11 Months Old Today – Siblings February 2013

I cannot believe that in one month’s time my baby boys will be one year old!

Today marks their 11 month anniversary; a full 11 months of parenthood. Cuddles, storytimes and love, with our very own children. And this last month has seen SO many changes. Probably the busiest month since they were born, in terms of noticeable development.

Both babies now have 4 teeth — two front top and bottom — and they are cruising around the furniture at speed. Every once in a while, when they forget what they’re doing, they let go… then stand unaided, looking remarkably un-babylike. A glimpse of the little boys that they almost are.

Every time this has happened, it totally takes me aback. They look SO grown up!! In the short time I’ve know them, they’ve changed beyond all recognition. Their personalities are shining through and they are learning new things almost every day.

Baby Yoga & Pincer Grip

Bertie’s new thing this week has been ‘Downward Dog’.

Damn sure, he has no idea that he’s pulling cracking yoga pose but he’s doing a remarkably good job of it anyway. I think he’s enjoying seeing the world from a different angle.

Siblings February 2013 — Bertie at 11 months old

Cosmo has been perfecting his pincer-grip! Both boys now have ‘finger foods’ for lunch; tiny sandwiches, little lumps of cheese, raisins — albeit most of it ends up on the floor — and it’s interesting to see how their abilities differ and how they manage with ‘proper’ food.


He can pick up the tiniest piece of food between thumb and forefinger, then carefully inspects it before putting it into his mouth.

Cosmo has got fingers like Mr Miyagi in The Karate Kid.

Bertie claws at whatever is on the table in front of him… grabs handfuls of food and shovels it in. Not very discerning when it comes to his food; he’ll eat just about anything!

Parallel Play

The best thing for me over this last month is watching them interact with each other. They are proper little friends — thick as thieves — playing happily side by side or more interestingly with each other…

An American friend told me that children don’t ‘interact’ with each other and properly ‘play’ together until they are 4-5 years old. Apparently they play in tandem — otherwise known as ‘Parallel Play‘.

I’ve since read up about this and learned that a study was made among 2 to 5-year-olds in 1932.

A woman named Mildred Parten noted that  “social development, within children, includes three stages. ‘Parallel Play’ is the first of the three stages of play observed in young children.

The other two stages include simple social play (playing and sharing together), and finally cooperative play (different complementary roles; shared purpose). “

Playing Together

Now, I’m not sure whether the study included any twins, but I have been watching the Twinkles carefully over the last month, or so, and I totally disagree with Midred Parten.

I disagree that my babies do not co-operate when they play.

Even at just 11 months of age, it’s blindingly obvious that a very intricate game is often being played out; often resulting in them giggling and egging each other on.


The new game is climbing on the sofa (usually Bertie) then passing down ‘found’ items off the shelf to his brother.

This results in much hilarity and I stand and watch them — unnoticed — whilst they are totally engrossed in this game. They are not playing ‘in tandem’ — they are playing together.

I’d be so interested to hear from other mothers of twins to see whether they’ve noticed the same thing.  

It makes me smile to see them, heads together, plotting and planning and laughing at each other. That beautiful sound is like music to my ears.

Wishing my sweet Twinkles a happy, happy 11 month birthday! Only another 28 days and we will be celebrating your first year. 

What a milestone that will be.


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