The Art of Sleeping Well {Silentnight Comfort Control Mattress Topper Review} AD

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When I was asked recently if I’d conduct a Silentnight Comfort Control mattress topper review for my blog; I didn’t have to think for very long.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love my bed. I definitely didn’t need to be asked twice.

We changed our mattress a year or so ago, so it’s fairly new. But it’s a little too firm for my liking.

Adding a topper to a hard — or old— mattress is a great way of extending the life of it and making it more comfortable.

Silentnight Comfort Control Mattress Topper Review
The Silentnight Comfort Control Mattress Topper makes a hard bed feel like sleeping on a cloud!

In Praise of a Good Night’s Sleep

Personally, I think a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things in life. If we’re well rested, we’ve got a better chance of facing whatever life throws at us.

Sleep deprivation is just one of the most awful things isn’t it?

I remember those early days when the twins had just been born; the overwhelming feeling of loneliness in the middle of the night. Then feeling spaced out and slightly weird during the day.

Kind of like I’d done a long haul flight — but not woken up anywhere exotic.

I was so relieved when they started sleeping through the night.

Broken Sleep

But although the newborn days are long gone, I have been struggling to sleep well over recent weeks.

I’d been waking in the night (probably because I’d been a little uncomfortable) but with all the chat about the Coronavirus, once I’d woken, I ended up lying awake for hours, catastrophising about things.

Darkness is definitely a time for rest and rejuvenation; certainly not the best time for stressing about what will happen if the loo roll supply runs out.

Everything is always so much better in the cold light of day.

Introducing The Silentnight Comfort Control Mattress Topper

The Silentnight Comfort Control Mattress Topper is a revelation!

It’s turned our firm mattress into a cosy cloud and I’ve been sleeping so soundly, since we’ve had it.

One of my favourite things is drifting off to sleep — then waking up in exactly the same position next morning.

To me, this shows I’ve had a really good night’s sleep.

Silentnight Comfort Control Mattress Topper Review
The Silentnight Comfort Control Mattress Topper
The Lowdown
  • As well as being super-comfy, the topper is machine washable, made with anti-allergy fabric, that actively combats bacteria and dust mites; preventing allergies; keeping the topper hygienic and feeling clean.
  • The topper features Opti-therm — temperature regulating technology — that absorbs heat and quickly draws away moisture away from the body, to help regulate your temperature.
  • Plus, it has elasticated corner straps to fit the mattress snugly.

Silentnight is the UK’s most trusted sleep brand, with over 70 years experience and a true understanding of sleep — and it literally feels like we’ve got a new bed! 

Silentnight Comfort Control Mattress Topper Review
The Silentnight Comfort Control Mattress Topper is machine washable
 Silentnight Comfort Control Mattress Topper Review
It fits snugly to the mattress and doesn’t shift or move at night

Fantastic Value

QVC have got an incredible deal on, at the moment.

They’re promoting the Silentnight Comfort Control Mattress Topper for 24 hours; from midnight on 19th March until midnight on 20th March 2020.

The toppers will be discounted on QVC only, with savings of up to £65 and/or up to 60% (savings based on a superking size). 

If your mattress (or the thought of running out of loo rolls) is keeping you awake at night, I highly recommend the Silentnight Comfort Control Mattress Topper. 

The benefits of a good night’s sleep really are worth their weight in gold; it reduces stress, supports the immune system, improves memory and mood, lowers blood pressure, and keeps us healthy.

Plus, in these worrying times, I think we need all the comfort we can get!

Sweet dreams everyone X

I am working in a paid partnership with QVC but all thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own.

If you need more information or would like to take advantage of the TSV (Today’s Special Value) offer, pop over to their website!

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