Seeing Stars {when one star jumper is just not enough}

Ever suddenly realised that you’ve started to amass a collection of something — without even noticing that you’re doing it?

I definitely had this happen with Breton tops.

Every time I went shopping for clothes I’d make a beeline for anything stripy and, as a result, built up a crazy collection of striped long-sleeved tops in every colour.

Now I’m *slightly* embarrassed to admit that I have a whole drawer full of them.

Oops. Seems I may have gone slightly overboard; I have a collection to rival Boden.

But it seems that stripes aren’t my only obsession.

Move over Breton — there’s a new craze in town.


Over recent weeks, I am seeing stars wherever I look.

Our house appears to be full of them.

Ornaments, home-furnishings, on my clothes, shoes and jewellery.

vintage metal star
My favourite ornament — the barn star from Rockett St George
star makeup bag
Starry makeup bag…
…filled with a gazillion tiny stars
Star trainers from Next
Star spangled trainers

I’ve always been a fan of all things astronomical — one of my son’s names means ‘of the universe’ whilst the other’s middle name is Orion.

Definitely a stellar influence there.

But recently, everything I gravitate towards to seems to have a celestial slant; from the shoes on my feet to the pendant around my neck.

star doormat
Even our front door mat has a celestial feel
Large wire stars sitting in the corner of the snug
Star print on our shoe storage unit from GLTC
I love these star spangled trainers from Next
Stars on stars
Beautiful twin star necklace from Walter & May
Beautiful twin star necklace by Limezest at Walter & May

I can’t believe that — similar to the Breton fixation — I hadn’t really noticed how much my starry addiction had got out of hand.

It was only when I bought a second star spangled jumper a couple of weeks’ ago — and Mr D commented:

‘Haven’t you already got a star jumper like that?’

star jumper
My old and very favourite star jumper
star jumper
My new and very favourite star jumper 


They definitely resemble each other a little.

*shuffles feet and averts eyes*

So here we go again folks — my newest shopping compulsion. It seems that stars are taking over.

Do you have a ‘favourite’ thing that you seem to buy on repeat? Please let me know that I’m not the only one!!

This is a collaborative post but all thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own.

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

19 thoughts on “Seeing Stars {when one star jumper is just not enough}

    1. I’ve seen SO many lovely ones recently — my fave is one from M&S but it’s cashmere and well out of my price range sadly!! Fingers crossed we won;t need woollies soon!!!! Hurry up spring!! xx

  1. I love stars, ever since I got the wallpaper for G’s room with stars on they always remind me of him, and I find myself drawn to star things. Oh my days, that drawer of Bretons! It did make me giggle xx

  2. Oh my goodness that is quite the breton collection!! I thought I was bad! I really love these star items, that last jumper has to be my fave thought!! Have linked up for the first time and so pleased I have!! Looking forward to getting to know everyone xx

  3. Those jumpers are TOTALLY different – absolutely justified in my opinion! I’ve always been a fan of stars, ever since I had the glow in the dark ones on my ceiling as a kid! Love all your starry items, I’m very jealous. #HomeEtc

    1. Haha!! I LOVE you — I just need someone else’s opinion to make the second jumper a valid purchase!!!! LOL!!! And yep — I had those stars too!!!! maybe that’s where my starry fascination started?! ;) xxx

    1. It’s SUCH a bad habit — but I literally can’t help myself!! I received a little catalogue this afternoon and my eyes were drawn straight to the stripy tops!!!

  4. That drawer of Breton = WOW

    I will say I have always had a thing with Stars, Addisona dn Deacons first shared room was all stars, I loved it, I have a couple in my house but not enough and I need those trainers xxx

    1. The bad thing is — that’s not even all of it!! LOL!!! And yes — I think I’ve always had a thing with stars too.. it’s just become more and more obvious as time goes on!!!! ;)

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