I can’t believe that in 2 months time my boys will be celebrating their second birthday!! I know I’ve said it before but, truly, time is running away with us all!

My dad is out of hospital and on the mend (thank heavens) and we’re marching on through January; Christmas already a dim and distant memory.

A couple of days ago — the 13th — my babies turned 22 months and it only really hit home to me very recently that they really aren’t ‘babies’ anymore.

It was new year’s eve and a large gathering of us had gone to spend the afternoon in the village pub. Within our group there were lots of children — ranging from 12 months to 10 years in age — and all of the little girls were obsessed with our friend’s 12 month old baby. Picking him up, carrying him around, patting him… he was absolutely the star of the show. They loved him.

And I thought back to the summer — when Bertie and Cosmo would have been around the same age — and how they were the stars! Being picked up and fussed over by the bigger children.

One of my girlfriends even commented on it and said ‘Aaah look! It doesn’t take long does it? They’re too grown up now for the big girls to want to play with’. And she was right.

That was it.

In the blink of an eye, my tiny, brand spanking new, babies have turned into children.

Not even toddlers really; particularly as our friend’s baby had just learned to walk and was demonstrating the classic wobbly ‘toddle’. Bertie and Cosmo still fall over occasionally but that’s probably down to running too fast, rather than inexperiences legs!

I can really see it in this months picture too. So much more grown up that recent photos, they look much, much older now. Their chubby cheeked baby-ness has been replaced by leaner, more defined features. Not just their faces but their limbs too.

It makes me sad and happy all at the same time.

I’m full of awe that my two little charges — who were so tiny and helpless when they were born — are now robust, miniature men! But sad that the ‘baby-days’ have really gone. We waited so long for it to happen and, although I’ve treasured every second, it’s over in a flash.

I guess the same can be said for life in general…

So at 22 months.

Cosmo is now stringing words together and forming little sentences! In the last week, he has begin to do this extraordinary thing with his mouth when he talks. Clearly he has been watching grown-ups as they speak and has noted the different facial expressions and movements, and he’s trying to emulate it. It’s very, very endearing to watch. Lots of babble — his tongue bobbing in and out — interspersed with actual words. Often with hand gestures and a very earnest expression on his face!

Bertie has begun to add a few more words to his vocabulary — he says Nana, Papa, Dadda, Mama, Mo-Mo (Cosmo), More, Juice, Ball, Digger, Car — plus quite a few more, really, really clearly! I’m delighted with his progress.

It’s really well documented that twins can struggle with their speech and can be slow to develop, so it makes me very happy to see that both of the boys are just where they should be.

I am so proud of them both.

They started back at nursery last week and completed their fourth session yesterday.

The key-workers say they (particularly Bertie) are coming on in leaps and bounds. Cosmo slotted in so well almost straight away but they’d noted that, if he wasn’t doing an activity first, then Bertie wouldn’t join in!! Now it seems that Bert is happy to try and activity without his brother, with is just what we wanted. This new independence — doing things without me and learning to do things without each other — is invaluable. If I had any doubts or fears that it wasn’t the right time for them to start nursery, they have now been totally put to rest.

To see them at nursery — playing independently of each other — warms my heart, but to see them at home — laughing together, playing together, loving each other — that’s the icing on the cake.



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