82 weeks and 5 days | Siblings October 2014

Siblings October 2014. The twins are nineteen months old today.

Blimey — we are creeping ever more swiftly towards their second birthday.

Before I know it, they’ll be starting school, university, getting engaged, planning a wedding… OHMYGOD MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!

Arrrrgh!! *life flashing before one’s eyes*


This month has been full of changes.

When you don’t have children of your own, you can be a little dismissive (perhaps) of the little milestones that happen in a child’s life.

Now I’m lucky enough to be a mother and have front row seats, I can see, literally day by day, how quickly these little siblings morph into fully fledged people.

Children grow and change at such different rates, it’s astonishing.

Before I had the babies I didn’t realise this and used to observe the ‘competitive mums’ trying to out-do their friends with children of a similar age.

I remember my best friend saying it was really demoralising when you’ve got someone dissing your offspring’s first achievements:

‘Oooh is so-and-so only just walking? My little angel has been running marathons for at least a month already’


‘Oh, has such-and-such only just started speaking? My little boy can recite the alphabet already. In Mandarin.’


And so on…

It’s only that I have two that are exactly the same age that I can say, from my experience, it seems pretty normal for children of the same age to develop at totally different rates.

I feel really sad for all of my friends who have persecuted themselves over the years, because their little ones weren’t doing exactly the same as the competitive mother’s someone else’s child. I have two that are developing at completely different rates!

Everyone’s brains are wired differently, after all. Some people are more physical and are better at running, throwing a ball etc. Others are more arts-and-crafty; love painting, drawing and sticking (I was that child — and still am!).

Different Strokes

Bertie and Cosmo currently fall into two very different camps.

Bert — physical; has got an absolutely killer right arm when he throws a ball (or any object that comes to hand). Cosmo — emotionally intelligent; loves to communicate and try out his new vocabulary.

Cosmo is obsessed with the TV. Put it on and he will go into a trance-like state — regardless of whats on!! The news, Ben and Holly, Escape to The Country, Peppa Pig, adverts… it doesn’t matter what it is, he’ll stop what he’s doing and watch it.

Bertie, on the other hand, is just not interested.

He’ll sit for long enough to watch an episode of Peppa or the CBeebies bedtime story occasionally but, other than that, he’s happy for it to be background noise whilst he bustles about.

One common interest for my little pair, over the last month, is a shared love of Lego. Both of them LOVE it! I had been given a big boxful of Duplo by a friend in the village and, initially, I didn’t think they were quite old enough — or have the fine motor skills — to use it, but it has proved to be a massive hit! They love sticking the bricks together and making huge towers. They play happily for ages.

Siblings October 2014

This has been such an interesting month in terms of their development.

Really strong personality traits are really beginning to show now and the rate they learn things is extraordinary.

And not the same things either. It’s astonishing to watch — and a real case for ‘nature’ over ‘nurture’. These boys are being brought up in exactly the same way, in the same environment.

Yet they are already gravitating towards different things. Amazing.

One thing they do share though — as well as their Lego — is a love for each other. Say to either one of them ‘Aaah — look at Bertie/Cosmo — he is your brother‘ and they sidle up to their twin for a cuddle. It is gorgeous to see. The start of a long and happy friendship with their sibling. So precious.

Cosmo-Bear | Siblings October 2014
Siblings October 2014 — Bertie and Cosmo looking cheeky!
Bertie-Bean | Siblings in October
Making a mess, as ever! | Siblings in October
Siblings October 2014 — My two squidgy little boys

8 thoughts on “82 weeks and 5 days | Siblings October 2014”

  1. Oh my, you have beautiful children! (And hate those competitive parents – children just don’t care and neither should we!).

  2. Aww they’re both so cute! And it’s fascinating hearing about their differences; most of us get to see it to a degree but it’s harder to remember what one was doing when they were younger rather than your exact side by side comparison – it should be prescribed reading for anyone who knows a competitive mummy!

    • Thanks for reading Carie :)

      Yes! I think some of my friends, with children the same age as the twins, feel slightly bolstered by the fact that my two are so different and are learning and developing at different rates. They now have some real ammunition against the competitive mums who try to make them feel inadequate!!

    • Me too Katie :) They are almost too old for the leggings but look so cute I think there’s still a little bit of mileage yet!

  3. What cutie pies your boys are! We got big, pink-and-white Mega Blocks (like Duplo, but maybe even bigger), and they were a big hit here, too! With the big 2-year mark coming up soon, I wonder if you will have a big celebration?

    • Thanks Nikki :) Am still recovering from their naming day back in May!! At least I’ve got a few months to think about birthday number two!! ;) Need to get over the Christmas hurdle first! Haha! :)

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