At The Allotment| Siblings August 2015

2 years and 5 months old. In the same amount of time again, I’ll have two (nearly) 5 years olds. Gulp.

I was reading back over some of my old blog posts yesterday and came across a diary entry from when the boys had turned just 26 weeks. Almost exactly 2 years younger than they are now.

I was noting their milestones and the fact that they’d tried ‘solid’ food for the first time. I went on to talk about Cosmo rolling over and Bertie’s reluctance to follow suit.

Then went on to say:

‘The longer it takes for them to do things, the better for me… after all, I waited a long time for these babies, so I’m really happy to let them be babies — and enjoy watching them grow — for as long as possible.’

And I have truly stood by that.

It’s been such a privilege to watch these tiny boys grow and change. To go from tiny, helpless little newborns, to chubby faced babies.

Moving independently, thinking independently; walking and talking.

I said — in that 26 week post — that the growing up years are so finite. At that stage, I’d only got other people’s children to go on but now I can say, with some certainty, that never a truer word has been spoken.

Time Flies

Before you know it, your babies are at nursery, preschool, reception class, primary school and so on. I can’t bear to think about it, to be honest.

It makes my heart race and my eyes fill up with tears.

Not because I don’t want that to happen — of course I do — but I wish it didn’t have to happen quite so fast. I’m clinging to these years and they’re slipping out of my grasp — like sand through your fingers.

This month’s ‘Siblings’ photos were taken at our new allotment!

We found out on Tuesday that we’d *finally* ended up on the top of the waiting list (after 4 years) and a plot had become available for us. So we all went down yesterday morning for a little look.

Mucho excitement from the Twinkles daddy — and me! And of course this good cheer and enthusiasm rubbed off on our two little charges, who spent the rest of the day chattering to me about the —

‘LOTmunt’ ~ Cosmo

And a tiny apple. Originally from the ‘lotmunt’ and then snatched from Cosmo) —

‘APPul’ ~ Bertie.

Bertie | 2 years and 5 months
A beautiful Allium at the allotment
Bertie the action man ;)
Cosmo with the apple (before Bertie stole it) | 2 years and 5 months
Brambles looking like shiny jewels
Cosmo (tiny Diarmuid Gavin?)
My tiny boys | 2 years and 5 months
One little dark head, one blonde — love them :)

I’m looking forward to a LOT of allotment updates as time rolls on. It’s going to be lovely to go there, with the boys; to show them how things grow. To see them grow — and learn.

Although we have a veggie plot in our own garden, the new patch of land we’ve inherited — for a princely sum of just £12 per year — will give us scope for growing SO many more things.

I’m so looking forward to taking it over in October!

Mark my words, there’ll be a lot of coverage on this blog.

Just call me ‘Barbara Good’ ;)

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

16 thoughts on “At The Allotment| Siblings August 2015

  1. Ah it’s such a nice time of year for them to be able to enjoy the allotment and outside space isn’t it?
    Do they love the blackberries? x

  2. Gorgeous photos lovely Caro. I love the one of them with their backs to the camera and their little rugby shirts. So cute. And their hair is just adorable. Such exciting news about the allotment, I look forward to reading some posts all about it. x

    1. Thanks so much pet — the one with their backs against the camera is my favourite too :) Can’t wait to start on the allotment! We’d all but forgotten about it, we’d been on the waiting list for so long!! So exciting! :) xx

    1. Aaah gosh!! I bet there will be tears in September when your littlie goes to school!! I can’t bear the thought of it — I’ll be the woman in a pool of floods at the school gates!! Thanks so much for stopping by lovely! x

  3. How exciting to have an allotment! Our house backs onto allotments and I love to sit in the window and watch people pottering around…and there are chickens, you should get some chickens!! You will have so much fun taking the boys down there, I think it’s great for kids to get stuck into stuff like that. I never get bored of seeing photos of Bertie and Cosmo, they are so adorable and I love that you have one with brown hair and one with blonde. The time just seems to go quicker every year doesn’t it? Enjoy every moment xx

    1. Haha! We’ve already got chickens Hayley! 4 of them :) They’re so funny — such lovely pets — the boys absolutely love them. I’m absolutely STOKED about the allotment!! SO excited to get the boys involved in it all :) Can’t wait!!! :) xxx

  4. It’s so true that they grow so fast. Its like that quote “the days are long but the years are so fast”… sums up parenthood perfectly I always think. Exciting news about the allotment, I hope you get to grow lots of lovely things there. And I love that photo of the back of the two boys; love their matching curls but in different colours. x

    1. Aah thanks lovely. It’s so true isn’t it? Time seems to be galloping away — but some days definitely feel longer than 24 hours!!! So excited about the extension to our garden! Can’t wait to get stuck in! We’ll be self sufficient before you know it! ;) xx

  5. Oh, time goes by way too quickly for my liking. Whilst I love every new age and every new adventure that they brings, I do look back and miss their younger days, too. Your boys are just adorable, lovely to see their excitement at your new plot, especially given how patiently you’ve waited for it – that’s a long wait! Enjoy it x

    1. Thanks so much Joc!! Time seems to have sped up as I’ve got older!! I don’t remember being so aware of the months ticking on so quickly!! Really looking forward to making a start on our new allotment — it has been a long wait but hopefully really worth it!! ;)

  6. An allotment! How fantastic! I enquired on the waiting list for our local allotments and have been told not to bother pretty much as it’s unlikely one will become available for years, and there are already so many people on the waiting list. I told them to put me on the list anyway – you never know, some miracle may happen! ?

    I know exactly how you feel about how fast everything seems to be going with the kiddies – it’s such a bittersweet period of life – on the one hand I am constantly being amazed at all the new things they do, and the milestones they achieve, but on the hand there is nothing I would like more than to be able to press pause for a little while and to just soak up everything about how they are, right now.

    Can’t wait to see your allotment updates! Xxx

    1. Aww Catherine — thanks so much! I’m over the moon about it — I’d all but given up, to be honest! We’d also been told that it was unlikely it would happen quickly — I was expecting it to be longer than 4 years!! :) xx

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