big projects on the go — renovating the original Dolly was one of my favourite projects ever. Taking on Dolly Mark II was also fun but when you have small children it’s not easy to spend an entire weekend on a DIY project. Kids need entertaining/feeding/attention. And, ultimately, hanging out with my sons is definitely preferable to wallpapering the inside of a caravan. But this shed build has been on another level. I’ve spoken before about my dream of a garden office and — as things stand at the moment — I’m just a couple of week’s off achieving that dream. But wow, it’s been hard. It would… Read More

The Perfect Gardening Companion | The Hepburn Mark II Radio

I’ve spoken before about my love of gardening. I guess it’s in the blood. My paternal grandmother was notoriously green fingered — as was my maternal grandfather. He was a really keen gardener and when he died I asked for a couple of rhubarb plants from his garden. I’ve written about the homemade rhubarb cordial that we make with the spoils each year and, this year, we’ve also taken over an allotment. Even more scope for growing things! Now, I say ‘I have a love of gardening’ — and that’s true — but if I’m being 100% honest, I rarely do any of the grunty stuff. My boy is head gardener in our household, without question. He spends hours out there. Growing little plants from seed; tending them until they’re hardy enough to be replanted outside. Oddly, he’s not normally one for solitude. If he’s left in the house by himself, for any reason, he has to go out. To the pub/shops/for a round of golf; anywhere where there’s other humans and the possibility of a conversation. So I find it weird that, since my gorgeously gregarious husband has caught the gardening bug, he’s happy in the company of his plants and… Read More

162 weeks and 1 day | At the allotment {Siblings April}

So we’re mid through April and what a busy, busy month we’ve all had already. From the 1st of the month, my tiny boys moved up from the ‘two’s room’ — to pre-school —  and started doing 4 long mornings a week, instead of 2. But this week one of our cars has been at the mechanic’s (having some major work done — yawn) so the boys have done three full days — from 9am until 5.45pm. It’s a long old week for two little tots who are used to being at home every afternoon. They don’t tend to have a nap every day anymore but they do go down for a couple of hours every other day — or when they look like they need it — so a full day at nursery has been a bit of a shock to the system. I’m grateful that it’s just a temporary thing, to be honest. We’re so fortunate that I work from home. It’s been a busy month for us too; I mentioned in my styling the seasons post that my in-laws have just moved out of their home of 25 years, so we’ve been backwards and forwards — for various reasons — and even left the boys with their nana and papa for a weekend. Which… Read More