117 weeks and 3 days | Siblings June 2015

Siblings June 2015. This month has passed so quickly. It seems like just yesterday that I was writing about my two tiny boy’s adventures in May — and now I’m doing the same for June.

Amazing to think that this is the 6th instalment in this years Siblings project and we’re marking half a year with these photographs.

Things have been so much easier since the sun has made an appearance. To be able to open the doors wide and let these little siblings play in the garden has been a real joy. On the warmer days we’ve put up the tee-pee and the sand pit and I’ve watched them play; listened to them giggling and chattering to each other.

The only bad thing about the sunnier days is Cosmo’s eczema. It seems to have worsened with the heat and his pale little body is covered with angry red patches. Even the Aveeno — which I usually swear by — is not managing to keep it at bay, as it usually does.

Siblings June 2015

It makes me feel so sad — and helpless — so I finally gave in last week and took him to the doctors. We’ve been given a heavy duty ointment and I’m keeping everything crossed it will help to  calm it down a little.


Heat and Thunderstorms

Today is grey.

The sultry heat has given way to thunderstorms and we are confined to the house.

The boys have a tendency to be loud and fractious on days like this but fortunately my mum and dad are here and they are providing a welcome distraction.

My sweet boy
Aww — little face

All day I’ve heard  —

‘Nana and Papa! Nana and Papa!’

— as they vie for their grandparents’ attention. It’s very sweet. I love hearing their little sing-song voices saying recognisable words. And it’s lovely that they are so excited to spend time with my mum and dad too.

Having just lost the last of my own grandparents it makes it even more poignant that the boys should spend as much quality time with theirs as possible.

These pictures don’t have the charm of last months photos though. No beautiful hazy summer sunlight today. The skies have been overcast and the light in the cottage minimal.

That said, they’re a true reflection of real life. A little moment in time, captured for our virtual memory box.

Bean stained tops, snotty noses and bedheads.

My two beautiful babies; tiny twin siblings.

Siblings June 2015
Siblings June 2015

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