Happy 18 month birthday Twinkles! | Siblings September 2015

Siblings September 2015. Even though it’s not, today feels like a birthday day!

It’s exactly 18 months since those two perfect packages of gorgeousness rocketed into our lives!! EIGHTEEN MONTHS!! A year and a half!! I can’t believe it. A sneaky time thief has clearly set the speed to double and our days are being gobbled up, quicker than the blink of an eye.

We’ve had another really busy month. These two little siblings have experienced lots more ‘firsts’…


Cosmo’s vocabulary is broadening by the day.

He can say a fair few different words to last month’s post — plane, shoes, blueberries (broo-broos) — plus when you show him a cow, he’ll say ‘mooooooo’; or a little toy horse that we have prompts a ‘nayyyyyy’.

My favourite word that he learnt over the last month though — without a shadow of a doubt — and one that I never tire from hearing, is mummy.

I actually missed the first time he said it!! I was outside, looking in, and waving at my three boys through the kitchen window.

When I came inside, my husband said ‘When he saw you, through the window, he pointed and said mummy!’.

I was gutted — but only for a nano-second — as my lovely boy pointed to me and said to Cosmo — ‘who’s this?’. His face broke into a huge smile and he said ‘MUMMY!’ Aaaah.

It makes me feel tearful just thinking about it now!! Moments like that are so very precious.


Bertie had his milestone moment a couple of days ago!

His first word was ‘More’. This was followed yesterday by ‘Ball’. Amazing!! Two words in as many days!!

They both have lots of teeth coming too; a shiny new molar, top and bottom on each side.

They went to their first festival; and took to it like baby ducks to water!

They have done painting for the first time — and absolutely LOVED it! I have lots of pics of this ‘first’ and when I get a chance, I will sit down and write a diary entry!

Many little ones try their hands at painting at a much earlier age; especially if they attend nursery or go to an organised play group. As the Twinkles do neither of those things, they’re perhaps a little behind the curve when it comes to experiencing crafty pursuits.

Nevertheless, we spent one lovely morning last month, sloshing the paint around and — for a creative bod like me — it was a joy to watch them, getting involved with something that I love to do myself!

Siblings September 2015

We’ve had such a fun, happy, fulfilling month! This has certainly been one of our busiest, since the babies were born. We’ve had numerous camping adventures in our lovely old caravan, Dolly. The babies have been treated to endless days of being able to run toddle freely, in glorious countryside. Lots of fresh air, hanging out with people that love them, in a beautiful, safe environment. Perfect. They are lucky boys indeed.

The last eighteen months have been truly memorable.

I have been happier than I have ever been. And that is really saying something!

I have watched my two tiny, helpless newborns, grow and blossom into clever, funny, enigmatic little toddlers. Here’s to the next six, exciting and extraordinary, months. Happy, happy year and a half birthday to my beautiful, miraculous baby boys.

Mama loves you more than words could ever say

My Siblings Photographs for September


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  1. I have major front door envy!! Besides that though…how cute are these two?!!! I found 18 months tough actually, walking and all that…lots of issues about going outdoors with them on my own, however better in so many other ways – like you say. Love these pics – just too sweet x x

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