Styling The Seasons — May


At the beginning of this month I felt so ridiculously bogged down by everything.

Too much to do and not enough time. And the inability to get a grip on the situation — and manage my time effectively — was addling my brain and making me feel a bit miserable.

Amazingly my lovely friend Leigh — who writes the award winning blog Headspace Perspective — is also a qualified life coach and had just set up a new business called Bright Mind Spirit. She’d offered a handful of bloggers an hour long session each and I was lucky enough to be picked.

She told me that coaching can often show us that we have the answers to our own problems.

‘Stepping out of our everyday maelstrom will help us to see what’s what.’

It couldn’t have come at a better time.

We discussed so many things and at the end of the session my head felt much clearer.

It was like mentally trying to unravel a knotted and tangled ball of string. Initially, I had no idea where to even start.

But throughout the session, everything started to become a little clearer and I could see that making small changes would make the world of difference to my work/life balance.

I made promises to be a little kinder to myself — cut myself some slack — and take time-out of my working week to occasionally s.t.o.p.

Take a walk.

Practice my calligraphy.

Read a book.

Paint a picture.

So, as May has tumbled on, I have done exactly that.

My workload hasn’t lessened but I’ve certainly felt as though I have a better handle on everything. Putting work aside for half an hour, a couple of times a week, has given me a little more clarity.

Given me time to breathe and take stock.

And my styling the seasons post this month is sort of a bi-product of that.

Styling The Seasons | May
Styling The Seasons | May

I picked some Forget-Me-Nots a few days ago — put them in a little bottle of water and popped them on a shelf.

They’re so pretty. Papery thin; sky blue and lilac petals. Some of them tinged with blush pink or mauve. A golden eye in the centre of each flower, almost like a little star.

I decided to paint them.

I’ll never be a good painter but I love the process. So nice to focus your mind and concentrate on the brush strokes. Lovely to watch how the paint merges with the water and settles into the paper.

Styling The Seasons | May
Styling The Seasons | May
Styling The Seasons | May
Styling The Seasons | May
Styling The Seasons | May
Styling The Seasons | May
Styling The Seasons | May
Styling The Seasons | May
Styling The Seasons | May
Styling The Seasons | May

It’s a great way of pushing out unwanted thoughts and giving your mind a little breather.

And as I sat there, concentrating on the little flowers and their spindly stems, I thought about the last few weeks.

I remembered that this month marks the first anniversary of my nana’s death. And in just four day’s time, it will be the fifth anniversary of my lovely grandad’s passing.

And that same date marks a full twenty years — to the day — that my beautiful boy and I got together.

Twenty years!!!!

And it struck me that it’s the month of May — which was my Nana’s middle name — and I’m painting Forget-Me-Nots and thinking about them.

Such lovely symmetry.

Styling The Seasons | May
Styling The Seasons | May

Many thanks to lovely Leigh for giving up an hour of her time and, in doing so, giving me back my perspective. If you feel as though you could do with a little bit of help finding your focus, pop along to Bright Mind Spirit and have a chat with her. I highly recommend it.

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

32 thoughts on “Styling The Seasons — May

  1. They’re so pretty! Don’t think I’ve ever come across them before. And your little water colour paintings are just as pretty. And I’m sorry to hear they brought back memories of your Nana and Grandad’s passing but hopefully it brought back some happy memories as well. x #HomeEtc

  2. The Forget-Me-Nots are lovely and clearly evoke so many memories too. In addition to the advice from your friend Leigh, I was recently told about a 2-minute rule where if you’re having ‘ruminative thoughts’ where you’re getting yourself in a tiss/anxious give yourself 2 minutes to see if you can find a solution and if there isn’t one that comes to mind, make a conscious effort to move on and become distracted so it can’t lower your mood any further. I know it’s easier said than done at times but it can offer some breathing space and help us accept that we can’t always find a solution x

    1. Thanks so much Helena. It’s odd isn’t it? I didn’t intend to write about anything other than the life coaching session with Leigh — it’s funny where blogging takes you isn’t it? xx

  3. Beautiful photos. I love forget me nots they are just the perfect little flower.

    I love reading that you are taking time for yourself, I love seeing your creations you are so very talented.

    I would love to see a coach, my life is too in turmoil and I really believe in the power of a lifecoach.

    Much love xxx

    1. Thanks hun. I’ve always been a bit skeptical about life coaching but Leigh really helped me to figure everything out. So nice to sit and talk to someone who’s impartial I think! :) Big kiss to you — chin up xx

  4. Oh lovely Caro what beautiful words thank you! You were a pleasure to coach, and I am delighted to see that you are benefiting from the session – you do indeed know the answers to your problems and just needed a bit of guidance to find them!

    Love the beautiful forget-me-nots, too. In another symmetry my garden is full of them in tribute to my Hugo. Wonderful. See you soon for big hugs darling xxxx

    1. Thanks so much lovely — I really appreciated you taking the time to work with me! It’s made a real difference to my clarity of thought. Plus, I think I needed someone to say that it was OK to take a bit of time out for myself every now and then. LOVE the thought that your garden is full of Forget-Me-Nots too xxxx

  5. What a perfect post! I love the idea that it was born out of; such an important thing to remind ourselves of, so thank you for that. Your painting and calligraphy are just simply beautiful – so delicate and the colours are perfect for May. Gorgeous x

  6. Wow, how poignant the month of May is. Quite a collection of bitter-sweet reasons to mark the month. Love the fact you are taking time out to enjoy the season. I really should do the same. Thanks for hosting #HomeEtc

  7. Ah what a lovely post, it’s so important to focus on the things that make you happy isn’t it (aside from family, who you focus on all the time obviously!) And the coaching session sounds brilliant. We put ourselves under so much pressure, so stepping back and stopping is really important, it helps put things in perspective I think. Your flowers are beautiful and so is your painting. And beautiful to remember your nana and granddad too xx

  8. Such a beautiful post Caro, and how lovely that everything has come together so nicely. And as for not being good at painting, I simply don’t believe you ;) Those forget me nots you’ve painted are really pretty.

  9. What a beautiful post – I love that as we get older, inevitably there comes at times a sense of reflection and it’s so important to take time for that and let it in even if the overwhelming desire is always to carry on at breakneck speed. The forget me nots are so very pretty and your painting is too. Such a lovely way to remember milestones and those important to you Xx

    1. Thanks Lins. You’re so right about wanting to keep rushing around. It’s almost like I’m not programmed to slow down at all. It was nice to be told by Leigh that it was OK to take a break for myself!! xx

  10. You are so artistic – lovely calligraphy. I think you’re right though – We all need to try to find time for ourselves to relax. I’m not very arty though, but will try to find ways to chill, without twitching and finding something else to do. That’s the difficult part for me, actually switching off. #HomeEtc

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