128 weeks and 5 days | Me and Mine {August}

What a grey miserable bank holiday Monday.

A far cry from all the colour my eyes have been subjected to over the last 4 days!

August has been the month of festivals for us! As July gave way to August, we were at Camp Bestival, then my boys and I have just seen the summer out with a bang at our last festival of the year — Shambala in Northamptonshire.

Funnily enough, last year’s Me and Mine post in August was also based around Shambala. It had been the boys’ first festival experience and we’d had such a lovely time showing them the sight and sounds.

This year — at the grand old age of 2 — my little men have been to three, four day, festivals. Quite the veterans at such a young age!


This year was so much easier than last though.

Last year I remember feeling a sense of rising panic every time one of them wandered off. Particularly when, at one stage, Cosmo went for a 5 minute wander — with his father following him from a distance — and he didn’t look back even once! Bertie was slightly more cautious. He’d walk for 10 yards or so and then turn to check that we were still there.

This year whilst they played — or wandered around in the crowd — they stayed together at all times and also kept a keen eye out for both me and their daddy.

They didn’t need to nap during the day this year either, so it gave us much more freedom to go and see and do things. Last year I was regimented about sticking to their routine and made sure we were back at the van in order for them to have a full 2 hours sleep at lunchtime. This year it didn’t feel so urgent and — as a result — things felt a lot more relaxed.


Cosmic Chaos and Forest Adventures

My two tiny boys stayed up really quite late on 3 nights too and their favourite Shambala activity — without question — was visiting the Enchanted Forest.

A lovely woodland, lit by colourful lights, with lanterns swaying from high up in the branches.

Interactive installations dotted the pathway then, in the middle, a clearing with a bar and a DJ booth, plus amazing sculptures and hay bales to sit on (and jump off).

They absolutely loved it. To the point where — on the Friday night — Bertie had a total meltdown because he didn’t want to leave.

I can see where he was coming from too. Even from an adults perspective, it felt totally magical.

As ever Shambala is all about fancy dress and, this year, the theme was Cosmic Chaos.

My three boys and I went as space cadets and we made the twins jet-packs to go with their outfits! Pretty pleased with how these turned out too, I’ll pop a tutorial on the blog in the next week or so.



I’m going to make no apology for the grainy nature of some of these shots. All of them were taken with my iPhone and they are a perfect record of a joyous, riotous, amazing family weekend.

Goodbye festival season for another year. We will miss you so very much.

Our roundup for Me and Mine in August

This month’s highs ~
• Starting and ending the month at a festival! Such a treat.
• Seeing that my tiny boys love it as much as their daddy and I do!
• Buying a new caravan.

This month’s lows ~
• Selling our lovely van Dolly. We’ve had so many amazing adventures in her and she’ll be sadly missed!
• The end of festival season — which also marks the end of summer for another year. Booooo :(

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About Caro Davies

Caro Davies art directed fashion and interiors before leaving the world of design to pursue a career in social media. She can now be found chasing the light — and two small twin boys.

15 thoughts on “128 weeks and 5 days | Me and Mine {August}

  1. What a great post, it’s fab that the boys enjoy going to the festivals with you as well. They look so happy in all the photos, I bet they really loved the freedom of being able to explore the different sights and sounds without having to be held back too much. Shambala sounds like the perfect place to explore with kids and I’m sure that you’ll be back again next year! Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  2. The enchanted forest sounds incredible and your outfits are so cool!!!!

    It really does sound like they are festival veterans now! I really want to go to festivals with Evie next year. Even more so now after reading this because it sounds like so much fun to go with little ones (I thought my festival going days were over when I fell pregnant) .

    I love, love, love your photos! :-D It looks like you’ve had such an amazing time. Thank you so much for linking to #whatevertheweather x

    1. Aah the forest was lovely. The kind of place that I’d have been totally enchanted by as a little girl! I’m SO glad my littles are loving festival weekends as much as their daddy and I do. It’s such a fab way to spend time together as a family! :)

  3. Aww, it looks amazing! I haven’t taken my boys to a festival yet, but I really need to next year! I’ve heard of a few good ones up here, but Bestival and Shambala sound fantastic. I’m definitely making at least one next year.
    Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather :) x

  4. Caro I love this you are so wonderfully crazy and fun, your boys are going to have such a fun childhood with all the festivals and I love the wig and fancy dress you all look so fab, I am so glad they are following in your footsteps and loving festival xxx

    1. Haha!! I hope they don’t grow up feeling disturbed after seeing their mother wearing a moustache!! ;) At least they’ll be open minded from a very early age!!! I really hope that they grow up, looking forward to festival season just as much as their daddy and I do!! xx

    2. Haha!! I hope they don’t grow up feeling disturbed after seeing their mother wearing a moustache!! ;) At least they’ll be open minded from a very early age!!! I really hope that they grow up looking forward to festival season, just as much as their daddy and I do!! xx

  5. These photos are my favourite ever of you all…you are so full of fun and smiles.Love the festival photos, it sounds amazing. I love that you’ve just go for it, I would be hairless with my three. Arthur and Brandon will just go, they might look back to give you a cheeky grin before running off in separate directions!! Lucas isn’t much better in his own little world. Fantastic memories you have there lovely xx

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