155 and 1 day | Siblings in February

In less than a month’s time our boys will be turning three.

In 17 days time, to be precise.

No longer babies, in the literal sense, my two tiny man-cubs are now little boys.

Their daddy and I have been privileged to watch these two humans be born into the world — two ruby-red scraps of bone and skin — weighing less than 6lb each. We’ve seen them grow and change, day by day.

Marvelling at how the sanguine, bird-like bird limbs have transformed into chubby, strong little arms and legs.

Applauding every milestone, every new achievement.

We’ve been frightened for their health; particularly when Bertie wouldn’t wake up to feed, in the very early days, and nearly had to go back into hospital to be tube fed.

No-one tells you how hard it can be to rouse a lethargic, premature baby, who desperately needs milk in order to stay alive.

Or the terror when I realised he was allergic to egg; which resulted in a trip in the back of an ambulance; blue lights flashing.

Ditto when Cosmo almost choked on a small piece of tinfoil.

It’s extraordinary how quickly the protective parental instinct kicks in, once you have children. A fierce lioness, inside me, that I never knew existed.

Even more extraordinary is how much love you can feel for such a small person. How much impact they can have on your lives, before you’ve even met them.

I loved them even before they were born.

And now I watch them, eating, sleeping, fighting, playing.

And I love them even more.

My little Siblings in February
Siblings in February — Cosmo Bear
My little Siblings in February
Siblings in February — Bear hug.
My little Siblings in February
Siblings in February — two little heads together.
My little Siblings in February
My little Siblings in February — brotherly love

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

4 thoughts on “155 and 1 day | Siblings in February

  1. What a beautiful post, stunning pictures and your colourful words bring the boys personalities across beautifully. Gorgeous!

    1. Aww thanks darling. I’m so late with it this month — haven’t seen anyone else’s posts yet either!!! Will be over to comment on yours next week. I LOVE all the Siblings posts too — I love to see how all the littles are growing up. Although it’s WAY to fast for my liking!!! xxx

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