Siblings November 2015 | 20 months old

Well… we are positively racing towards the end of the year; on the home straight, if you will.

Christmas is just around the corner and funnily enough this months ‘Siblings’ sees my two boys receive their first Christmas present.

A bit odd, you may think, after all Christmas isn’t for another few weeks. However, their godmother quite rightly pointed out that ‘when you’re that little, you don’t have any idea when Christmas is and they’ll probably enjoy it more now that on the day’.

And who am I to argue with that?

She is right after all.

20 Month Birthday

So last week, on their 20 months ‘birthday’, my Twinkles took delivery of a shiny new slide.

It arrived when they were having their afternoon nap so I was able to put it together and have it ready and waiting for when they got up.

MUCHO excitement when they clapped eyes on it! Even MORE excitement when they realised that they were actually allowed to play on it.

Who’d have thought that a couple of bits of plastic could be the root cause of so much enthusiasm.

The following pics are taken with my phone.

It was dark outside and the light in the room is pretty appalling.

To say that they won’t win any prizes in a photography competition is an understatement.

They’re blurry in places, totally out of focus in others but nevertheless they do — in a very rudimentary way — capture the excitement of my two funny little charges.

Siblings November 2015

This month has been an odd one. I’ve seen a real shift in personalities and behaviours.


Bertie — more often than not — is in total meltdown mode. ‘The Terrible Twos’ have most certainly come early and have descended on our household in spectacular style.

Siblings November 2015

Hurling himself to the floor, writhing about one minute, rigid the next. Screaming like a banshee, throwing whatever comes to hand. Smacking, biting, hair-pulling… the variants are endless.

Siblings November 2015

It’s quite impressive to watch.

Mostly I try and use diversionary tactics — ‘Oooh Bertie LOOK!!’ — wildly pointing at nothing, hoping I’ll deflect his attention for long enough to change his nappy/pull on his clothes/brush his hair/all of the above. Some days — today for one, as I’m full of a cold — it’s exhausting.

Particularly as it’s impossible to pin-point what sets him off  of in the first place. Most probably it’s just frustration at not being able to communicate.

After all, that would drive me nuts too.


Cosmo, on the other hand, is his polar opposite.

Chatty, sunny, pretty placid — until you really get on his nerves, then he will take a swing for you or screech in your face.

Or both.

Siblings November 2015

It’s like Jekyll and Hyde. Totally extraordinary.

To be different from your siblings is a good thing but I find it mindblowing that these two, who shared a room womb for 8 months are so very different.

Siblings November 2015

One thing they do have in common — thankfully — is a love for each other.

It’s very heartwarming to see this little relationship blossom. They are so very lucky to have each other. Looking at the slide pics now makes me laugh out loud.

My two funny, boisterous, little man-cubs enjoying each other’s company and the merits of a plastic slide.

Parenting is hard work but the rewards are totally priceless.

I hit the jackpot the day I gave birth to my boys.

The twins at 20 months old…

Siblings November 2015
Siblings November 2015
Siblings November 2015
Siblings November 2015

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