At The Allotment| Siblings August 2015

2 years and 5 months old. In the same amount of time again, I’ll have two (nearly) 5 years olds. Gulp.

I was reading back over some of my old blog posts yesterday and came across a diary entry from when the boys had turned just 26 weeks. Almost exactly 2 years younger than they are now.

I was noting their milestones and the fact that they’d tried ‘solid’ food for the first time. I went on to talk about Cosmo rolling over and Bertie’s reluctance to follow suit.

Then went on to say:

‘The longer it takes for them to do things, the better for me… after all, I waited a long time for these babies, so I’m really happy to let them be babies — and enjoy watching them grow — for as long as possible.’

And I have truly stood by that.

It’s been such a privilege to watch these tiny boys grow and change. To go from tiny, helpless little newborns, to chubby faced babies.

Moving independently, thinking independently; walking and talking.

I said — in that 26 week post — that the growing up years are so finite. At that stage, I’d only got other people’s children to go on but now I can say, with some certainty, that never a truer word has been spoken.

Time Flies

Before you know it, your babies are at nursery, preschool, reception class, primary school and so on. I can’t bear to think about it, to be honest.

It makes my heart race and my eyes fill up with tears.

Not because I don’t want that to happen — of course I do — but I wish it didn’t have to happen quite so fast. I’m clinging to these years and they’re slipping out of my grasp — like sand through your fingers.

This month’s ‘Siblings’ photos were taken at our new allotment!

We found out on Tuesday that we’d *finally* ended up on the top of the waiting list (after 4 years) and a plot had become available for us. So we all went down yesterday morning for a little look.

Mucho excitement from the Twinkles daddy — and me! And of course this good cheer and enthusiasm rubbed off on our two little charges, who spent the rest of the day chattering to me about the —

‘LOTmunt’ ~ Cosmo

And a tiny apple. Originally from the ‘lotmunt’ and then snatched from Cosmo) —

‘APPul’ ~ Bertie.

Bertie | 2 years and 5 months
A beautiful Allium at the allotment
Bertie the action man ;)
Cosmo with the apple (before Bertie stole it) | 2 years and 5 months
Brambles looking like shiny jewels
Cosmo (tiny Diarmuid Gavin?)
My tiny boys | 2 years and 5 months
One little dark head, one blonde — love them :)

I’m looking forward to a LOT of allotment updates as time rolls on. It’s going to be lovely to go there, with the boys; to show them how things grow. To see them grow — and learn.

Although we have a veggie plot in our own garden, the new patch of land we’ve inherited — for a princely sum of just £12 per year — will give us scope for growing SO many more things.

I’m so looking forward to taking it over in October!

Mark my words, there’ll be a lot of coverage on this blog.

Just call me ‘Barbara Good’ ;)

16 thoughts on “At The Allotment| Siblings August 2015”

  1. How exciting to have an allotment! Our house backs onto allotments and I love to sit in the window and watch people pottering around…and there are chickens, you should get some chickens!! You will have so much fun taking the boys down there, I think it’s great for kids to get stuck into stuff like that. I never get bored of seeing photos of Bertie and Cosmo, they are so adorable and I love that you have one with brown hair and one with blonde. The time just seems to go quicker every year doesn’t it? Enjoy every moment xx

    • Haha! We’ve already got chickens Hayley! 4 of them :) They’re so funny — such lovely pets — the boys absolutely love them. I’m absolutely STOKED about the allotment!! SO excited to get the boys involved in it all :) Can’t wait!!! :) xxx

    • Aaah gosh!! I bet there will be tears in September when your littlie goes to school!! I can’t bear the thought of it — I’ll be the woman in a pool of floods at the school gates!! Thanks so much for stopping by lovely! x

  2. Gorgeous photos lovely Caro. I love the one of them with their backs to the camera and their little rugby shirts. So cute. And their hair is just adorable. Such exciting news about the allotment, I look forward to reading some posts all about it. x

    • Thanks so much pet — the one with their backs against the camera is my favourite too :) Can’t wait to start on the allotment! We’d all but forgotten about it, we’d been on the waiting list for so long!! So exciting! :) xx

  3. Ah it’s such a nice time of year for them to be able to enjoy the allotment and outside space isn’t it?
    Do they love the blackberries? x


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